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4MP CCTV Cameras

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What is a 4mp CCTV camera?

A 4MP CCTV camera stands as a pivotal component in modern surveillance technology, offering a resolution significantly higher than standard 1080p HD cameras. This type of camera captures images at a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, providing a level of detail that brings clarity and precision to security footage. The enhanced pixel count not only improves the sharpness and depth of the images but also allows for more excellent digital zoom capabilities without substantial loss of image quality. This makes 4MP cameras particularly valuable when identifying finer details, such as facial features or licence plate numbers, is crucial. Integrating such high-resolution cameras into security systems marks a stride towards more secure and reliable surveillance solutions, catering to the growing demand for safety in both public and private sectors.

What is the best 4mp CCTV camera?

When selecting the best 4MP CCTV camera, Hikvision's range consistently emerges as a top contender in the security and surveillance industry. Renowned for their reliability, durability, and cutting-edge technology, Hikvision 4MP cameras stand out for their exceptional image quality and advanced features. These cameras are designed to offer superior night vision capabilities, wide dynamic range, and efficient video compression technologies, ensuring crisp, clear images even in challenging lighting conditions. Hikvision's commitment to innovation is evident in its user-friendly software and intelligent detection features, such as motion detection, line crossing detection, and tamper alarms, making its 4MP cameras a preferred choice for professional and residential security systems. The combination of high-resolution imaging, robust build quality, and intelligent functionalities makes Hikvision's 4MP cameras a leading choice for those seeking top-tier surveillance solutions.

What features should you consider in a 4mp CCTV camera?

When choosing a 4MP CCTV camera, it's important to consider features that maximise its surveillance capabilities while ensuring ease of use and durability. The high-quality imaging of a 4MP resolution is a fundamental requirement, providing precise and detailed footage that can capture nuances in a scene that lower-resolution cameras might miss. A motorised varifocal lens adds significant value by offering flexibility in adjusting the field of view and focus, allowing for precise monitoring of specific areas or objects, which is particularly useful in dynamic environments where surveillance needs may change.

Around-the-clock surveillance is enhanced by cameras equipped with 24/7 colour imaging technology, ensuring that footage is clear and colour-accurate even in low-light conditions. This feature can be crucial in identifying important details, such as clothing colour or vehicles in security footage. The inclusion of advanced 130 dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology is another critical consideration, as it ensures that the camera can handle challenging lighting situations, such as strong backlight or contrasting light conditions, without losing detail in dark or bright areas.

Intelligent features powered by deep learning, such as the ability to classify human and vehicle targets, significantly improve the camera's efficiency and effectiveness. This intelligent classification minimises false alarms by distinguishing between relevant security threats and non-threatening movements, enhancing security response. Using efficient H.265+ compression technology is essential for managing high-resolution video storage and bandwidth demands, ensuring high-quality footage can be stored and transmitted efficiently without excessive costs.

Finally, environmental durability is non-negotiable, with IP67 water and dust resistance ensuring the camera's operation in adverse weather conditions and IK10 vandal resistance offering protection against tampering and physical damage. These features collectively make a 4MP CCTV camera a robust, versatile, and intelligent choice for various security and surveillance applications, blending high-resolution imaging with advanced functionality and durability.

How do 4mp CCTV cameras work?

4MP CCTV cameras represent a fusion of high-resolution video surveillance and streamlined power and data connectivity, offering a sophisticated yet user-friendly security solution. These cameras capture detailed images with a 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution, providing clarity for identifying faces, licence plates, and other critical details in a security context. These cameras use PoE technology, which receives both electrical power and data connection through a single Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for separate power supplies and reducing the complexity of installation. This setup not only simplifies the deployment of surveillance systems by minimising cabling requirements but also enhances flexibility in camera placement, as it is not constrained by proximity to power outlets.

4MP CCTV cameras connect to a network, allowing the captured video to be transmitted over the Internet or a local network. This connectivity enables remote monitoring from anywhere with internet access, providing users flexibility and peace of mind. Additionally, the IP nature of the camera means it can be integrated into larger, network-based security systems, allowing for scalability and interoperability with other IP-based security devices. The combination of high-resolution imaging, simplified installation through PoE, and network connectivity makes 4MP PoE IP cameras a compelling option for a wide range of security applications, from residential to commercial settings.

How much does a 4mp CCTV camera cost?

The cost of a Hikvision 4MP CCTV camera can vary widely based on factors such as the specific model, features, and where you purchase it from. Hikvision 4MP cameras typically range from approximately £100 to £250 for consumer or small business models. This price range can encompass a variety of models, including those with basic features to more advanced options equipped with additional technologies such as motorised varifocal lenses, enhanced night vision, and intelligent detection capabilities.

It's important to note that prices can fluctuate due to new model releases, technological advancements, and changes in market demand. The total cost of ownership should also consider installation expenses, any necessary accessories or mounts, and potential subscription fees for additional services or cloud storage options.

How much power does a 4mp CCTV camera use?

A 4MP CCTV camera's power consumption can vary based on its design, features, and power—either through a direct power supply or via Power over Ethernet (PoE). For a typical 4MP camera, when powered directly by a 12 VDC source, the consumption might be around 14.5 watts at maximum, with a current draw of approximately 1.21 amperes. This setup usually includes a safety feature such as reverse polarity protection to prevent damage if the power supply's positive and negative wires are accidentally reversed.

When utilising PoE, a convenient method that allows both power and data to be transmitted over a single Ethernet cable, the camera adheres to the 802.3at standard (also known as PoE+). This standard can provide higher power levels than the essential PoE, supporting devices up to 30 watts, though the typical maximum for a camera like this would be around 18 watts. The voltage range for PoE+ is between 42.5 V and 57 V, with the current ranging from 0.43 A at the lower voltage end to 0.32 A at the higher end. The advantage of using PoE is that it reduces cabling complexity and allows the cameras to be installed in locations where direct access to a power outlet is unavailable, offering greater flexibility in placement and installation.

1080P vs. 4MP CCTV cameras

1080P is equivalent to 2MP and is a standard choice that balances decent image quality with efficient storage usage. It's a suitable option for many, especially with regard to storage capacity. However, stepping up to a 4MP camera can be a worthwhile investment for those prioritising clarity and detail in their surveillance footage. With its higher pixel density, a 4MP CCTV camera elevates the level of detail in the footage, making it especially valuable for scenarios where identifying delicate information is crucial. This enhanced resolution allows for more effective digital zooming, enabling clearer views of specific areas without significant loss in image quality. It's important to note, though, that the superior image detail of 4MP cameras comes with increased data storage requirements. Therefore, a 1080p setup might be more practical if storage space is limited. On the other hand, if the infrastructure can support the additional storage needs, upgrading to 4MP cameras can significantly enhance the surveillance system's capability to capture high-definition, detailed images.

Are 4mp CCTV cameras good?

4MP CCTV cameras are a robust choice for various security needs, striking a commendable balance between image quality and storage efficiency. With their 2560 x 1440 resolution, these cameras deliver noticeably sharper and more detailed images than standard 1080p HD cameras without the extensive storage and bandwidth requirements of higher-resolution cameras. This makes 4MP cameras an ideal option for environments where clarity is vital, but the infrastructure may need to support the demands of 5MP or higher resolutions. The enhanced pixel density allows for better digital zoom, making examining footage for specific details such as facial features or licence plates easier without significant degradation in image quality. Additionally, many 4MP cameras have advanced features like night vision, motion detection, and wide dynamic range, enhancing their utility and performance. For businesses, homeowners, and institutions looking for a cost-effective yet powerful surveillance solution, 4MP CCTV cameras offer a compelling mix of performance and value.

Where to buy Hikvision 4mp cameras?

For the most accurate and current pricing, it's advisable to check with official Hikvision distributors or retailers and reputable online marketplaces. Remember that purchasing from authorised dealers not only helps ensure you get a genuine product but also provides you with customer support and warranty services.

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