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Hikvision Intercom

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If you are looking for a way to enhance your security, whether it's in your home, office, or business premises, you may want to consider the benefits of an intercom system. Many homes and businesses have already taken advantage of this technology which allows residents and staff to communicate with visitors at their door without having to leave the comfort of their own surroundings.

Over and above that Hikvision intercom systems have grown significantly in popularity over the past few years. This is a large part due to the fact that they are very affordable, and still manage to provide excellent quality communication. They are also extremely easy to install, which makes them even more appealing. They can increase office efficiency by helping you keep your employees and customers safe.

However, there are several options to choose from when it comes to looking for the right intercom system. If you want to purchase a reliable yet affordable security system make sure you know how it operates, what benefits it provides, and which aspects make it stand out in the crowd!

What is the Hikvision intercom system?

The Hikvision intercom system is an upscale security solution that functions as a smart door entry system for any home or business facility. It allows you to answer and even unlock the door from your indoor station or smartphone app using intercom functionality. The system comprises modular door intercoms, card readers, name tags, keypads, Android indoor station, mounting brackets, and other accessories. The best thing, though, is its versatility, which allows you to pick between IP-based, analog-based, and 2-wire based intercom systems to fit your budget and project needs.

Besides, it is no secret that the Hikvision intercom system has become one of the most popular security solutions in the UK due to its ease of installation and compatibility with practically any existing structure. But that's not all! This system can be used as an audio or video monitor and a way to communicate with visitors through its built-in microphone and speaker. Luckily, your current or new CCTV and alarm systems can also be combined with it by using an all-in-one indoor station with a built-in Hik-Connect app so that you can enjoy simple control and flexible linkage among your various Hikvision devices.

On top of that, the Hikvision Intercom system is not just one of the many security products in Hikvision's line of quality surveillance and home automation products. In addition, it is a complete package that suffices your requirements for home automation and security surveillance.

How does the Hikvision intercom system work?

Hikvision Intercom system is an intelligent video door phone with robust video surveillance capabilities. It contains a built-in fisheye camera with a 178-degree field of view and an infrared supplement to catch footage of visitors at the entrance. This footage is projected on an indoor monitor, enabling you to view and chat with visitors before allowing them to enter. You may use the door release function to remotely open the door for visitors when you're away or not in the mood to leave your comfort zone.

The indoor station device of this Hikvision intercom system allows you to connect to the Internet to enjoy a host of services and features. The modular door intercom streams live videos directly to your indoor station, smartphones and tablets. With the Hik-Connect app, you can set up a home intercom system, view live videos in real time and receive alerts when someone rings or presses the doorbell. You can also use this app to control the door lock. Aside from being the best to beat, the Hikvision intercom system is designed to work alongside your existing system’s IP cameras, allowing you to quickly answer calls without first having to view the live footage. It also transmits data, so that you can respond appropriately in real time. Succinctly, the Hikvision intercom system works swiftly to keep you informed and safe from prospective invaders.

Why choose the Hikvision intercom system?

If you are exhausted even by the idea of getting up and seeing who is at your doorstep, then you should probably consider getting the feature-rich Hikvision intercom system to protect and monitor your doorway from the comfort of your couch. With its 178-degree field of vision and IR supplement fisheye camera, you can see people, objects, and animals inside the target area as well as record footage and integrate CCTV or alarm systems with it to increase your security. It is, without a doubt, extremely helpful when you want to identify a person, assess their looks, or determine what things they have on them. Even if you are not at home at the time, you may use the Hik-Connect app to open the door or check for the mail that has been delivered.

Additionally, by remotely verifying and admitting individuals, Hikvision intercom systems can assist any institution or school to increase safety. However, when it comes to businesses with expensive items and data, intercom systems prevent theft by keeping thieves out in the first place. Besides, if you reside in a building with the same entry, you might want to have a modular door intercom having your name tag along with a Call Button on it. So there's no better option for you than to choose the Hikvision intercom system since it comes with a plethora of configurable options for you, including the ability to have name tags, card readers, and the main system all in one area. Yes, you read that correctly! That's because Hikvision provides you with the option of having up to 3 by 3 grid mounting brackets to install the system of your choice and necessity. But wait, there's more! You also have the option of selecting the best stainless steel, vandal-proof mounting bracket; whether you want a surface or a flush mounting bracket, it won’t be a hassle!

How to install the Hikvision intercom system?

Before you begin the installation procedure make sure that the system is in good condition and all the assembly parts are included in it, also set the sub module address beforehand. Afterwards choose a flat surface for mounting the system and see if all the equipment is powered-off. Grab the tools that you need i.e. drill, cross screwdriver and gradienter. Then begin the installation procedure by placing the Installation Sticker onto the wall and ensuring that the sticker is levelled with the gradienter. Next, using a drill, chisel four holes that correspond to the screw holes on the sticker. The suggested hole size is 6 (diameter) * 25 (depth) mm, and the ideal cable length left outside is 100mm. After that, peel off the sticker and slide the expansion sleeves into the screw holes. Now, using four expansion bolts, secure the mounting frame to the wall, making sure that the tamper plate is at the bottom right. Connect the wires to the main unit's respective interfaces before inserting it into the frame and use the hexagon wrench included in the package to secure the cover to the frame.

This was the installation process for a single modular intercom; however, if you purchase up to two sub modules, you must also complete the following steps: Thread the module-connecting line across the thread hole of the frame after mounting the plate to the wall. Then, connect the main unit connecting lines to the upper grid by passing them through the thread hole and connecting the cables and module-connection lines to the respective main unit interfaces in the higher grid. Next, connect the other end of the module-connecting line to the submodule's input interface and organise the line with wire ties in the package. Following that, after wiring, insert the modules into the frame, making sure that the main unit is on the top grid! Lastly, use the hexagon wrench to secure the cover to the frame.

But wait, there's more! The preceding methods apply only to surface mounting brackets; however, if you prefer the simpler option, a.k.a. flush mounting brackets, then follow these instructions: Similar to earlier, apply the installation sticker 1 and cave the installation hole following the solid line on the sticker. The suggested installation hole size is 223(L)*111(W)*33(D) mm. After that, remove the wires, insert sticker 2 into the hole, and chisel 4 screw holes as needed. The screw hole size is the same as previously, however the length of cable left outside should be 270mm. Thereafter, remove the sticker and place the expansion sleeves into the screw holes before screwing the locating plates to the frame. After that, place the mounting frame and locating plates into the hole and secure them with four expansion bolts.

Then, using concrete, fill and level the space between the frame and the wall. After the concrete has dried, remove the locating plates. Thread the module-connection line through the frame's thread hole, then send the main unit connecting lines through the thread hole to the upper grid. Connect the cables and modules-connecting lines to the main unit's respective interfaces, then position the main unit in the upper grid as previously. After that, connect the other end of the module-connecting line to the sub module's input interface and organise the line in the package using cable ties. Finally, after wiring, place the modules into the frame and secure the cover with the hexagon screw.

However, if you believe that installing the Hikvision intercom system is a complicated task, you are correct. It takes adequate expertise and experience to execute the work effectively. We recommend that you hire a professional or qualified CCTV installer who can assist you in selecting the correct intercom system with all of the essential components and setting up your security system to give optimum safety for your home or company.

How to set up the Hikvision intercom system?

After you've completed the installation process, you'll need to set up your Hikvision intercom system to watch your entryway. Hikvision's SADP tool and IVMS-4200 are required for this purpose. Open the SADP (Search Active Device Protocol) tool, find the device on your network, and enable it. In the IVMS-4200, you may accomplish the same thing. The same procedures would be used to activate the second device. After activation, you must change the standard factory device addresses from the 0 subnet to your subnet and assign them unique network addresses. This is what you need to do when choosing the device in SADP, and you'll need to do it again with the second device.

When you get to the IVMS-4200, add your devices by going to the device management tab, finding them, and adding them. Then drag it to the device field, add the user data that you prepared at the previous stage in the SADP tool, and that's all there is. The online status can be used to confirm the device's status. The key thing to do now, after you've added the intercom, is to go to your monitor setup and register the intercom in the monitor and, kind of, mark out their relationship to each other. After that, go to the Network Tab and click Linked Network Configuration. This is where you will specify the IP-address of your panel and SIP server, which simply duplicates the IP. . Furthermore, you may first identify and arrange the interaction between the monitor and the door station on the monitor's screen. To do so, go to the monitor's settings, choose the second tab, and enter the advanced settings with an Admin Password of 888999, which is the default. There, pick the third tab, Device Management, and a panel will appear.

Assume you've properly enabled and configured the devices, and it's now time to put them to the test. Call and view the video from your end; if you can communicate with the interlocutor and open the door, it is, of course, linked. Following that, you may connect your monitor to the Hik-Connect/IVMS-4200 mobile app, which is accessible for free on iOS and Android. Go to the settings, choose the settings tab, and the Hik-Connect service settings will be shown. Simply tap the Add Device button in the Hik-Connect app on your phone to begin scanning the region for remote monitoring!

How to configure the Hikvision intercom system?

You can configure the Hikvision video intercom system by following these simple steps. To access the system configuration page, go to Control Panel -> Maintenance and Management -> System Configuration -> Video Intercom. Then, click Video Intercom to access the Video Intercom Setting page, where you can enter the necessary information, such as Ringtone: click and choose the audio file from the local path for the indoor station's ringtone. You may also test the audio file by clicking on a speaker-like icon. After that, enter the maximum duration of the ringtone, which can range from 15 to 60 seconds. Then enter the maximum time of conversing with the indoor station, which can range from 120 to 600 seconds. Then, to save the settings, click Save.

Navigate to the Device ID Configuration section of the remote configuration page and select the Video intercom option to configure the video intercom parameters. Then, click ID Configuration to reach the device ID configuration page, where you may pick the device type from the drop-down list and provide the necessary information. However, to activate the device number setup, click Save. In addition, select Time Parameters to see the Time Parameters Settings page. Set the maximum live view time and call forwarding time, then click Save. Additionally, click Password to access the password-changing page. You may alter the admin password, arm/disarm password, unlock password, and duress code for the indoor station. It's important to note that the admin password is exclusively for the indoor station.

Thereafter, to access the page for local network setup, click Local Network Configuration. Enter the local IP address, subnet mask, address or port number, and then click Save to activate the settings. Before viewing videos using the mobile app, set the Hik-Connect server parameters. Before you begin, ensure that the indoor station is connected to the network, and then click Hik-Connect to reach the settings screen, where you may activate Hik-Connect Access and Custom. There, you may change the Service Address and input the Verification Code. Finally, click Save and you're done!

How to reset the Hikvision intercom system?

If you have a Hikvision intercom system, and can’t remember the code or password to it. Fear not! As here we will assist you in resetting your Hikvision intercom system in under a minute. The first approach is to access the system maintenance interface by clicking on the System Maintenance icon, then press Reboot, and the system reboot dialogue box will appear. Click Yes to restart the system. The second option is to restore the default parameters by clicking Restore Default Settings. The third option is to press the Restore All button, which will restore all device parameters and return the device to an inactive state. Whatever choice you select, the next steps will be the same: click on the Export Configuration File button, and the export file window will appear. Select the remote configuration file's saving directory and click Save to export the configuration file. Furthermore, you should be aware that by choosing the Restore Default Settings option, all default settings, with the exception of network parameters, will be restored. And by selecting the Restore All button, you will restore all default settings, including network parameters, and your device will be reverted to inactive state.

However, if it’s only the device’s password that you want to reset, follow these steps: choose the device from the online device list, then click Reset Password. A window will appear with a "import file" button, a "key importing mode" drop-down list, and a "password and confirm password" form. Click Export to save the device file to your computer and submit it to our technical staff. Following that, our technical engineer will send you a file. When you receive the file, select Import File from the “Key Importing Mode” drop down selection and click on the three horizontal dots to import it. Now, enter your new password in the Password and Confirm Password text areas. Finally, press OK to reset the password. It's just that simple!

How to connect Hikvision intercom to NVR?

To add Hikvision intercom devices to the NVR, you must first activate the device and configure all settings. Then, under the Cameras Setup interface, you may add video intercom devices by selecting one of the two choices as below. First instance is to choose the identified video intercom product and click Add to instantly add it. Second instance is to select Custom Adding to add a video intercom product by adjusting the settings in the respective text field, then click Add. Thereafter, if you enable Enable Overlay Card No. and Enable Overlay Exceptions, the NVR will overlay the information in the left corner of the channel's screen whenever an event occurs. Then, click the warning symbol to check the exception. Furthermore, if Enable Overlay System is enabled, the NVR will overlay the NVR system in the channel's left corner whenever an event occurs.

In addition, the recorded video files on the hard drive may be played back; thus, to play back video intercom and access control on the NVR, follow these steps: Go to Menu ->Playback and then choose Event in the left corner. Then, pick Access Control/Video Intercom as the primary kind, and then select Major Alarm or enter a Card No. to search for a recorded file. Then, select a Start Time and an End Time, and then click Search. Finally, to adjust the playing progress, utilise the toolbar at the bottom of the Playback interface. It's that easy!

Where to buy a Hikvision intercom system?

Before buying any surveillance system, you should know that Hikvision exclusively distributes through authorised distributors and does not allow any of them to sell on digital marketplaces. Therefore , it is strongly advised that all Hikvision security products be purchased from an authorised distributor or reseller, as unauthorised dealers will sell you fake, used, or malfunctioning products with edited firmware that will not work or continue to work with genuine products acquired through authorised channels. Furthermore, Hikvision's laws say that the product warranty is void since the equipment is no longer in its original factory condition. Working with an authorised distributor has various advantages, including the fact that all items are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, which spans from 3 to 5 years.

As an authorised Hikvision UK reseller, all of our devices are genuine, and we offer a manufacturer guarantee to demonstrate that we only sell genuine Hikvision IP intercom systems and other video surveillance devices.

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