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Hikvision PTZ Cameras

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Hikvision PTZ cameras are a class apart as they offer premium quality video surveillance powered by cutting edge technology that provides solid solutions for possible security risks. The pan and tilt function of Hikvision PTZ cameras guarantees a maximum field of view while the zoom function offers clear sharp images for security purposes. Remote control allows you to monitor your property from a distance and automated tours offer great convenience. It comes as no surprise that Hikvision PTZ camera is gaining popularity in the UK as more and more people are driven to put safety first in public and private sectors. In this article you will learn in detail about the following:

In this article you will learn in detail about the following:

What is a Hikvision PTZ camera?

The freedom of movement offered by a Hikvision PTZ camera distinguishes it from other kinds of CCTV cameras. You may install a single Hikvision PTZ camera instead of several CCTV cameras of another variety. This is because the vertical and horizontal movement of the Hikvision PTZ camera combined with its zoom feature can cover a large target area. Since a Hikvision PTZ camera lets you monitor the target area from different angles and at various zoom levels, top-notch security is guaranteed. You may control the pan, tilt, and zoom functions manually to view a certain portion of your target area in greater detail. It is a convenient way to get a big picture and a pre-set tour makes things even easier. Moreover, you have the option of remote control even if you are not present on location. Hikvision PTZ cameras are ideal for monitoring large private properties with less traffic and public places where details are important to prevent crime and apprehend criminals.

What are the different types of Hikvision PTZ cameras?

Keeping in mind the expensive prices of PTZ cameras and high rates of CCTV installation, Hikvision introduced their Value series that promises amazing quality at the best rates. You can enjoy a wide variety of smart features in the Hikvision Value series PTZ cameras. They are also durable making them an excellent investment for those who are looking for video surveillance on a budget. The Hikvision Pro series has been designed to deliver unparalleled results in poorly lit environments thanks to their powerful Darkfighter technology. You can maintain a high level of security after dark outdoors with the Hikvision Pro series PTZ cameras even without extra lighting. The Hikvision Ultra series promises only the best in modern CCTV technology with a 50x zoom ratio, high-resolution images, Darkfighter technology, and smart features that save your time and energy. If money is not an issue for you then the Hikvision Ultra series PTZ camera will give you everything you need for a state-of-the-art CCTV system. The Hikvision Special series has been designed to make the most of the vantage points that give you a clear picture of the target area with the added perk of capturing details using the powerful zoom function. Those who wish to monitor large properties or their perimeters will love the convenience guaranteed by the Hikvision Special series PTZ cameras. The Hikvision DarkfighterX has raised the standards for night vision CCTV cameras by capturing images that seem to be taken in daylight no matter what time it is or how poor the lighting is. Getting clear bright full-colour images is possible with the Hikvision Darkfighter PTZ cameras.

Why choose Hikvision PTZ cameras?

The unmatched flexibility and freedom of movement that is offered by Hikvision PTZ cameras set them apart from other kinds of PTZ cameras. Once you have mounted your Hikvision PTZ camera, it can move 360 degrees in horizontal and vertical motions to guarantee a maximum field of view. It is difficult to determine the angle of view of Hikvision PTZ cameras, which act as a deterrent against criminals. Hikvision dome PTZ cameras are perfect for discreet video surveillance due to their compact shape. When you add the zoom function to the pan and tilt function, a Hikvision PTZ camera is a dream come true. You can capture clear bright images of distant objects and people without pixelation. Presets and tours may be adjusted to monitor your target area automatically in their absence. All the important points will be covered and you will be sent alerts for event detection within the target area. Auto-tracking is a smart feature within the Hikvision PTZ cameras that makes them automatically follow relevant movements and capture that event while updating you in real-time. The auto-pilot mode of your Hikvision PTZ camera saves your time and energy. It also eliminates the need for hiring security guards for managing 24/7 video surveillance. The vandal-proof and weatherproof Hikvision PTZ cameras are packed with smart features and work perfectly for a long time making them worth the price tag.

Where to install Hikvision PTZ cameras?

The best thing about the Hikvision PTZ cameras is their versatility for indoor and outdoor usage as well as their ability to seamlessly operate hidden or in full view. One of the reasons people gravitate towards the Hikvision PTZ cameras is that one Hikvision PTZ camera can manage the workload of several CCTV cameras of other varieties. No other type of CCTV camera provides 360-degree video surveillance that the Hikvision PTZ cameras offer with their pan and tilt functions. This makes them perfect for large target areas where it would be expensive to mount fixed CCTV cameras. The Hikvision PTZ cameras are ideal for public areas like parks, streets, stadiums, halls, squares, markets, harbours, airports, railway stations, schools, universities, etc. They are suitable for these places because of their 360-degree security coverage and powerful zoom that allows facial recognition and license plate identification. Warehouses and parking lots can benefit from the security offered by the Hikvision PTZ cameras because these may have less traffic and poor lighting. Suspicious activity can be tracked automatically and fewer security guards are required for monitoring these target areas when the Hikvision PTZ cameras are used in combination with fixed CCTV cameras with the latter pointed at entrances and exits.

How to connect Hikvision PTZ cameras?

When you open your Hikvision PTZ camera package, you will find the PTZ camera, headcover, pendant adapter, bracket, screw pack, anti-static gloves, Allen wrench, thread seal tape, and a Quick Start Guide booklet. Go through the booklet to understand the basics and ensure that all items are next to you before connecting your Hikvision PTZ camera. It is optional to insert the memory card and replace the cover of the slot. First, note the hole’s position on the bracket and secure the expansion bolts inside the wall. Now, route the cables through the bracket and secure it followed by tightening of the set nuts. Once you have installed the headcover to the bracket, tighten the screw set and hook the camera to the headcover. After the safety rope has been connected, do the same with the power and network cables. Apply waterproof tapes onto the cables for protection and arrange them within the headcover. Once the dome has been secured to the headcover, tighten the set screws and remove the safety rope’s handle. Get rid of any protective films that have been applied on the IR lamp of your Hikvision PTZ camera.

How to configure Hikvision PTZ cameras?

To control the pan, tilt, and zoom functions of your Hikvision PTZ camera automatically, you need to add presets that program it to move at specific angles at certain times within the field of view. You need to go to “PTZ Settings” and select “Add” under “Function”. Now, you will be adding preset parameters by moving your cursor to achieve the desired view on the monitor. After clicking “Save”, go to “Event” and select “Smart Plan” followed by “Add Plan”. Select “IVS” (intelligent video surveillance) for auto-tracking and then “Save”. Under “Global Settings” you will be able to configure the measurements for recognizing the height and dimensions of a moving object. For calibration, draw horizontal and vertical lines to determine the object you want your Hikvision PTZ camera to focus on. Select “Tripwire” in “Rule 1” and draw your rule to determine the area to apply this preference in. Remember, you must avoid drawing your rule in areas with frequent natural movements or irrelevant movements to prevent errors. Draw as many rules as you prefer as these rules create tripwires that are triggered by the movements that fit the parameters you have assigned. Select “Save” and add more presets if you wish for your Hikvision PTZ camera.

How to add Hikvision PTZ camera to NVR?

Once you have connected your Hikvision PTZ camera with the ethernet and power cables and turned on the power supply, you can start to add your Hikvision camera to your NVR. Visit the Hikvision website to access the Search Active Devices Protocol software (SADP), which allows you to find all the connected Hikvision PTZ cameras on the network. These Hikvision PTZ cameras, although connected, will be “inactive” so enable Hik-Connect and set the password. The status will become “active” after verification and you need to add the IP address and export its serial number. Visit the Hik-Connect website and create an account or log in to your existing account. Once your Hikvision PTZ camera has been added to your Hik-Connect account, it will become “online”. Download the Hik-Connect mobile application on your smartphone to access the 24/7 live feed on the go.

How to factory reset Hikvision PTZ camera?

You can readily adjust the settings of your Hikvision PTZ camera but if you want to eliminate all existing settings, a factory reset would be suitable. Remember, that you will have to add new settings to your Hikvision PTZ camera from scratch if you opt for a factory reset. There is a physical button to carry out a factory reset using a Hikvision PTZ camera. When you insert your memory card, you will notice the factory reset button in your Hikvision PTZ camera right next to it. First, turn off the power supply. Then, press and hold your factory reset button. Now, turn on your power supply. Count 15 seconds and release the factory reset button of your Hikvision PTZ camera. If you want to perform a remote factory reset on your Hikvision PTZ camera, that can be managed through a web browser. Log in to your Hik-Connect account and go to Maintenance> Configuration> Default> Restore. Using this factory reset method, your Hikvision PTZ camera will stay in your Hik-Connect account with the same IP address but all previous settings will be removed.

How to control Hikvision PTZ camera?

You can control your Hikvision PTZ camera through automatic presets that adjust the angles of pan and tilt functions according to the time durations you have arranged via software. A joystick can also be employed for manual control of your Hikvision PTZ camera in real-time as seen through the 24/7 live feed on your tablet, smartphone, or PC. Besides the main joystick controller, it has specific buttons and a keypad. Beginners may find it easier to use a joystick because the Hikvision PTZ camera simply pans and tilts where you shift your joystick. This password-protected joystick has a zoom button that allows you to capture every detail with the bonus of 360-degree freedom of movement. It offers various zones with one video recorder that may be connected to several Hikvision PTZ cameras, with each having a unique IP address, in a zone. Presets are ideally arranged via software though you may create them with your joystick. Since there are a variety of ports available within your joystick controller, it is compatible with a range of video recorders.

How to reset Hikvision PTZ camera password?

There are three methods to reset your Hikvision PTZ camera password using the Search Active Devices Protocol software (SADP). You must have the latest version of this software on your PC. Once you have selected your device, click “Forget Password” and you will see one of three messages.

Method 1: If you are asked for a security code, copy Start Time and Device Serial No. to send the information to the Hikvision technical support team that will deliver the security codes to you. Use your device’s current time to pick a code and enter it followed by clicking “Confirm”.

Method 2: If you are asked for an encrypted file, click “Export” to save the xml file and send it to the Hikvision technical support team that will deliver the xml file to you. Remember that this xml file has a 48-hour validity. Choose the path of this file, set your new password, and click “Confirm”.

Method 3: If you are asked for an encrypted file or key, you may take a screenshot of the QR code and send it to the Hikvision technical support team that will deliver an 8-byte key consisting of letters and numbers. Enter the key and your new password. Click “Confirm” to reset your password.

How to understand Hikvision PTZ camera codes?

If you have a good idea of the Hikvision PTZ camera codes, you will be able to learn about the features of that CCTV camera from the name alone. Let us learn how the Hikvision PTZ camera name, DS-2AF 5 2 30 T – A3, is broken down. The “DS-2AF” represents the family or series where the variations may be DS-2DF (Digital Pro Speed Dome), DS-2DE (Digital Value Speed Dome), DS-2AF (Analog Pro Speed Dome), DS-2AE (Analog Value Speed Dome), and DS-2TD (Digital Thermal Speed Dome). The number “5” may range between 2-8 inches while the number “2” could be 1, 2, 3, or 8 representing the resolution in MP. The number “30” represents the optical zoom that could be 04, 20, 23, 30, or 36. The “T” represents hardware features including T (HD-TVI – Turbo HD PTZ), I (IR PTZ), V (LightFighter Version), or W (New Version of Hardware). Lastly, the “A3” represents a separate group of hardware features such as A (AC Power – 24 VAC), D (DC Power – 12V DC), E (PoE Power), L (Low Temperature -40 degrees), 3 (Indoor Recessed in-ceiling), W (Wiper), and /W (w/ Wireless).

Where to buy Hikvision PTZ cameras?

To save yourself from scammers, always buy your Hikvision PTZ cameras from reliable sellers who provide the manufacturer’s warranty. The price should not be suspiciously low because it may be defective in some way. That is why the Hikvision PTZ camera is best purchased in-person after thorough checking of the product. Always read the exchange and return policy of your chosen seller to avoid inconvenience later on. Besides selling genuine Hikvision PTZ cameras in the UK with the manufacturer’s warranty, our customer service is helpful for those who cannot decide on a suitable model. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of shipping when you are comparing the prices from different sellers. Remember that CCTV installation rates can be high so consider them when you are buying the Hikvision PTZ cameras. Consult our Hikvision CCTV experts about buying the Hikvision PTZ cameras, CCTV installation, and maintenance.

How much do Hikvision PTZ cameras cost?

The complex design and exceptional function of the Hikvision PTZ cameras put them at a higher price tag than other types of Hikvision CCTV cameras. However, the amazing security benefits of the Hikvision PTZ cameras make them a worthwhile investment. Even within the range of the Hikvision PTZ cameras, there are different series with special features that means that the price for every kind of Hikvision PTZ camera will not be the same. The Hikvision Darkfighter PTZ camera and the Hikvision DarkfighterX PTZ camera may come with a higher price tag because they offer night vision and colour night vision, respectively. High-resolution Hikvision PTZ cameras may cost more because they provide greater sharpness and clarity for facial recognition and license plate identification. The type of Hikvision PTZ camera also determines the amount and kind of cabling you will require for CCTV installation. This cost will also be added to the overall cost of the Hikvision PTZ camera that you decide to purchase.

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