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4K CCTV Systems

When it comes to security, 4k CCTV systems take the win for their superior image and video quality. Also known as ultra HD CCTV system or 8MP CCTV system, a 4k CCTV system will amaze you with its fine details that are visible even under unfavourable conditions. High resolution is among the most important factors to consider when buying CCTV systems. So, the higher the resolution of your surveillance setup, the better the results. Splurging on your security camera system is recommended, especially when it’s about getting the highest resolution. Moreover, 4k has been adopted as the latest standard for images and videos in the media, including social media. Buying a 4k CCTV camera is not good enough because it requires 4k monitors and NVRs to demonstrate its full potential. Before you select a reliable yet affordable 4k CCTV system, make sure you understand how it works, what perks it offers, and which features make it a winner. Read on to learn everything there is to know about 4k CCTV systems.

What is 4k?

4k CCTV systems are all about the ultra HD resolution that may be defined as a horizontal display of nearly 4000p. To get a good grasp of this astonishing figure, you should know that it is 4 times higher than regular HD resolution, which is measured as 1080p resolution. When you consider a full HD image, you envision 1080p (height) by 1920p (width) and 4k (8MP) is about twice that in both height and width.

Therefore, 4k resolution brings you much greater clarity and the ability to spot details that were not visible at HD. For instance, if you made an ultra HD video of a flower field, you would be able to see more of the anatomy of the individual flowers by zooming in. An image taken of rain in the same flower field in 4k would show you every drop of rain as it comes from the sky and falls on the flowers.

What is 4k CCTV?

Can you imagine the possibilities presented by ultra HD video surveillance? Maintaining security is all about the details and a single oversight may result in a major setback. That is why 4k CCTV has such great importance in the surveillance sector, especially in matters of national security. Places such as stadiums, airports, parking lots, and large public spaces employ 4k CCTV for tight security. The most minute details of a person’s appearance, surroundings, and actions can be captured in 4k CCTV. You don’t have to spend hours trying to get a clear image of criminal activity because a simple zoom-in will reveal everything you need to know about the situation. Besides, 4k CCTV is always connected to a personal device that permits the remote zoom function. This means that you can keep a close eye on the target areas when you are far from them.

The greatest advantage of installing 4k CCTV in residential or commercial regions is that you require fewer cameras. Does that surprise you? Every 4k CCTV camera extends the surveillance coverage as compared to lower resolution CCTV cameras because it makes those things visible that previously went undetected due to lower resolution. For example, you can monitor a greater area within your yard with a 4k CCTV camera as opposed to the coverage that lower-resolution CCTV cameras offered. Having ultra HD CCTV also means that you can see better in low-light environments making it great for spaces that don’t have bright lights fitted there. The combination of 8MP resolution and impressive low-light performance makes 4k CCTV ideal for ensuring security.

What is a 4k CCTV camera?

Certain sensors in 4k CCTV cameras capture larger amounts of light as compared to HD sensors, which means that the overall colour and contrast of the image or video is improved significantly. This also enhances the quality of the zoom feature of the 4k CCTV camera giving you a clearer picture. Normally, the image quality gets reduced when you zoom into someone’s face, scenery, or an inanimate object but that is not the case with a 4k CCTV camera. You don’t have to compromise on losing the details using the zoom function of an ultra HD camera.

Moreover, 4k CCTV cameras are particularly useful in surveillance because they can capture the license plates of suspicious vehicles that have been parked around your property or vehicles that frequently pass by that area and seem to be involved in some form of criminal activity. Zooming in further will allow you to properly identify the faces of the drivers and passengers within these vehicles or just those who have been loitering around for no reason.

The facial recognition feature also comes in handy when you combine it with the object removal detection feature of a 4k CCTV camera. Sometimes, thieves wait for the chance to steal your mail that has been sitting at your doorstep. The long range of your 4k CCTV camera will be able to spot a known criminal from a safe distance next time they approach your gate to attempt theft. The two-way audio will provide a good idea of the conversations between criminals while the 4k CCTV camera captures their appearance in detail.

The wider field of view of an ultra HD CCTV camera lets you cover a greater physical area while the 4k resolution extends the range at which you can identify a person without a doubt. If you compare 2MP CCTV cameras to 8MP CCTV cameras, you can cover the same area with fewer cameras if they are 8MP CCTV cameras. Owing to their high resolution, 4k CCTV cameras give stunning results in low-light conditions as well. So, you may not need to install extra lighting near your 4k CCTV cameras and still achieve high-level performance.

Hikvision 4k CCTV cameras are the best 4k CCTV cameras in the UK because they offer many other amazing features besides the basics. They have been developed with false alarm reduction to prevent the alarm from going off unnecessarily. Hikvision 4k CCTV cameras have an intruder detector, line-crossing detector, region-entrance detector, and region-exit detector among other smart functions to ensure your safety.

What are 4k CCTV Systems?

Now, you have probably got an idea of the magnitude of 4k CCTV systems’ contribution to video surveillance. You can imagine the fine details that are significantly pronounced in ultra HD systems allowing you to monitor the situation and identify possible safety risks. They can capture videos at 3840p x 2160p and offer great performance in poor lightning environments too. Hikvision has the best 4k CCTV systems in the UK with 4k NVRs having HDMI 2.0 interface. Their H.265+ algorithm maintains video quality while reducing the transmission bandwidth and required storage. They also possess useful features such as weatherproof, vandal-proof, colour night vision, remote zoom, and more.

Why choose a 4K security camera system?

Do you still need more reasons to buy a 4K CCTV system to maintain security? We have compiled a list of benefits they provide for your convenience. Having a higher resolution means that 4K CCTV systems offer a longer range than those with lower resolution. Since every camera in a 4K CCTV system has a greater range, you need fewer cameras to cover that area. Connect your Hikvision 4K CCTV system to your Hik-Connect app to access the remote zoom feature from anywhere.

This is a 24/7 surveillance setup that allows you to monitor the area through your laptop, tablet, or smartphone remotely. Even if you don’t have extra lighting around your 4K CCTV system, you can still see a high-resolution live feed. Whether the lighting is bad or that person is far away, your long-range 4K CCTV system offers clear facial identification. To keep your property secure, your 4K CCTV system can show you the license plates of parked or passing vehicles.

You can go back and view old video footage in 4K resolution to check for any suspicious activity you may have missed. You will not be disturbed by false alarms in the middle of the night with 4K CCTV systems without a solid reason. Your 4K CCTV system can tell you when it detects an intruder on your property so you can quickly take action. The region entrance and exit detectors in your 4K CCTV system let you know when your perimeter has been breached. Having a 4K CCTV system means that you can collect ultra HD video proof of a crime that has been committed on your property.

How to Install Hikvision 4K CCTV system?

It is important to understand the practical aspects of installing a 4K CCTV system because where you install it can have a major impact on its performance. If you study the mechanics of a Hikvision 4K IP camera, you will realize that there are different varieties and you must be careful of the limitations of each type of model. Generally, security cameras are meant to be installed 8-10ft above the ground in a place that provides adequate coverage depending on the range and resolution of your particular CCTV cameras.

Although Hikvision 4K CCTV systems are vandal-proof and weatherproof, do your best to extend their life with proper positioning. Never point your 4K IP camera towards direct sunlight or a light source. Similarly, avoid installing it close to windows because the glass panes will also cause unwanted reflection on the camera lens. Remember that a colour vision night camera requires a light source nearby to provide the best results.

Usually, 4K CCTV systems include 4K IP cameras that make use of a single ethernet cable to link the security camera and 4K NVR to a LAN, WAN, or broadband connection. This makes installation straightforward because you don’t have to worry about handling more wires. You only require a CAT5 or CAT6 data cable to get the job done and there are simple methods of extension if you wish to increase the distance between your 4K IP camera and NVR. The video signals are transmitted and received through this ethernet cable in digital form. These 4K IP cameras can encode and process the video data before sending it over the ethernet cable to the NVR.

Hikvision NVRs support 8MP/12MP high-resolution depending on model live footage that may be accessed anytime on your smart devices. The user-friendly Hik-Connect application allows you to log in to your account and view live or stored video footage. You may save clips that you need to show evidence to law enforcement officers in case the criminal activity has been recorded on your property. These Hikvision 4K NVR have various channels for your 4K IP cameras and operate through the camera software installed in them. Once your devices have been connected to your selected network, you must add each 4K IP camera one by one using this software.

These 4K CCTV systems are compatible with virtual assistants like Alexa so they may be integrated into your smart home system. The combination of various features in the Hik-Connect application and the smart home setup creates greater convenience for you. There are voice-activated features and most functions may be performed within the application with a single click. This application works with smartphones, tablets, and laptops so you are always in the loop. Even when you are not close to your property, you can see precisely what is going on in ultra HD and take steps to secure your target area. It gives you real-time alerts that can help prevent crimes and give you the chance to call for help.

How to Setup a Hikvision 8MP CCTV kit?

Before setting up make sure that Hikvision 4K IP CCTV cameras and Hikvision 4K NVR are connected properly and powered on. Hikvision 4K NVR automatically detects all the connected Hikvision cameras if any of your 4K security cameras is not detected please please make sure both ends of the cable are connected. Visit the official Hikvision website to use the Search Active Devices Protocol software (SADP) during the 4K CCTV system setup. Not only does this allow you to find all the devices within that network but it also shows you their information, some of which you may change later.

When SADP presents these 4K IP CCTV cameras at first, you will notice that they are “inactive”. To activate them, enable Hik-Connect and set the password as required. Every 4K IP CCTV camera within your network will have a unique password that permits access to its live feed and lets you store it as you like. After you have been verified, the status of that 4K IP CCTV camera will become “active”. Enter the IP address of that security camera and export its serial number.

Go to to create an account, get verified, and add that 4K IP CCTV camera to your Hik-Connect account. This will bring that security camera “online”. Enter the verification code provided into the Hik-Connect application on your smartphone to get the 24/7 live feed. In this manner, you can add every security camera linked to your Hikvision 4K NVR.

Which is the Best 4K CCTV system in the UK?

Looking for the Best 4K CCTV system in the UK? Hikvision 4K CCTV system records incredibly high-resolution images along with smooth preview and playback. With satisfactory low-light performance with Hikvision ColorVu 8MP kit and Hikvision Darkfighter 8MP camera system. These 4K camera systems facilitate video content analytics and yield better use of video data.

By incorporating H.265+ video compression Hikvision 4K CCTV systems reduce bandwidth and storage costs, Hikvision 4K system allows users to manage ultra-high definition video footage much more efficiently. True WDR ensures even illumination to every part of the captured image through image sensors and a digital signal processor (DSP). High-quality 4K CCTV systems like those from Hikvision come with an anti-IR reflection feature that prevents IR light from reflecting on the lens.

There are many benefits of Hikvision 8MP CCTV kit including identifying people for evidence or immediate action. If you plan to install Hikvision 4K CCTV cameras outdoors on your property then you will need them to be sturdy and durable. As 4K CCTV resolution permits better detection, the motion sensors in Hikvision 4K CCTV system are faster at alerting you of intruders. Your security system protects you but what keeps it safe from vandals? Well, Hikvision 4K CCTV systems have vandal-proof features. You may view and save the live feed from your 4K CCTV system using the Hik-Connect app from your personal devices 24/7.

If you are looking for upgrading your old home security systems or to install a new security camera system, Hikvision 8MP CCTV kits are one of the best CCTV systems in the UK. Please call 085 800 1312 or email for advice from our certified Hikvision CCTV installers. As a Hikvision authorized reseller all Hikvision 8MP CCTV kit comes with a 5 years manufacturer warranty which gives you peace of mind.

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