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What is Hikvision ColorVU?

Darkness has always been associated with crimes because poor lighting greatly affects human sight allowing criminals to get away with crimes that would have been tough to pull off during the day. It is difficult to identify people, vehicles, and objects at night, especially if you view them on a screen. People and objects appear blurry and may even blend into the background causing further confusion about the actual situation.

That is the reason for night vision technology being developed for security systems. Initially, the video footage was black and white, which still presented major issues related to security. Color night vision is a game changer because it reveals all the little details that were missing or distorted with black and white night vision CCTV systems. This is essential for the collection of evidence that will be analyzed by law enforcement in case of a crime.

Hikvision’s ColorVu technology is an innovative approach to removing the problems associated with night vision cameras. It employs an F1.0 super aperture lens that gathers more light even in low-light environments, which amps up the brightness of the images or videos captured by the security camera. In comparison to conventional CCTV cameras, Hikvision ColorVU cameras collect 4 times more light making the results significantly brighter.

The F1.0 super aperture lens works in coordination with the advanced sensor within Hikvision ColorVU CCTV cameras. This advanced sensor has been engineered to improve the utilization of the light that has been captured by the F1.0 super aperture lens. This component of Hikvision ColorVU cameras enhances the brightness of the results a great deal. Moreover, Self-adaptive 3D Digital Noise Reduction helps produce sharp and clear videos.

You may have heard that color night vision CCTV cameras require additional lighting nearby to perform at an optimum level. Of course, you may install a small light close to your color night vision camera to ensure high-quality results but every Hikvision ColorVU camera comes with supplemental light. You can save money on lighting and installation costs with this built-in supplemental light. It ensures that the images and videos produced by the Hikvision ColorVU camera look like they were taken in daylight.

What is a Hikvision ColorVU camera?

Resolution is a major factor to consider when buying Hikvision ColorVU cameras because they are available in various resolutions and divided into two categories. The Hikvision ColorVU IP cameras and Hikvision ColorVU PoE cameras may be purchased in 4MP, 6MP, or 8MP resolution. Meanwhile, the Hikvision ColorVU Turbo HD cameras and Hikvision ColorVU analogue cameras are sold in 2MP and 5MP resolution. The higher the camera resolution, the better the results, especially since they all employ ColorVu technology but they have various price ranges to suit your budget.

The biggest advantage of the Hikvision ColorVU PoE IP camera is that it can be readily installed, often without the need for professional assistance. They operate through a single ethernet cable that connects the camera to the NVR with video signals being sent digitally over a network like WAN, LAN, or broadband. The Hikvision ColorVU IP camera and the Hikvision ColorVU PoE camera encodes and processes the video data before delivering it to the NVR via the ethernet cable. The NVR has the camera software installed into it and you individually add the cameras within that network to the NVR to bring them “online”. The Hikvision ColorVU 8MP camera, the Hikvision ColorVU 6MP camera, and the Hikvision ColorVU 4MP camera are all installed and activated this way.

The Hikvision ColorVU 2MP camera and the Hikvision ColorVU 5MP camera have different methods of installation because they belong to the Hikvision ColorVU Turbo HD camera and the Hikvision ColorVU analogue camera categories. The variation mainly comes from the fact that they have separate power and coaxial cables. Each of these Hikvision ColorVU cameras is connected to a DVR. These DVRs convert analogue video data into digital signals whereas the Hikvision ColorVU IP cameras and the Hikvision ColorVU PoE cameras already encode and process that video footage before it gets to the NVRs connected to them. The Hikvision ColorVU Turbo HD cameras support HD-TVI technology that allows them to send uncompressed video data to DVRs through the coaxial cable, which is separate from the power cable.

Why choose Hikvision ColorVU CCTV kit?

The range of high-resolution Hikvision ColorVU CCTV kits from 2MP to 8MP is available as the Hikvision ColorVU IP/PoE kit (4MP, 6MP, and 8MP) and the Hikvision ColorVU analogue/ Turbo HD kit (2MP and 5MP) so you may pick which type of installation, operation, and features you prefer. As criminal activity increases after dark, you need a high-resolution Hikvision ColorVU CCTV kit to provide live feed as if it was daylight. You can note license plates, identify faces, capture appearances and pick up on suspicious activity before someone breaks into your property. The Hik-Connect mobile application keeps you updated with real-time alerts and a 24/7 live feed. An early warning helps you prepare yourself better and call the police.

How does the Hikvision ColorVU CCTV Kit work?

The first thing you must understand about Hikvision ColorVU CCTV kits is that they are developed according to your particular requirements. Depending on the area you wish to cover, there may be several cameras in your kit or just one. There are various Hikvision ColorVU CCTV cameras based on the technology they use to capture and send video data to the recording device. The Hikvision ColorVU 4MP kit, Hikvision ColorVU 6MP kit, and Hikvision ColorVU 8MP kit consist of ColorVu IP CCTV cameras or PoE ColorVu CCTV cameras. On the other hand, Hikvision ColorVU 2MP kit and Hikvision ColorVU 5MP kit contain analogue ColorVu CCTV cameras or ColorVu Turbo HD CCTV cameras.

When it comes to installation and operation, the Hikvision ColorVU IP CCTV kit and Hikvision ColorVU PoE CCTV kit are similar. They both work through a LAN, WAN, or broadband connection where the NVR is linked to the security camera via an ethernet cable. These ColorVu IP/PoE CCTV cameras are capable of encoding and processing the video data they have captured and converting it into digital signals. The NVR on that same network has camera software installed that allows you to add every Hikvision ColorVU CCTV camera one by one to receive this digital video data from all of them. They also have a large hard disk to store several days’ worth of security footage that may be viewed later and edited into clips as well.

The Hikvision ColorVU Analogue CCTV kit and Hikvision ColorVU Turbo HD kit has a different type of installation and operation because this variety requires separate power and coaxial cables. They are attached to the DVR instead of the NVR because the Hikvision ColorVU analogue/ Turbo HD cameras are unable to send video data in digital form. Therefore, the DVR converts the video signals from these ColorVu CCTV cameras into digital signals for storage and live view. Whether you get the Hikvision ColorVU IP/PoE kit or Hikvision ColorVU analogue/ Turbo HD kit depends on the resolution you need for surveillance as well as the ease-of-installation for your convenience. The Hikvision ColorVU IP/PoE kits offer higher resolutions (4MP, 6MP and 8MP) as compared to that of the Hikvision ColorVU analogue/ Turbo HD kits (2MP and 5MP) overall. If you get a Hikvision ColorVU CCTV kit with higher resolution, you will probably need fewer ColorVu CCTV cameras to cover the same area. Remember that the more complex the installation, the greater the cost and you may not be able to get it done without professional assistance.

How to install the Hikvision ColorVU kit?

To complete the installation of the Hikvision ColorVU CCTV kit, you simply have to connect all the devices on the network and make sure that they have been powered on. If you have bought the Hikvision ColorVU IP/PoE CCTV kit, it will be simple because they only require an ethernet cable and a LAN, WAN, or broadband connection. If you have purchased the Hikvision ColorVU analogue/ Turbo HD CCTV kit, you will need the power and coaxial cable. The installation of these ColorVu cameras may demand professional help depending on the wiring you will be putting up in that target area.

How much does the Hikvision ColorVU kit cost?

It is best to go for quality rather than save money with cheaper surveillance that may lack the features you require to maintain security. The Hikvision ColorVU kit you purchase will differ in price due to its type: IP/PoE ColorVu kit or analogue/ Turbo HD ColorVu kit. The price range also depends on the resolution of the ColorVu cameras that you want in them. For instance, the Hikvision ColorVU 5MP price will be less than the Hikvision ColorVU camera price for 6MP or 8MP. The installation of the Hikvision ColorVU kit will also cost you if you hire professionals so factor that in during purchase.

Where to buy Hikvision ColorVU kits?

The Hikvision ColorVU kit price may change depending on the seller that you have selected. The shipping cost will also be added to the Hikvision ColorVU camera price if you have not bought it from a store personally. Ask about the returns and exchanges policy in case you find the product damaged, defective, or the order incorrect. After comparing the Hikvision ColorVU camera prices from various sellers, read the reviews, and put their customer service to the test. Remember to avoid getting scammed by only trusting authorized Hikvision distributors. We are authorized sellers of Hikvision and also provide the manufacturer warranty with every purchase to our customers.

Why Hikvision ColorVU 8MP kits are the best in the UK?

In terms of quality, affordability, choice, and reliability, the Hikvision ColorVU 8MP kits are the best in the UK. You may buy Hikvision ColorVU kit in 4MP, 6MP, or 8MP resolution. Meanwhile, analogue/Turbo HD ColorVu CCTV kit is available in 2MP and 5MP resolution for your convenience. The stunning clarity of the Hikvision ColorVU technology makes it seem like you are viewing a scene in daylight in full color. The sharpness of the image allows you to distinguish between the background and objects, or humans in front, avoiding any misunderstanding and alerting you to security threats in and around your property. In case there has been a crime, your Hikvision ColorVU CCTV kit will have captured and recorded it in high resolution as evidence. This may also help prove your innocence in the event of a confrontation with intruders on your property. This is also convenient while making insurance claims and you will save money on your insurance premium as well.

The Hikvision ColorVU CCTV kits provide several powerful features such as line crossing detection that lets you know when your perimeter has been breached by an intruder as well as alerts for intruder detection that are sent straight to your smartphone through the Hik-Connect application. Any unattended baggage on or around that area will be detected by the Hikvision ColorVU CCTV kit and the object removal detection comes in handy for mail stolen from your doorstep. The Hikvision ColorVU CCTV cameras are known for being weather-resistant making them perfect for outdoor security. They are also vandal-proof and you will be sent a notification if someone tries to tamper with them.

Hikvision ColorVU vs. Darkfighter

There are some series offered by Hikvision to solve issues related to low-light surroundings including the Hikvision ColorVU series and the Hikvision Darkfighter series. You just learned about the Hikvision ColorVU cameras that contain an F1.0 super aperture lens, an advanced sensor, and supplemental lighting. It gives you 4MP footage in colour until 0.0014 Lux followed by white light assistance.

The Hikvision Darkfighter has a variety of offerings including the Hikvision Darkfighter Ultra 5 series that contains a larger image sensor and lens along with a software algorithm like DS-2CD5A46G1-IZ. It provides 4MP live feed in color until 0.002 Lux and then Infra-red. Powered by the Hikvision Darkfighter has a larger lens and works with a similar software algorithm providing 4MP video in color until 0.008 Lux and then Infra-red. Lastly, the Hikvision Darkfighter X systems have dual image sensors that give you video in color until 0.001 Lux. You may choose the Hikvision ColorVU series or the Hikvision Darkfighter series depending on your requirements and preferences.

Hikvision ColorVU Review

You may have seen the results of the previously released Hikvision night vision surveillance technology but the Hikvision ColorVU technology is a class apart because of its special attributes. Colour night vision CCTV cameras need external light to deliver high performance but the Hikvision ColorVU camera has a built-in supplemental light to ensure ideal results. You may not notice much difference in the daytime live feeds but as soon as it gets dark, you will instantly notice the perks of ColorVu technology in comparison to other night vision security cameras.

Any Hikvision ColorVU review you see will focus on the advantages of the colors that are identifiable even during the night. The greenery in the background will be visible and anyone trying to take cover there will be spotted immediately. The license plates of vehicles can be noted down with a quick zoom-in. You are even able to see the shadows cast by vehicles, buildings, objects, and people thanks to the light absorbed by the F1.0 super aperture lens and utilized efficiently by the advanced sensor.

The definition provided by the Hikvision ColorVU camera is incredible considering how dark the surroundings are. Besides clear facial identification, the color element lets you record the appearances of intruders and suspects in great detail. This is important during police investigations and they get apprehended much faster. The sharpness provided by the Hikvision ColorVU camera is great for identifying objects and understanding actions captured during a crime. Every object or person stands out clearly in front of the background leaving no room for any misinterpretation of their actions.

Learn more about the Hikvision ColorVU CCTV kits that we provide as authorized sellers with manufacturer warranty. Share your preferences and requirements with us so our experts may put together the perfect Hikvision ColorVU CCTV kit for you.

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