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HD CCTV Systems

The Hikvision Turbo HD Cameras kits designed with cutting-edge technology to provide a variety of systems including dome, turret, fixed, bullet, integrated cameras suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

What is HD CCTV?

Previously, video surveillance technology relied on low-resolution security cameras that could not provide satisfactory evidence through facial recognition, license plate identification, etc. Starting from 1080p resolution, HD CCTV ensures clear images and videos that are essential to maintaining tight security in commercial, residential, and state-owned land. Cutting edge 4k resolution HD CCTV kits are available these days that give you the same output as you enjoy on your television every day. When applied to video surveillance, the advantages of HD CCTV are numerous, which makes it a focus of research and innovation in this field. Various technologies, such as colour night vision, when combined with HD CCTV produce exciting possibilities for video surveillance. For instance, HD security cameras have a far greater range than their predecessors. You can detect an intruder and even obtain facial recognition from a safe distance through HD CCTV systems. Colour night vision HD CCTV cameras take security a step further by making it appear as if the footage was captured in broad daylight. When you can see objects, animals, and people clearly against the background, there is no doubt about the situation anymore. Therefore, the familiar analogue CCTV system has been upgraded to offer impressive high-resolution security footage.

What is an HD CCTV System?

An upgrade of conventional video surveillance technology, an HD CCTV system has an analogue operation starting at 1080p resolution and going up to 4k resolution in recent years. You may combine advanced HD CCTV cameras with multichannel DVRs for tight security using the previous setup. Analogue HD CCTV systems require separate cables for power supply and data transmission. The coaxial cable works with HD CCTV cameras that send analogue signals to the DVR that converts them to digital form for display, storage, and later edits. Like most modern video surveillance kits, HD CCTV systems provide remote access through mobile applications that give a 24/7 live feed, which may be used to create video clips as evidence in criminal cases. The real-time alerts and sensitive alarms in HD CCTV systems provide ample warning in the event of break-ins. Even if you are not present on your property at that moment, you may call the police for assistance on receiving the intruder alert on your smartphone. Having an HD CCTV system is known to deter criminals who are always on the lookout for easy targets. It also helps you get a discount on your insurance premium and ensures security in your absence.

What are Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV Cameras?

In 2013, Hikvision launched their game-changing Turbo HD CCTV systems for the first time. These were an upgrade of conventional analogue CCTV systems with impressive results and provided great advantages that revolutionized video surveillance. The integration of high-definition transport interface (HDTVI) open standard allowed video data to be sent over coaxial cables. This made analogue HD CCTV systems more reliable and increased the distance between the two points for more convenience. Another amazing benefit introduced by Hikvision to Turbo HD CCTV systems was their H.265+ video compression technology. The highly efficient Hikvision Turbo HD DVRs cut down the bandwidth to a great extent and reduced the demand for storage giving a major perk to video surveillance. This meant that high-resolution security footage from HD CCTV cameras could be stored in much less space without compromising on its quality. Hikvision also presented innovations through deep learning algorithms such as their AcuSense technology that boosted the efficiency of alarm systems in HD CCTV systems. Nowadays, the Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV cameras support HDTVI / CVI /CVBS and AHD for signal input 4-in-1 (4 signals switchable TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS).

You may choose from a vast range of Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV cameras that are available in dome, turret, fixed and bullet designs for indoor and outdoor use. Integrated with smart home systems, Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV cameras have several series that have been developed for specific features to strengthen your security system. The Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV ColorVu series produces sharp full-colour images and videos at 0.0005 lux. These colour night vision HD security cameras from Hikvision perform well even in ultra low-light environments. They are usually equipped with supplemental lighting but you may add a light source nearby to achieve stunning video footage in pitch black scenarios. The IOT series goes a step further than conventional security cameras with its PIR technology. The built-in PIR sensor in Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV IOT cameras can detect passive infrared radiation from heat sources within their range. This means that you may detect intruders through heat signals as well as high-resolution colour night vision. The Hikvision Webcam series offers 4k Turbo HD CCTV cameras that may be installed quickly without the need of professionals thanks to their plug-and-play feature. These are ideal for live broadcasts, online classes, and video conferences. The Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV Value series gives you affordable HD CCTV cameras that produce 24/7 high-resolution live feeds accessible through the Hik-Connect mobile application. These weatherproof and vandal-proof models are durable but easy on the pocket. The Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV Pro series comes with a powerful combination of the latest video surveillance technologies to ensure tight security. They provide ultra HD video footage, produce clear images in ultra low-light situations, and offer 130Db True WDR. The Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV Ultra series is all about bringing the highest quality images and videos using ultra low-light technology and high-resolution security cameras that extend the coverage.

These HD security cameras are compatible with the Hikvision Turbo HD DVRs that are available with various specifications. The Hikvision Turbo HD DVR AcuSense series has been developed via deep learning technology that allows these DVRs to recognize and separate humans and vehicles from the video footage. The Hikvision Turbo HD DVR Value series is offered as a high-quality yet affordable recording device that works in sync with the Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV cameras. Designed using H.265 Pro+ and H.265 Pro compression technology, these durable DVRs encode up to 5MP ultra HD. The Hikvision Turbo HD DVR Pro series also employs the same technologies that reduce the required storage space through video compression. These DVRs support 4k resolution, PoC transmission, multiple VA events, etc. The Hikvision Turbo HD DVR Ultra series has strong hybrid access capability and offers up to 32 channels for analogue CCTV cameras and 8 SATA interfaces that make it perfect for those with greater storage demands. The Hikvision Turbo HD DVR Special series has been specifically developed to cater to the growing security concerns of the banking sector. These DVR models work with ATM systems that have smart analysis features such as multi-channel analyses.

Why Choose an HD CCTV System?

The conventional analogue security systems may easily be converted into HD CCTV systems, which makes this upgrade a simple one with the replacement of a few products depending on your specific requirements. The Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV kits are compatible with PoC CCTV, so you may use a coaxial cable that carries power and data simultaneously. You can purchase DVRs up to 32 channels within HD CCTV systems that help you cover a vast target area. Nowadays, 4k HD CCTV systems are commonly available allowing you to get the same security benefits as the other types of security systems provide you without changing your original setup. The higher the resolution of your HD CCTV camera, the sharper the images and videos it can produce. This is important for video surveillance because you often need to identify people and note license plates for security reasons. Having high-resolution HD security cameras also has the added benefit of needing fewer security cameras to cover the same area. Normally, high-resolution CCTV cameras possess long-range facial recognition features, so you may put more distance between these cameras during installation. The use of deep learning technology in the Hikvision AcuSense series has improved the object detection feature and you can also receive alerts whenever your HD CCTV camera detects object removal within your property. Moreover, the Hikvision Turbo HD DVR can distinguish between humans and vehicles as well as to detect them with high accuracy. You need to be alerted about intruders so the AcuSense technology is ideal for this purpose. A notification will be sent to you the instant an intruder shows up allowing you to get prepared or call for help. You may also note down the license plates of vehicles passing by or those that have been parked in the camera’s vicinity. The AcuSense technology reduces the number of false alarms that usually occur because of the movement of animals, irrelevant objects, nearby foliage, etc. Another excellent advantage provided by the Hikvision AcuSense Turbo HD DVRs is that they automatically extract footage related to humans and vehicles without you having to conduct a manual search for them. This is ideal for saving time and energy when there is a ton of video surveillance footage to go through for a specific case.

The addition of colour night vision technology to HD CCTV kits is a major improvement on black and white night vision. Exciting innovations in night vision CCTV systems have removed the challenges that came with 24/7 video surveillance. Criminals may be more active after dark but with the Hikvision ColorVu Turbo HD cameras, they will think twice before attempting a break-in. Not only do they show you a nighttime live feed as if it was captured during the daytime but they perform well in ultra low-light environments as well. The Hikvision ColorVu Turbo HD CCTV cameras often come with supplemental lighting to cut down on lighting costs. Powered with advanced sensors, an anti-glare diffusion F 1.0 aperture lens, and ED optical glass, it does not get any better than that. The colour night vision feature distinguishes between people and objects in front of any background. This is difficult with black and white video footage because of the darkness that may cause everything to blend confusingly. Thanks to the Hikvision ColorVu Turbo HD cameras, you can get solid evidence from the security footage. Coupled with weatherproof and vandal-proof capabilities, these durable and efficient HD CCTV systems offer unbeatable security.

People who are interested in saving money may get discounts on their insurance premiums with HD CCTV systems. The Hikvision Turbo HD 5.0 has been designed to combine the best features of conventional analogue security systems and modern security systems to give you the best results at reasonable prices. The plug-and-play HD CCTV kits don’t require professional assistance allowing you to save on installation costs. The Hikvision Turbo HD Values series gives you high-quality performance that doesn’t leave a dent in your wallet. Moreover, you need fewer security cameras if you have invested in high-resolution CCTV kits such as 4k HD CCTV systems. Since the range of high-resolution HD CCTV cameras is greater than that of lower-resolution varieties, you can cover the same target area with fewer security cameras. This saves money on buying security cameras and paying for installation. The different features of HD CCTV systems have been developed to ensure that people can strengthen their security with less expenditure. The various specifications provided in different series allow you to customize your HD CCTV kit without spending on unnecessary products. You can buy exactly what you need to boost security and save money at the same time.

How to Install Hikvision HD CCTV System?

Take the basic measurements and look up the ranges of the HD CCTV cameras that you plan to purchase to cover that specific target area. This will help you understand how many security cameras you need and their particular resolutions as well. Then you may decide on the DVR model that will be able to receive the video signals from all of these HD CCTV cameras. Think about the ideal positions for each of your security cameras while keeping in mind some key factors in video surveillance. Your HD security cameras must be mounted 8-10ft off the ground for best results. They must be pointing towards the sun to prevent the glare from affecting the camera lens. For the same reason, avoid putting your HD CCTV cameras near windows that are likely to produce the reflective glare. If your colour night vision camera does not have supplemental lighting, you may need to install suitable lighting nearby for optimum performance. Once everything is in the right place, connect the wires and power on the cameras as well as the DVR.

How to Set Up HD CCTV System?

Visit the Hikvision website to use the Search Active Devices Protocol software (SADP) that searches for the connected HD CCTV cameras in your security system and allows you to edit their information. After enabling Hik-Connect, you must enter the password for that particular HD CCTV camera. Once the verification is complete, you will see that it becomes “active” and you may export its serial number after adding its IP address. Visit the Hik-Connect website to create your account and get verified to add that HD CCTV camera to your Hik-Connect account. This will bring your security camera “online” and all there’s left to do is get the Hik-Connect mobile application for the 24/7 live feed and remote access to its features. Repeat the same process for every camera within your Hikvision HD CCTV kit. By the end of the installation, all your security cameras will be shown as “online” and you will gain remote access to the entire HD CCTV system.

How Much Does an HD CCTV System Cost?

Thanks to the video compression technology, high resolution, and long-range function of HD CCTV systems, you can save on buying CCTV kits and their installation. The greater the resolution of your high-resolution HD CCTV kit, the more it will cost. Hikvision has a Turbo HD Value series that provides HD security cameras and Turbo HD DVRs at affordable prices for everyone. They have various useful features such as colour night vision, AcuSense technology, false alarm reduction, license plate identification, facial recognition, and more that increase the price of these HD CCTV systems. The cost will increase depending on the number of security cameras and multi-channel DVRs you add to your HD CCTV kit.

Which is the Best HD CCTV System in the UK?

Where to Buy Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV Kits?

Make sure you always buy genuine products with an official warranty from reliable sellers. Check their return and exchange policy before purchasing security systems because you may want to change your order or get a refund. Read reviews written by past customers of different sellers as you shortlist them. Add in shipping costs while comparing the prices of Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV kits offered by various sellers. We are authorized sellers of the latest Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV kits in the UK and provide a manufacturer's warranty with each purchase. Talk to our experts to learn more about customizing HD CCTV kits to maximize security benefits and cut down on costs.