Hikvision ColorVu CCTV kits provides vivid color images round-the-clock a powerful ability to capture details in low lighting comes from an advanced lens and sensor.

At mid-night police received an emergency call, an assault had happened in a park. The victim was heading home from the park at the time of the incident, when the attacker suddenly ran out of nowhere and attacked her, took her purse, and fled. According to the victim, the attacker looked like a beggar in ragged clothes and smelling of alcohol. The police investigated the scene but found no useful information about the attacker. Because an assault happened at night, the security cameras in the neighborhood could not effectively record any usable footage. When reviewing the video footage, the images were blurry and full of visual noise, which is bad for detection.

Neighborhood parks should be a peaceful place where you can take a break from the hustle and noise of the city. However, an urban park in the dark is often synonymous with danger. At night, passersby have to be vigilant to stay safe. Although security camera systems are becoming more commonplace in urban parks in recent years, there are still many security requirements that cannot yet be met, such as high-resolution night vision and recording in color.

Darkness becomes cover for theft, trespassing, and other crimes. When using a traditional Security camera system with infrared lighting for night monitoring, humans, vehicles, people, or other important objects blur and blend into the background, making it difficult to identify details.

Color-related information is crucial for many scenarios and is a great asset for data and analyses. However, traditional CCTV Cameras often lose important details when rendering only black and white images. There is no need to sacrifice blurry images for sharp detail in dark scenarios. Hikvision ColorVu technology can capture vivid, full-color details; such as the fact that a person is wearing a purple coat, or that the car with the muddy number plate is green; in total darkness.

In this post, you’ll learn everything about Hikvision ColorVu Technology:

What is Hikvision ColorVu?

Hikvision ColorVu technology gives a powerful ability to capture color images in ultra-low lighting which comes from two specific breakthroughs in surveillance hardware technologies: high-sensitivity sensors and advanced lenses. In contrast to traditional security camera lenses, Hikvision ColorVu CCTV Camera lens is equipped with a super-aperture, reaching up to F1.0, which allows more light to enter the lens so that imaging brightness can be increased.

How does Hikvision ColorVu Camera work?

Hikvision ColorVu technology newly released lenses allows four times more light to enter the lens than conventional cameras as Hikvision ColorVu lenses have F1.0 super-aperture design which are more focused, qualitative and functional than conventional cameras of F2.0 aperture design.

F1.0 apertures are technically exceptional for the industry, requiring very strict and accurate manufacturing. Hikvision used advanced Active Alignment technology in the production of ColorVu to bring the adjustment accuracy to within 4 pixels, even smaller than 1/30 hair diameter.

A new 3D dynamic noise reduction (DNR) algorithm helps the cameras record additional remote details clearly and deliver sharper images. Moreover, optimized sensors enable delivery of night time color imaging of Hikvision ColorVu cameras brighter than conventional cameras. Moreover, Hikvision ColorVu Camera is equipped with a soft and warm supplemental light that lights up to guarantee color imaging even in zero-light environments.

Hikvision ColorVu Technology is a solution to a common security camera system problem. Scientists have claimed that color helps in increasing attention level that leads to memorizing certain information. It is quite helpful in a surveillance control room, where operators need to look at multiple screens and ColorVu technology gives an extra edge.

Advanced sensors and large aperture combination in ColorVu technology provide sharper image even in low light level.

Why Choose Hikivision ColorVu Technology?

Hikvision ColorVu Camera’s powerful imaging features and ability to capture details in low lighting with the help of advanced lenses and high performance sensors coupled with a supplemental light for extremely dark scenarios guarantees clear video with colorful details that provide ultimate security.

In video security, colour-related information is crucial to analyze any critical scenarios clearly. Conventional cameras do not provide clear imaging as their infrared lighting only provides black and white images for night monitoring. That is why; cameras capturing the images can easily be blurry and may not be enough for evidence in any critical situation of theft/accident or any other scenario. Hikvision ColorVu 8MP (4K) technology has overcome this challenge faced by many security camera users, enabling cameras to deliver sharper colorful videos in extremely dim lights.

Frank Zhang, President of International Product and Solution Center at Hikvision said, “Since 2018 when we introduced the first generation of Pro Series cameras with Hikvision ColorVu technology to the market, they have been one of our best selling products. The demand for low-light cameras continues to increase in the security industry, and we’re glad to see that our new Hikvision ColorVu 8MP (4K) technology can bring even more vivid imaging experience to our customers,”

The newly released Hikvision ColorVu technology offers multiple options in both Turbo HD and Network products. The latest Hikvision ColorVu series can satisfy different customer needs with high performance products to affordable choices and effective solutions. Hikvision ColorVu 8MP (4K) technology provides ultra-high-definition levels colour imaging day and night. Hikvision 4K ColorVu technology is suitable for a wider range of scenarios including stadiums, airports, harbors, and parking lots.

Where to Use Hikvision ColorVu?

Hikvision ColorVu proves colorful, sharp images right down to the lowest light levels. Nevertheless, Hikvision ColorVu’s self-adapting 3D DNR algorithm on ISP guarantees high imaging quality.

Extreme light conditions are taken into consideration while designing the ColorVu series. Hikvision ColorVu CCTV cameras with the feature of warm supplemental light guarantee colorful imaging when there is no light. This feature delivers appropriate light. As a result, Hikvision ColorVu furnishes bright colorful video images day and night in low illumination conditions.

Hikvision ColorVu cameras are useful in a multitude of application scenarios:

  • Night security at industrial parks
  • Public places with no lighting
  • Traffic intersections in low light environments
  • Captures valuable color information

Hikvision ColorVu Camera vs Conventional Camera

Hikvision ColorVu technology provides sharp colorful images day and night with advanced lenses, high performance sensors and appropriate lighting. On the other hand, Conventional cameras often lose significant details and render images only in black and white.

Hikvision ColorVu with Audio

Hikvision's rebellious HD IP technology brings with it a huge advancement in the evolution of digital transmissions, opening up a whole new range of possibilities. The Digital HD IP product family includes a comprehensive range of full high definition cameras and NVR.

Hikvision ColorVu Camera is a 4mp high definition turret dome that is associated with advanced features in an attractive and stylish casing. It is ideal for a discreet security camera with great night time resolution.

  • It produces detailed color images in total darkness.
  • Recording and monitoring audio offers an extra level of protection.
  • See up to 30m with the camera’s powerful integrated white light illumination.
  • With the built in microphone your camera now hears and sees events in and around your property.
  • Hikvision allows you to view your cameras, playback recordings and receive motion notifications from anywhere in the world using the Hik-Connect IOS or Android app.
  • The weatherproof cameras can be mounted indoors and outdoors and is built tough enough to resist whatever the weather throws at it.

Hikvision ColorVu vs Darkfighter

Hikvision ColorVu technology provides vivid colorful images day and night with advanced lenses, high performance sensors and friendly lighting. Super-aperture F1.0 collects more light to produce brighter images. Advanced sensor technology can vastly improve the utilization of available light. In a zero-light environment, built-in warm supplemental lighting guarantees colorful images.

Hikvision Darkfighter technology is an industry-leading solution for ultra-low light scenarios. Typically able to provide full colour images up to 0.002 lux, and black and white up to 0.0002. Hikvision DarkFighter technology features a larger sensor and a larger aperture, and smart gain control technology to dramatically improve nighttime image performance. Noise reduction improvements in Hikvision Darkfighter hardware and software effectively reduce image noise in low illumination scenes. Finally, anti-fogging and non-silicone oil heat conduction and dissipation enhance image definition and ensure DarkFighter delivers bright, clear, high-quality color images at night, thus providing highly effective video surveillance around the clock.

Hikvision ColorVu or Hikvision Darkfighter choosing between is all down to the range, Hikvision Colorvu is recommended for applications under 20M range and anything over that Hikvision Darkfighter is recommended. We hope that reading this article helped you narrow down your decision and showed you the features of both systems and how they work.