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Hikvision AX Pro

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Hikvision AX PRO alarm system has been devised with the latest in video surveillance technology to prevent and detect break-ins in residential and commercial properties. Domestic accidents may also be avoided thanks to the amazing features of the Hikvison AX PRO. You may be hesitant to invest in a security system due to its cost but it will provide a high level of protection customized to your needs. In the UK, 817 houses are broken into daily as reported by The Eco Experts. Out of these burglaries, 63% took place in properties that lacked a basic security system. People are starting to understand the short-term and long-term benefits of security systems like the Hikvision wireless alarm kit. You may be surprised to learn that 40% of British homes have a security camera and research has revealed that a security camera is the biggest deterrent to burglars. Many types of Hikvision alarms are available in the market to cater to various safety requirements so you are spoilt for choice. Before you purchase the Hikvision AX PRO alarm system, it is important to learn about its features, operation, and applications.

What is the Hikvision AX PRO alarm system?

A total game changer in video surveillance, the Hikvision AX PRO has a unique design that aims to conceal security operations and maintain the elegance of your interior décor. This Hikvision alarm detects suspicious events related to break-ins, theft, domestic accidents, and much more. It gives you complete control to customize settings based on your specific requirements through a user-friendly mobile application. No matter how far you are from your home or store, all you need is the internet to access your Hikvision alarm system’s account via your PC, tablet, or smartphone. The HUB is the central part of your Hikvision AX PRO with connections to the sensors, modules, and other surveillance equipment. Straightforward installation of your Hikvision wireless alarm kit eliminates the cost of professional security camera installation services. The weatherproof and vandal-proof qualities of your Hikvision alarm make it durable and reliable. A wireless module can communicate effectively at a distance of up to 2000m and several of them may be linked to your Hikvision AX PRO. The flexibility of the Hikvision alarm system enables it to adapt to your precise needs and its versatility expands its range of applications in residential and commercial areas.

One of the main reasons why burglars try their best to avoid security systems is that they don’t want to be captured by security cameras. Investing in a high-definition Hikvision wireless alarm kit can help prevent break-ins. The high-definition video powered by stabilizing technology provides unparalleled video verification. You may have a proper conversation with someone who is at your door before permitting them entry thanks to your Hikvision AX PRO. It's a great decision to purchase the Hikvision AX PRO alarm system for your home because it comes with a huge variety of features to tighten the security of residential buildings. Armed with intrusion detection sensors, you will be notified on your smartphone the instant your perimeter has been breached. The smart technology of your Hikvision alarm ensures that it is not triggered by animals, leaves, etc. People are identified by your intelligent Hikvision wireless alarm kit even under poor lighting conditions. Depending on your custom settings, the event of intrusion may be recorded as evidence. The two-way audio is a plus and you can achieve an even better result with the Hikvision floodlight security cameras. This type of Hikvision alarm system turns on the floodlights on intruder detection that causes them to run away unless they wish to get caught.

It is important to take precautions against fires breaking out in all kinds of buildings besides the addition of a fire escape and fire extinguishers. The greatest advantage of installing your Hikvision wireless alarm kit for fire prevention is smoke detection. There is significant damage to people’s health and property due to the smoke that is released during a fire. Thanks to the smoke sensors of your Hikvision AX PRO alarm system, you can take action such as immediate building evacuation, calling emergency services, discovering the cause of the potential fire, and more even before an actual fire breaks out. Another problem that you can tackle with your Hikvision AX PRO is possible flooding in your home or place of work. Moisture and leakages can create serious problems related to human safety and property damage, especially if it comes into contact with your electrical system. Your Hikvision alarm will send you real-time alerts if the moisture levels increase past the safe level. Moreover, your Hikvision AX PRO alarm system is compatible with virtual assistants allowing you to manage your entire property from one spot enabling home automation. Change the settings of your Hikvision alarm system anytime even if you are not on-site and stay updated about events that you have specified.

How does the Hikvision AX PRO alarm system work?

You will be pleased to learn that there are several options for operating your Hikvision AX PRO including Wi-Fi. An ethernet connection may also be established if that suits your requirements. As for mobile internet, your Hikvision wireless alarm system can function using 3G and 4G mobile internet. The control panel of your Hikvision AX PRO may be armed or removed using devices such as keypads, key fobs, and RFID cards in addition to operation via the mobile application. There are two radio protocols available within the control panel of your Hikvision AX PRO alarm system. One of these radio protocols is employed for relaying commands to the attached devices and sending data about specific events as detected by standard sensors. The other radio protocol serves to transfer images related to such events that have been captured by high-definition CCTV cameras. Suppose there has been an event detection by your Hikvision wireless alarm system. A set of relevant images will be sent to your smartphone in real-time along with essential information about that event. This allows you to take immediate action for the protection of your assets on your property and the people who may happen to be there at that time.

There may be several types of sensors within your Hikvision PRO AX alarm system depending on your needs. These advanced sensors contribute to event detection such as perimeter breaches, door opening, smoke alerts, fire breakouts, flooding detection, and more. You may adjust the settings for various events, sensors, and devices according to your precise requirements. Let’s focus on the door opening sensor for this example and see how your Hikvision alarm works to prevent burglaries. Once the settings of the door opening sensor have been adjusted, short videos will be sent in real-time to your smartphone. Alerts are sent in combination with images and video clips that provide a clear understanding of the suspicious event that has occurred in the target area. This also ensures solid evidence if you want to officially report the event to the police. In addition to sensors, alarms, sirens, and panel controllers, radio signal repeaters may also be linked to your Hikvision wireless alarm system. You may connect up to 210 devices to your Hikvision AX PRO including these radio signal repeaters numbering four when you need operation beyond 2km because a single radio signal repeater stretches the operational range to double.

How to install the Hikvision AX PRO alarm system?

When you begin to install your Hikvision alarm, designating places for the hub and sensors is important otherwise you will miss out on some target areas and there will be a lack of efficiency. For example, you may fix a motion sensor above the door at your home’s entrance. Meanwhile, your water leakage sensor would be best placed near the sinks in your bathroom or kitchen while your smoke sensor will fit well on the ceiling above your stove. Sirens are best placed in a central part of your house and near windows to alert the neighbours as well as your family. Besides operational efficiency, you must also remember to choose installation points that match the temperature limits of each device. It is best to position your Hikvision wireless alarm kit away from extreme temperatures unless you have no choice but you must still take into account the device’s temperature limitations. Relays are great at preventing damage to your property that may occur due to temperature changes or extreme temperatures. Unlike rechargeable batteries in some detectors, relays work fine in low temperatures under -10ºC. Your Hikvision IR camera sensor may be installed at a spot where the front door may be recorded clearly and intruders may also be found in time through motion detection. Lastly, you should test the signal strength because various devices are at different distances from the hub of your Hikvision PRO AX alarm system.

How to set up the Hikvision AX PRO alarm system?

Unbox your Hikvision wireless alarm kit and make sure that all the components are present. If you open up the rear of your Hikvision AX PRO, you will be able to see options for a LAN connection, Wi-Fi, and SIM card slots. It is easy to set up your Hikvision alarm system using the Hik-connect application that is available for Android and iOS. First, open up the back of your Hikvision AX PRO and plug in the power cable. Let us assume we are operating via LAN in which case, plug in your LAN cable to link your device to your network. Locate the power button and turn it on. Download the Hik-Connect application on your smartphone and create an account there. Open up the Hik-Connect application on your smartphone and go to “Add device” followed by “Scan QR code”. Next, locate the QR code on your Hikvision AX PRO right next to the power and LAN cables you have plugged in. You will be asked if you wish to add your new device to your Hik-Connect account. Then you will be given a choice between using a wired or wireless connection. Let us assume that you have chosen a wired connection so it will search for your Hikvision AX PRO on your LAN. During this brief waiting time, place the cover back on your device and you will be notified by a voice alert that your control panel is ready for operation. Once your smartphone shows you the notification for your Hikvision AX PRO being added to your Hik-Connect account, you will be asked to give it a name. After clicking “Save”, you will be able to see your new device in your Hik-Connect account and the option for arming or disarming it. Begin the arming process and you will receive a voice alert as soon as it has been armed. A similar voice alert will be issued when you disarm it.

After you have set up your Hikvision wireless alarm kit, proceed to “Settings” and go to “User management”. This is where you can see your user profile and options to change your keypad password. Next, you may wish to connect your Hikvision alarm to your Hikvision AX PRO alarm system. Let us take the Hikvision Wireless Magnetic Contacts as an example of a device you wish to link to this Hikvision wireless alarm kit. These have been developed to detect an opening door and as well the event of anyone opening the enclosure or removing the device from the mounting surface. First, open the back of your devices and locate the QR code. Open your Hik-Connect account on your smartphone and choose the “Add device” option followed by “Scan QR code”. After scanning the QR code, you will be given 30 seconds to turn your Hikvision Wireless Magnetic Contacts on. Once you have done that, you will hear the voice alert from your Hikvision AX PRO informing you that the new detector has been added to your Hik-Connect account. Now, you will put the cover back on your magnetic detector and adjust the settings. Let us take the “Chime” alert as an example. Turn it on in the detector’s settings and pull apart the two pieces of the Hikvision Wireless Magnetic Contacts. You will instantly hear a chime assuring you that it is working perfectly. You may similarly test all your settings before you leave any detectors to run on their own.

Why is Hikvision AX PRO the best home alarm system in the UK?

Versatility is an important consideration when picking out an alarm system. Fortunately, Hikvision AX PRO has a wide range of applications and works for several challenging environments. It is safe to say that the Hikvision AX PRO alarm system is the best home alarm system in the UK for this reason and others. The user-friendly control panel of the Hikvision AX PRO’s control panel operates via multiple protocols through wireless technology. Thanks to its unique design, interference is eliminated to promote seamless information transmission. Moreover, you receive real-time alerts about specific events including emergencies without any delay or disruption. Did you know that the Hikvision wireless alarm kit is supported by powerful sensors? They are highly sensitive and detect minute changes quickly before relaying the information to you through a secure channel. Your Hikvision alarm may be customized by connecting it to smoke detectors that keep your assets safe from any fires breaking out as well as damage that may be caused by smoke to human health and material belongings. You will be instantly informed about glass breaking whether it is caused by an accident or criminal activity thanks to multifunctional glass break sensors. Motion detectors help you secure your property from burglars while reed switches for doors alert you doors opening in the facility. To prevent flooding and save your assets from damage from water or moisture, connect your Hikvision AX PRO to water leak detection devices. Your Hikvision alarm may be linked with various relays and sirens according to your requirements.

If you are worried about criminals taking advantage of poor lighting and darkness, you will be relieved to know that the Hikvision alarm system has the PIRCAM wireless passive infrared sensor that detects suspicious activity up to 12m. Since the Hikvision AX PRO does not require much light to operate, it can click images of any target area in cooperation with back lights and LEDs. You will be able to monitor the movements of a suspicious individual. Use the Hikvision wireless alarm kit to assess the current threat level of the situation that triggered the alarm. Moreover, 100% efficiency is guaranteed owing to the peripheral devices in your Hikvision wireless alarm kit. Control your Hikvision AX PRO alarm system through the keyfob, wireless keypad, portable, and fixed buttons. In addition to the Hik-Connect security software that is linked to your Hikvision alarm for remote control, the Hikvision PRO AX works with the Hik-Pro Connect application. This ensures effective installation of security systems and enables remote configuration for Cloud usage and other advanced features.

Why choose the Hikvision AX PRO alarm system?

There are many features in the Hikvision AX PRO that make it the best choice for an alarm system in the UK. Highly customizable, the Hikvision wireless alarm system is suitable for residential and commercial applications. It has a wireless dual RF technology that provides a range of up to 2000m, which gives you more flexibility and interference control. Stability is improved by the division of the signal into time intervals. Since the frequency is adjusted among 50 different channels, interference is minimized. Save money on CCTV installation by choosing the Hikvision wireless alarm kit because it is simple to install, set up, and operate. You receive real-time alerts owing to the integrated 868MHz bidirectional wireless smart technology of your Hikvision alarm as well as reliable monitoring of the peripheral status. Enjoy the freedom of arranging your Hikvision alarm kit for maximum efficiency with a distance of up to 2km between linked devices, even those that are bulky and tough to secure in a small space. Technology firmware updates are possible through Cloud with Hikvision AX PRO. Your security data will always be safe with the encryption offered by the Hikvision wireless alarm system. You will be spending a lot less time and energy on the maintenance of your Hikvision AX PRO because the life of peripheral devices has been extended to 5 years.

How to reset the Hikvision AX PRO alarm system?

There are some important things to understand before you proceed with setting your Hikvision PRO AX. You can only reset your Hikvision PRO AX alarm system when the control panel has just been turned on because this reset process is invalid if you attempt it when the Hikvision wireless alarm system is operating as usual. The first step is to find the reset button in one corner of your Hikvision PRO AX right next to the screw. Once you have located the reset button, you have to turn on the control panel. At this point, you will hear a voice notification saying that your control panel is ready. This is your cue to press the reset button of your device and keep it pressed until you hear another voice notification saying that the default reset has been completed on your Hikvision PRO AX. Your settings will have been reset so you have the chance to adjust your Hikvision PRO AX alarm system’s settings depending on your new preferences.

Where to buy a Hikvision AX PRO alarm system?

There are several options for customization in the Hikvision wireless kit depending on your requirements and budget but you need to find a genuine seller first. We offer a manufacturer warranty so you can be assured that we only sell 100% authentic Hikvision AX PRO alarm system and other video surveillance products. Our CCTV professionals are more than happy to assist you with the selection of your Hikvision alarm, your Hikvision AX PRO installation, configuration, and maintenance. You can be confident in your purchase because we provide genuine Hikvision UK stock along with the manufacturer warranty and technical support for a wide range of Hikvision security products. Enjoy the Hikvision AX PRO alarm system at the best prices in the UK. Consult our CCTV experts to learn more about the features, installation, operation, and applications of the Hikvision alarm. Once you have selected the Hikvision wireless alarm kit that fits your needs best, we have a team of professional CCTV installers in the UK to perform installation and set up your video surveillance according to your preferences.

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