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PTZ CCTV cameras

There have been exciting developments in video surveillance technology in recent years including the introduction of PTZ cameras. Pan tilt zoom cameras, also known as PTZ cameras, turned out to be best sellers in 2021 because of their unique benefits and versatility. It has been estimated that this year will witness a whopping 37% growth in the market for PTZ cameras. Unlike other types of CCTV cameras available nowadays, PTZ cameras allow greater freedom of movement and can be controlled remotely. Their special function is the ability to monitor target areas independently through various angles according to a preset schedule. Moreover, PTZ cameras can automatically chase movement within their field of view. This means that they can track a suspicious vehicle or person within these limits. Despite their clear preference for PTZ CCTV cameras, many consumers appear to lack in-depth knowledge about PTZ camera features, operation, installation, and maintenance. If you are looking for expert advice and professional installation of PTZ cameras, contact us for a quote. People who want to install their PTZ cameras on their own may be interested to learn more about their features and types. In this article you will learn in detail about the following:

What is a PTZ CCTV camera?

There are three parts to the name and function of PTZ CCTV cameras: pan, tilt, and zoom. Pan refers to its horizontal movement while tilt refers to its vertical movement. Lastly, zoom refers to the change in the focus of the camera lens to show the image in greater detail. You can control your PTZ camera remotely, which means that you can adjust its pan, tilt, and zoom settings even if you are not on-location. Moreover, PTZ cameras may also be programmed to complete a tour to cover all parts of a target area depending on your requirements. They can manage this remote tour with great efficiency and accuracy right on time. Not only does this automatic feature provide a higher level of security it also helps save time and energy. Since you don’t have to be on-site to manually control the pan, tilt, and zoom settings of your PTZ camera, it doesn’t hinder your mobility or interfere with your daily schedule.

Besides having the freedom to leave your PTZ camera unattended at any time without worrying about security, you get high-resolution images and videos without digital pixelation. Normally, users depend on their CCTV cameras to capture clear shots of suspicious people or vehicles but pixelation ruins everything when they zoom in. You won’t face that issue with PTZ cameras because they have been optimized to take sharp and bright images when you zoom in manually or preset a tour. You may use your PTZ camera’s software or the official mobile application to manage pan, tilt, and zoom settings. This may be accomplished remotely using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. If you notice criminal activity, you can instantly zoom in through the remote control, and alert the authorities about the break-in. Even if you are not at the target area at that time for some reason, the police will arrive in time to prevent the crime.

What are PTZ camera systems?

A video surveillance system that contains a PTZ CCTV camera to monitor a target area from various directions and at different zoom levels is known as a PTZ camera system. PTZ camera systems may have a network video recorder (NVR) or digital video recorder (DVR) depending on the function of the PTZ cameras. In case your CCTV system has a DVR, it will convert the analogue signals sent via a coaxial cable from your PTZ camera into digital form for storage. On the other hand, NVRs cannot do that and receive digital signals from your PTZ camera via an ethernet cable. Although other CCTV systems also offer you remote control to a certain extent, PTZ camera systems take it a step further. You can capture important images, create videos of suspicious activity, and receive real-time alerts of events using PTZ camera systems just like you do with other CCTV camera systems.

As a bonus, PTZ camera systems offer the remote feature that allows you to move your PTZ camera horizontally and vertically at the position where you have installed it. Let us assume that you have spied someone breaking a lock at your back gate through the 24/7 live stream you get on your smartphone. You can adjust your PTZ camera system up and down or left and right to get the best view of the criminal. If you cannot see their appearance properly, you can also zoom in for a clear shot and alert the local police. The sharp video recording can serve as evidence of the crime and help catch the criminal soon. Moreover, you can preset a tour with pan, tilt, and zoom settings that cover the target area properly. This is useful for people who often have to leave their homes for work and leisure.

What are the different types of PTZ cameras?

There are five main types of PTZ cameras available in the market and you may select the variety that fits your needs perfectly. Let us take a look at the following kinds of PTZ cameras that possess advanced features that offer the latest technology in an affordable package:

  • IP PTZ cameras
  • PoE PTZ cameras
  • PTZ dome cameras
  • Turbo HD PTZ cameras
  • Outdoor PTZ cameras
  • Wireless PTZ cameras

IP PTZ cameras

The name IP PTZ camera stands for internet protocol pan-tilt-zoom camera, which sets it apart from other varieties of PTZ cameras owing to the method of data transfer. As long as you have a dedicated internet connection or local area network for video surveillance, you can set up an IP PTZ camera. The power supply cable is required but the data is sent through a secure internet connection or local area network using the software. Data encryption prevents hackers from gaining access to your video surveillance data. You may store several days' worth of footage on the hard drive and view or edit it later.

PoE PTZ cameras

You may be aware that conventional CCTV systems require two separate cables for power supply and data transfer. On the other hand, PoE PTZ cameras can operate at maximum efficiency using just one cable for both power supply and data transfer. This saves your time, money, and energy during CCTV installation. We provide CCTV installation in the UK at reasonable rates if you want to hire professionals for the job. Moreover, PoE PTZ cameras deliver sharp clear images and videos by manual or preset zoom function. They can cover a large target area completely without the need for several non-PoE PTZ cameras for the same task.

PTZ dome cameras

In comparison to other types of PTZ cameras, PTZ dome cameras have several benefits because of their rounded compact shape and lens placement. Even when your PTZ dome camera is moving horizontally and vertically, no one can accurately judge its angle. Therefore, criminals are hesitant to commit a crime in a place where PTZ dome cameras have been installed. In another scenario, their size and shape make PTZ dome cameras ideal for hidden security systems. The lens of PTZ dome cameras is better protected than that of other types of PTZ cameras and they are more resistant to vandalism thanks to their smart design.

Turbo HD PTZ cameras

This is a kind of PTZ camera that requires a digital video recorder (DVR) because the Turbo HD PTZ camera delivers data in analogue form. When the DVR receives these analogue signals through the coaxial cable, it converts them to digital form for storage. The Hikvision Turbo HD PTZ camera captures bright sharp images even in poor lighting. It also stores high-quality images with H.265+ compression technology giving you more space for storing surveillance videos. Thanks to the zoom ratio options of the Hikvision Turbo HD PTZ cameras, you may customize your security system.

Outdoor PTZ cameras

CCTV cameras are expensive and PTZ cameras tend to be slightly pricier than other types of CCTV cameras because of their extra features. You want to make sure that your investment pays off by lasting a long time. Buy an outdoor PTZ camera that possesses high resistance to bad weather conditions and vandalism. The durable structure and smart design of outdoor PTZ cameras make them the ideal choice for people living in harsh climates. They provide automatic tracking and onboard analytics for your benefit. These amazing qualities ensure that outdoor PTZ cameras perform efficiently for a long time.

Wireless PTZ cameras

CCTV installation can be a tricky process if you are trying to handle it without professional assistance. You may want to save money on CCTV installation and buying cables for this purpose. Wireless PTZ cameras are perfect for you in that case and you can easily take them with you to a new location if you move frequently. Data transfer in a wireless PTZ camera system takes place via Wi-Fi but transmitter sets can turn analogue signals into digital form. They are often employed for outdoor security but it is important to ensure that the Wi-Fi signal remains uninterrupted for optimum results.

How do PTZ cameras work?

It is up to you what kind of PTZ camera you pick but the methods of control remain the same for your convenience. So, how do you access the pan, tilt, and zoom features of your PTZ camera? Infra-red (IR) remotes, joystick controllers, and special software are required for this purpose. Out of these options, IR remotes for PTZ cameras provide basic controls and pre-set recalls. While IR remote controls provide an easy method of controlling your PTZ camera, they may cause problems if your PTZ camera has been installed at a great distance from your IR remote control. This may present difficulties to users who are trying to cover huge areas like sports stadiums, universities, music halls, etc. using just PTZ cameras. If this distance is an issue for you, choose joystick controllers instead because they are physically attached to your PTZ camera through ethernet cables and serial control cables. Another great option is selecting PTZ camera controls that have been included in the video production software. This method eliminates the need for separate camera operators empowering smaller teams. Just a few clicks allow you to move your PTZ cameras to selected locations within your production area and automation promises greater possibilities.

How to use PTZ cameras?

You may prioritize certain parts of your target area and important situations with your PTZ camera. For example, monitoring people entering and exiting shops, malls, and commercial areas is a good use of PTZ cameras. Security personnel can easily catch shoplifters because they can see what everyone is carrying with them. To protect children in schools and daycare centers, PTZ cameras can distinguish between adults and children. You can program your PTZ camera to alert you when certain people or vehicles are entering or exiting the target area. You must program your PTZ camera by setting and testing specific parameters to ensure that your PTZ camera is capturing areas, people, vehicles, and events that are important to you. This can be accomplished by going to the settings of your PTZ camera and adding preset parameters under “Function”. Use your cursors to move your PTZ camera until your desired view can be seen on your screen. Once you have saved this target area, go to your “Event” section and choose “IVS” (intelligent video surveillance) when you “Add Plan”. The intelligent auto-tracking feature of your PTZ camera will be activated at this point. Select “Global Settings” to configure the measurements for recognizing the height and dimensions of a relevant moving object. For calibration, draw horizontal and vertical lines to determine the object you want your PTZ camera to focus on. Now, it is time to draw rules and you may draw multiple rules according to your requirements. For the rule, select “Tripwire” and draw your rule to determine the area to apply your preference in. These rules create tripwires that are triggered by the movements that fit the parameters you have assigned. Remember to avoid drawing your rules in areas with frequent natural movements or irrelevant movements that might interfere with security management. You don’t want to get alerts when your tripwire is triggered by harmless movements. Click “Save” and add more presets depending on your preferences.

Why choose PTZ cameras?

There are certain characteristics of PTZ cameras that set them apart from other types of CCTV cameras in the UK. Although PTZ cameras are relatively expensive, they can save you a great amount of money because you will be buying fewer CCTV cameras thanks to their pan, tilt, and zoom functions. Moreover, PTZ cameras guarantee a higher level of security with less expenditure.

Flexible movement No CCTV camera offers more freedom of movement for video surveillance than PTZ cameras. Even though your PTZ camera has been mounted in one place, it can move at various angles to provide a maximum field of view. Your PTZ camera can provide 360-degree video surveillance moving horizontally and vertically. It can move from one angle to another at high speed manually and automatically. No matter how heavy the traffic is within the target area, your PTZ camera will never miss a single detail thanks to the zoom feature. Imagine the possibilities when your PTZ camera guarantees no blind spots!

Smart tracking If you are trying to free up more time during video surveillance, PTZ cameras are ideal because you can arrange presets according to your security requirements. This means that you don’t have to control your PTZ camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom function manually every time. Once you have determined the important spots and critical time slots, the preset arrangement becomes straightforward. Analytical software takes security to the next level using facial recognition and vehicle identification. This makes it convenient to detect crimes on your property and prevent them by identifying risk factors.

Powerful zoom High-resolution PTZ cameras are popular because they add several layers of security to your video surveillance. Besides the pan and tilt functions of your PTZ camera that may be controlled automatically or manually, you get a clear image even when you zoom in. Thanks to the larger lens, you can zoom in to capture a suspect’s face, threatening objects, or the license plates of suspicious vehicles. Even if a vehicle is parked far away or a person isn’t that close to your perimeter, you will be able to get a high-resolution image owing to the excellent zoom capabilities of your PTZ camera.

Vandal-proof Since PTZ cameras are expensive compared to the average CCTV camera, you want to make sure that it is durable and not stolen or damaged by vandals or thieves. You will be happy to learn that PTZ cameras are developed to withstand extreme temperatures and vandalism. Install your outdoor PTZ cameras with confidence to guard your perimeter, garage, and yard. Not only are PTZ cameras manufactured using strong materials, but you will also be notified about any attempts at vandalism in real-time, allowing you to identify the criminals and take immediate action against them.

Auto-tracking You can save time, energy, and money with the auto-tracking feature of your PTZ camera. This motion-based technology allows you to adjust the settings of your PTZ camera to follow the movement of relevant objects within the field of view. Auto-tracking makes PTZ cameras perfect for monitoring large properties with plenty of low-activity areas where moving objects are immediately followed and captured by the 360-degree pan and tilt functions. Whenever a suspicious movement is detected by your PTZ camera, it will follow that movement and send you a notification at once.

Auto-pilot mode PTZ cameras have settings available for time-based scans according to your presets and security requirements. Once you have identified target zones and applied rules for them, your PTZ can operate independently to capture video footage and send real-time alerts for the events that are important to your security. In addition to horizontal and vertical movements, you can also set your PTZ camera to zoom at certain times while pointing at the spots within the field of view that require higher security. In this way, you will be getting the security level you desire without any manual operation.

Remote control Besides handling your PTZ camera on-site or using the auto-pilot mode, you can also use all available features remotely through your PC, tablet, and smartphone. You may alter your PTZ camera’s field of view whenever you wish depending on your immediate security concerns. You can manage all the settings of your PTZ camera in real-time through a mobile application or browser. You may be away from your place of business or home but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have total control of your PTZ camera CCTV system on the go.

Where to use PTZ cameras

A wide range of PTZ cameras is available in the market including indoor PTZ cameras and outdoor PTZ cameras. Install your PTZ camera to monitor large target areas that would require several fixed CCTV cameras to cover them completely. This saves your money that would have been spent on equipment, installation, and hiring guards. It does not make sense to assign guards to a big area with minimum traffic and a lack of valuables. Let’s say you have grounds and gardens where you wish to prevent crime. PTZ cameras are ideal for public and private parks and grounds where they may be hidden or installed in full view of potential criminals. They are frequently used in sports stadiums, concert halls, public squares, parking lots, warehouses, harbours, schools, universities, railway stations, airports, shopping malls, etc. PTZ cameras can move around and zoom in automatically through presets and you can control them manually from your security room. They have been designed to capture high-resolution videos and images even in poorly lit environments. Therefore, PTZ cameras are perfect for facial recognition and license plate identification in these places. Try the multitude of zoom ratio options in your PTZ camera to achieve the desired results. PTZ cameras may be used in combination with fixed CCTV cameras to maintain tight security. While fixed CCTV cameras are ideal to monitor exits, entrances, and key points, PTZ cameras can help you keep an eye on the rest of the area. They can also follow and record suspicious activity automatically as well as through preset schedules.

Which are the best PTZ cameras in the UK?

When you are buying a PTZ camera, you want to make sure that it is worth the investment. Hikvision PTZ cameras have been developed with smart technology that allows for a greater level of automation leaving you free to pursue other activities. They offer high-quality images even in low-light situations and cover a large target area through preset schedules. They can shift between preset angles and automatic zoom-in function when suspicious activity is detected on your property. No more blind spots with the Hikvision PTZ cameras that can be controlled remotely using your tablet, PC, or smartphone. They work well when combined with fixed CCTV cameras and may be used indoors or outdoors for video surveillance. If you are searching for affordable PTZ cameras in the UK, try the Hikvision Value series that provides tight security in a compact design at a reasonable price. The Hikvision Pro series might appeal to those who need night vision PTZ cameras because it gives you the perks of the Hikvision Darkfighter technology in poor lighting. Flexibility and versatility are ensured by the Hikvision Ultra series that have 50x zoom ratio, Darkfighter technology, smart features, and high-resolution capabilities. Those who are interested in securing the perimeters of their properties from a higher angle with maximum detail will enjoy the features of the Hikvision Special series. Night vision CCTV cameras are taken to the next level with the Hikvision PTZ DarkfighterX camera that delivers vivid full-colour images at 35x zoom even in low-light environments.

What is the best PTZ outdoor camera?

Whether you are looking for an outdoor PTZ camera for commercial or residential purposes, Hikvision has an amazing array of features to suit your security requirements. You can find the perfect outdoor PTZ camera in the UK from Hikvision’s vast range of outdoor PTZ cameras in a variety of designs. Hikvison dome outdoor PTZ cameras are perfect if you want to keep them hidden. Alternatively, the angle of the Hikvision dome PTZ cameras is difficult to judge when installed in full view, which deters criminals. Their dome shape makes them hard to vandalize and they have been manufactured using durable materials. Real-time alerts are sent to your smartphone in the event of a vandalism attempt. Hikvision outdoor PTZ cameras provide a maximum field of view and can replace several fixed CCTV cameras. Since the Hikvision PTZ cameras are weatherproof you can be confident installing them outdoors no matter how harsh your local climate is. Thanks to the remote control feature of the Hikvision outdoor PTZ cameras, you can manage them manually from a distance. You may schedule presets for your Hikvision outdoor PTZ camera and it will zoom-in automatically on event detection. You will be alerted to important events according to the settings of your Hikvision outdoor PTZ camera.

How to install PTZ cameras?

Before you get started, think about the purpose of your Hikvision PTZ camera because those installed for facial recognition need to be mounted higher up. While the Hikvision PTZ camera offers a 360-degree pan and tilt function, you won’t need one placed in the corner to monitor the wall at its back. Remember that there is a difference between digital zoom and optical zoom as the former is applied after the image has been captured, making optical zoom the better option for clarity. Hikvision PTZ camera installation is pretty straightforward using the bracket and mounting handle that comes packed with it. Consult our trained professionals for Hikvision PTZ camera installation at reasonable rates in case you don’t have experience in managing it on your own. The first step in Hikvision PTZ camera installation is to ensure that you have the Hikvision PTZ camera, headcover, pendant adapter, bracket, screw pack, anti-static gloves, Allen wrench, and thread seal tape laid out. Your Quick Start Guide booklet will help you get through any difficult parts. Insert the memory card as an optional step and secure the expansion bolts into the wall. Now, route the compatible cables through the bracket and secure the bracket into the wall. Then tighten the set nuts and install the headcover to the bracket followed by tightening the set screw. Once you have hooked your Hikvision PTZ camera to the headcover, connect the safety rope followed by the power and network cables. Neatly arrange the cables in the head cover after applying waterproof tape to them. Secure the dome to the head cover and tighten the set screws. Once you have removed the handle from the safety rope, take off the protective film on the IR lamp if your model has one.

How to setup a PTZ camera?

Once you have installed your Hikvision PTZ camera, you will be adding that camera to your Hik-Connect account and testing the live feed using your smartphone, PC, or tablet. Now, you need to arrange presets for patrols allowing your Hikvision PTZ camera to operate without any input from you. While you will be able to access manual control remotely at any time, you will not have to monitor your Hikvision PTZ camera. The pan, tilt, and zoom functions will be performed automatically after the configuration has been completed. The roaming and position recording of your Hikvision PTZ camera is known as its preset. You may add multiple presets depending on your security needs and combine them to create a patrol. Within the live view tab, you have options for adding presets. Click on Preset 1 and select the desired position within the field of view. Simply repeat this process until you have covered all the important positions in the target area. Now, select the patrol section and add various defined presets from your collection to create a patrol. You can choose the time that every preset will occupy as well as the speed of each preset. Once you have saved your patrol, you may create as many as you like and schedule them according to your requirements.

How to reset the PTZ camera?

If you want to add, remove, and change presets and patrols using your Hikvision PTZ camera that is a straightforward process via the same steps they were created. However, you may wish to restore the factory settings of your Hikvision PTZ camera for some reason. There are separate procedures for resetting your PTZ camera to factory default settings depending on your preferences. You may have to reset your Hikvision PTZ camera according to the type of PTZ camera that you have bought. For instance, Hikvision IP PTZ cameras have a reset button that you can easily find if you open them up. Those who want to perform a Hikvision hard reset can locate the reset button right next to the memory card slot. First, you must disconnect the power supply followed by pressing and holding the reset button. Maintain that position and reconnect the power supply. Now, keep your finger on the reset button for 15 seconds and then release it. Remote reset is possible through a web browser by opening up the menu to Maintenance> Configuration> Default> Restore. Your PTZ camera will remain in your Hik-Connect account with the same IP but the factory settings will be restored.

What is PTZ camera control?

Besides arranging presets and tours through your video recorder, your PTZ camera may also be manually controlled using a joystick. This device has a keypad, buttons, and of course, a joystick controller. It is password protected and the instruction manual has a default password to get you started. Joystick controllers are ideal for manual control because the joystick moves your PTZ camera according to your hand movements in real-time. Pan and tilt functions of your PTZ camera can readily be accessed via your joystick. The zoom function is normally accessible using a button for capturing minute details in the field of view. Typically, your joystick controller has zones with one video recorder per zone. Several PTZ cameras may be connected to a single video recorder. Preset adjustments are available through your joystick controller but they are best applied with your video recorder. Each connected device is identified by an IP address and you can set passwords to restrict access to other users. Different types of ports are provided at the back of your joystick controller allowing you to connect various video recorders and routers depending on your needs.

Where to buy PTZ cameras?

Whenever you have decided on the model of your Hikvision PTZ camera, make a list of reliable sellers within your locality or those who ship to your region. Don’t forget to ask for the manufacturer’s warranty that is provided with every Hikvision PTZ camera. We sell genuine Hikvision PTZ cameras with the manufacturer’s warranty and offer CCTV installation services at reasonable rates. Compare prices and include shipping fees to ensure that you are buying Hikvision PTZ cameras at the best prices. Never choose a seller who is offering Hikvision PTZ cameras at suspiciously low prices. Check the seller’s return and exchange policy because you may need to avail that option. If you are unsure about the model of the Hikvision PTZ camera that would fit your security requirements, our CCTV experts will be more than happy to help you out.

How much do PTZ cameras cost?

The price of PTZ cameras may be almost the same as the CCTV installation costs in the UK. Since PTZ cameras provide extra benefits that other CCTV cameras don’t, their prices are on the higher end. A PTZ camera is an excellent investment and can be combined with more affordable CCTV cameras to maintain tight security. The prices of PTZ cameras can vary because of the design, materials, and features that have been included in them. High-resolution PTZ cameras might be more expensive and the same goes for PTZ cameras that have supplemental lighting. Weatherproof and vandal-proof PTZ cameras cost a bit more due to the materials used in their production, but they are perfect for outdoor video surveillance. Night vision PTZ cameras, especially Colour night vision PTZ cameras, are quite expensive but they offer bright full-colour images even in low-light environments. The cost of wiring required for PTZ camera installation should be considered while calculating the overall cost.

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