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IP CCTV systems have been specially designed to fulfill the commercial demands that come with securing high-traffic places such as parking lots, filling stations, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. The higher the risk, the more vigilant you need to be about safety. There are human and material assets to be guarded against criminals who are equipped with advanced technology.

Therefore, manufacturers, like Hikvision, conduct thorough research and testing before launching IP CCTV systems. A trusted name in security systems, Hikvision, provides a wide range of high-resolution IP CCTV systems that are packed with smart features. If you are wondering about the best IP CCTV system in the UK, that depends on your particular needs. Get started by familiarizing yourself with the design, function, and features of IP CCTV systems.

What is IP CCTV?

First, let us break down the acronyms you keep hearing about IP CCTV. You are probably aware of CCTV (closed-circuit television) that is commonly called video surveillance. A CCTV system employs video cameras to monitor target areas and their feed is delivered to specific output devices. Nowadays, you may receive live feed remotely through an internet browser. The recording devices included in IP CCTV systems store the data digitally in large hard drives.

Moreover, IP stands for internet protocol and it is used to define a type of camera that operates through a network connection or the internet. IP CCTV systems may be connected to a network just like other personal devices such as laptops. The IP cameras incorporated into this security system send and receive data over a network or the internet. This means that an IP camera, as the name suggests, has its own IP address.

What are IP CCTV cameras?

There are different types of CCTV cameras that are distinguished by their installation, operation, and features. An IP CCTV camera functions in combination with a Network Video Recorder because it transmits video signals digitally after encoding and processing occur within the IP CCTV camera. IP CCTV camera systems can be run by integration with a local area network, router, or broadband connection. The NVR and IP CCTV cameras are linked via Internet Protocol using a CAT5 or CAT6 data cable.

Like you have learned, an IP CCTV camera requires an NVR to store all the incoming data that has been delivered in digital form. The ethernet cable is plugged into this box that contains the recording firmware and the hard drive for storage with the IP CCTV camera software installed into it. The user interface of the NVR allows you to add the IP CCTV cameras in your security system according to the number of channels it offers. Moreover, the NVR also permits remote viewing on personal devices through a registered account.

What is an IP CCTV system?

In order to understand what an IP CCTV system is and what it does, you must be familiar with its various components. It functions by connecting an IP CCTV camera with an NVR through an ethernet cable. Essentially, you require these three basic products but you may need more items if you wish to extend the distance between the IP CCTV camera and NVR.

IP CCTV camera

It is important to select an IP CCTV camera that fits your special requirements. For instance, night vision is a popular feature to keep your property secure after dark. The range of the IP CCTV camera matters to determine coverage as does its field of vision. The common quality between all IP CCTV cameras is that they transmit and receive signals digitally. Every IP CCTV camera has the ability to encode and process the video data before it is sent over to the NVR.

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

IP CCTV systems operate through the NVR that receives the digitally encoded video data from IP cameras connected through a LAN, broadband, or router. There are varying numbers of channels among NVRs that indicate the number of IP CCTV cameras that can be plugged in at the same time. Just plugging them in the NVR is not enough because they must be individually added using the camera software. Since NVRs permit remote access, they may be linked to your account for the instant live feed.

As you may have realized, there is no one type of IP CCTV system which makes it perfect to ensure the security of your property. There is considerable room for customization, may it be the IP CCTV camera features or the number of channels offered by the NVR. You may put together an IP CCTV system by picking out the individual components depending on what is feasible for you.

Ethernet cable (CAT5 or CAT6)

An ethernet cable is the prominent kind of network cable that is employed to connect network devices on a wired network such as a LAN. In the case of an IP CCTV system, the ethernet cable links your IP CCTV camera and the NVR. Users access the video data through the camera software installed into the NVR. The inclusion of the CAT5 or CAT6 data cable makes installation quick and convenient as opposed to other CCTV systems.

How does an IP CCTV system work?

The transmission of video data from the IP CCTV camera to the NVR takes place in the digital format making the operation of this type of camera similar to the digital cameras you may have used. The video and images are captured and compressed by the IP CCTV cameras before being sent over the wired network such as a LAN, router, or broadband connection. The single ethernet cable (CAT5 or CAT6 data cable) facilitates this process.

How to Extend NVR Signal in NVR CCTV system?

This makes them pretty convenient for the average user, especially since the connection may be extended in a variety of ways. You may utilize the in-built repeater feature within the IP CCTV camera or get a separate repeater for this purpose. This may also be accomplished by using a network switch. Lastly, you may want to get a Wi-Fi router that possesses a minimum of three ethernet ports or use a network switch to connect to the Wi-Fi router. As a result, you will be able to increase the distance between your IP CCTV camera and NVR for tighter security.

How to install an IP CCTV system?

The installation process is fairly simple for the Hikvision IP CCTV kit since there is just one ethernet cable to connect the Hikvision IP CCTV camera and NVR to get started. However, it is important to explore the area where you want to install the Hikvision IP CCTV camera and position it perfectly for impenetrable security. It is advised to mount the Hikvision IP CCTV camera nearly 8-10ft above the ground. The security camera must not be pointing directly into a light source, especially the sun. The same goes for placing it too close for windows that have glass panes that are bound to produce a glare on your Hikvision IP CCTV camera.

How to setup an IP CCTV system?

The first part of the Hikvision IP CCTV kit setup is connecting the IP CCTV camera and NVR to the network according to your preferences. Once your IP CCTV camera and NVR have been linked and powered on, search for Search Active Devices Protocol software (SADP) on the official Hikvision website. You can search the active devices in your network using this online tool and view their information as well. The most basic of this information may be edited using SADP.

Initially, you will notice the Hikvision IP CCTV camera showing an “inactive” status within SADP. It can be activated by setting a password for it which is the next step. Make sure the “Enable Hik-connect” box has been selected with a tick before you confirm your password for that particular Hikvision IP CCTV camera. Once your verification code has been confirmed, you will receive a notification that the status of your Hikvision IP CCTV camera is “active”. Then you enter the IP address for that device and export its serial number.

Visit to create an account and use the serial number and verification code to “add” your Hikvision IP CCTV camera to your Hik-Connect account. The status of that device will then be “online”. Install the Hik-Connect mobile application to your smartphone and login into your account. Enter your verification code to remotely access the live feed from your Hikvision IP CCTV camera. That is the last step meaning your installation will be complete.

Why choose an IP CCTV system?

There are several advantages of including IP CCTV camera systems in your security plan especially since Hikvision has a great range of professional-grade high-resolution IP CCTV cameras and NVRs with powerful features to boost your safety measures. As long as you have an internet browser or a personal device to log in to your Hikvision account, you will have no problem setting up your Hikvision IP CCTV cameras. There are several useful features that you may control remotely through your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. This helps you stay updated on alerts and receive a live feed from your IP CCTV system whenever you wish.

All you need to get your IP CCTV system up and running is a network connection because you only have a single ethernet cable to link the IP CCTV camera and NVR using your network of choice. Hikvision has an online tool called SADP and the Hik-Connect application to make installation and setup quick and convenient for the users who are not that familiar with IP CCTV systems.

If you have been searching for highly customizable security setups, it doesn’t get better than IP CCTV systems. Hikvision IP CCTV cameras are activated along with NVRs through LAN, WAN, or broadband giving you more options that you select according to your convenience. There are methods of extending the distance between your IP CCTV camera and NVR allowing you to expand your security coverage.

There are often varying requirements for features in indoor and outdoor IP CCTV cameras because they are placed in different conditions. Certain features are expected from outdoor cameras, such as night vision or floodlights, while indoor cameras may be hidden from view. IP CCTV camera systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with specific security features.

Professional grade IP CCTV systems are often equipped with color night vision, which is an upgraded version of black and white night vision. There are several benefits of colour night vision particularly since it lights up the video footage as if it was daytime. Make sure your colour vision IP CCTV cameras are installed close to light sources so they may function to their full capacity.

Let us assume that you have received an alert on your smartphone about suspicious activity that has been detected by your IP CCTV system. Even with high resolution, you might want a closer look to ascertain that you have understood the situation correctly. This makes the remote zoom feature quite beneficial to monitor your property’s security from a distance through the Hik-Connect application.

Those who want to pay less insurance should consider making a one-time investment in a professional high-resolution IP CCTV system like that from Hikvision. The lower the risk of property damage, the less you have to pay for your insurance premium. This means that your finances can be balanced by buying a reliable IP CCTV system for superior video surveillance on and around your property.

IP CCTV systems are easy to install and maintain yet they deliver professional-level results with a great range of features that are remotely accessible via user-friendly apps like the Hik-Connect app. You can clearly see the suspicious activity with colour night vision and receive instant alerts about intruders. In the event of a crime, you are able to collect video evidence in high resolution.

You can make your IP CCTV system a part of your smart home network thanks to the integration options with AI assistants like Alexa. This allows you to perform various functions through a speech from anywhere within your property. Make sure to download the mobile application and link it to the smart home network to avail all these convenient security features.

Which is the Best IP CCTV system in the UK?

When you start looking for the Best IP CCTV system for your requirements, it is important to understand what makes the right one unique with powerful features and a price tag that remains within your budget. Take a look at some of the essential specifications of Hikvision IP CCTV systems in the UK. Using an IP CCTV system means that you will be reducing the number of wires needed for operation. You just have to connect the IP CCTV camera and NVR on a network using one ethernet cable.

You are spending a considerable amount of money on a top-notch security system so pick one that provides a high-resolution live feed that you may easily use for facial recognition and monitoring suspicious activity. You want the videos and images in your IP CCTV system to be crystal clear allowing you to see every little detail and determine whether the situation is threatening or not particularly with facial identification. A major specification of IP CCTV systems, the field of vision tells you a lot about the coverage that the IP CCTV camera is capable of offering, which means that you can determine if it will be enough for you.

Black and white night vision are great for monitoring your property once the sun has set but it has limitations that are unsuitable for evidence collection so it is best to invest in colour night vision IP CCTV cameras. Check the material of the IP CCTV system before you purchase it to ensure that it can withstand harsh weather. Many professionals prefer Hikvision IP CCTV systems for their weather-resistant features. There are some types of IP CCTV systems that have the ability to detect if a criminal tries to vandalize your IP CCTV camera. For instance, you will be notified if someone attempts to block or spray on its lens.

The ability of an IP CCTV system to spot an intruder through motion detection is important especially if you have installed outdoor IP CCTV cameras. You will be instantly alerted and may use remote access. If you are concerned about your private mail being stolen near your doorstep, an outdoor IP CCTV system can prevent that and inform you if such an event has occurred through a quick alert to your smartphone. Communication through IP CCTV systems can come in handy when verifying someone’s identity at your property’s perimeter or even warning an intruder about your awareness and intent to call the police.

You may explore all these features and many more in our professional range of Hikvision IP CCTV systems that have been designed for optimum performance indoors and outdoors. We provide the most popular Hikvision IP CCTV systems at the best price in the UK along with the manufacturer’s warranty. Have you made your choice yet? Let our experts help you find the ideal IP CCTV system for your requirements.

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