With security awareness spreading across the globe, high quality security and video surveillance has become a basic requirement of everyone whether it is a business, transportation industry, any commercial or residential sector. Since most crimes happen at night, improving video quality in low-light environments is one of the most important concerns of the video surveillance industry. In this article, you will learn:

Hikvision, the leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions of innovative technology, has released its new camera, doubling the resolution of the previous model for clear images in low-light environments.

Hikvision DarkFighterX technology launched in 2017 - taking inspiration from the function of the human eye that employs two lenses - one lens captures the color of the object while other captures light details. The Hikvision DarkfighterX cameras combine two images together to produce a clear image. The advancement in technology has made it possible to achieve smarter event detection with a higher resolution and a clearer image to identify details of the event.

It is a fact that 70% of crimes occur at night and traditional cameras remain unable to deliver sharper images but Hikvision Darkfighter has improved image quality largely. Now, faces are sharper and easier to recognise with the clear picture of the surroundings even in the lowest light. Hikvision Darkfighter camera images are much more valuable for evidence collecting and case solving.

The new DarkFighterX camera uses 1/1.8” sensors to enhance resolution to 4 megapixels. This HD image carries more detailed information compared to 2MP models. The camera can deliver full color images at light levels down to 0.0005 Lux.

What is Hikvision Darkfighter?

Hivision ensures the higher level of night security with the latest cameras of its Darkfighter technology - the DarkfighterX series. Hikvision Darkfighter can provide bright, clear images right down to the lowest light levels - in fact to 0.001 lux.

Hikvision Darkfighter works by taking inspiration from the functionality of the human eye. Eyes use different cells to combine color and brightness information and the brain merges them to produce a clear image. The Hikvision Darkfighter camera uses IR sensors for brightness and information from a visible light sensor to produce the best by using both features in combination.

The new technology produces quality images unlike traditional cameras that could either provide blurry images or images in monochrome.

To detect doubted events effectively, upgraded cameras of latest technology armed with deep learning technology can now offer more information than previous ones.

Since event detection has become common using security systems, it is essential to use cameras that can receive more details before triggering an automatic response. All the information depends on how many pixels the image can provide, therefore, the more pixels are better.

The zoom on the new Hikvision DarkFighterX camera has escalated to 35x. This means the new camera can identify a one-meter long object at 260 meters at a resolution of 250 pixels, which is enough to have a clear view. It has an optical zoom of 16x.

Hikvision Darkfighter vs Lightfighter