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PoE CCTV systems

One of the most common security camera systems in the world, PoE CCTV systems provide a strong barrier against security risks along with customization to meet your particular requirements. Learn about the operation, design, and features of PoE CCTV systems before you make your purchase to save time, money, and energy.

What is PoE?

PoE stands for Power over Ethernet, which was standardized in 2003 and 2009. Since then, it made network devices work without plugging another DC adapter to power the network device (VoIP Telephony, Wireless LAN, IP camera, and access points). PoE technology transmits both power and data simultaneously to the network device through a single cable.

PoE makes powering devices in remote locations easy, affordable, and efficient. For example, PoE changes the entire cost structure for the deployment of IP CCTV systems where IP cameras need to be placed in locations without dependency on AC outlets. This flexibility allows users to make greater adjustments to their CCTV systems to reduce security risks.

Why Use PoE?

Switching to an advanced PoE CCTV system provides several advantages that change the installation and operation of your security measures. PoE reduces the time and cost of installing power cables that were required for setting up security systems otherwise. The installation of network cables in PoE CCTV systems can be done without a qualified electrician to fit them and can be located anywhere.

PoE devices, such as IP cameras and wireless access points, can be located wherever they provide the most benefit without being tethered to an electrical outlet. Moreover, they can be repositioned easily if required later on. PoE can be backed up by an undisturbed power supply, or controlled to conveniently disable or reset devices. A central and universally compatible source provides power, rather than a collection of distributed wall adapters.

POE is designed to protect network equipment from incorrect installation, overload, or underpowering. You don’t want to have your expensive equipment damaged for any of these reasons and PoE prevents that from happening. PoE makes installation and power distribution simple and effective on network connections. You may scale up whenever you wish to expand your security perimeter without any major costs or effort with PoE CCTV systems.

What is PoE for CCTV?

Before PoE technology was introduced to the world of surveillance, digital security cameras operated using two wires. One was needed to supply power for the security camera to remain operational and the other wire was necessary to send data from the camera to the recording and display equipment. Since PoE technology requires only a single wire, PoE CCTV systems run with one network cable that supplies power to the security camera as well.

The addition of PoE technology to CCTV systems increased their ability to secure the perimeter they were installed within. Moreover, long-distance PoE CCTV systems are developed using three methods. Firstly, the PoE is repeated up to 400m using a PoE extender through a daisy chain setup. Secondly, a PoE switch enables extension with the help of the CCTV mode or VLAN support. Lastly, the fibre power system allows power to be sent nearly 2500-3000m from the centre.

What is a PoE CCTV camera?

A PoE camera utilises a technology that integrates power into a standard LAN infrastructure. PoE CCTV cameras are powered by a single ethernet cable (Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable) for data transmission and power supply. PoE CCTV cameras eliminate the need for power outlets at the camera locations making installation convenient. Generally, an IP camera requires two connections, one for data transmission, and another for power supply.

PoE IP cameras feature waterproof designs for both indoor and outdoor use as well as dome cctv cameras and bullet cctv cameras shape, so you may find the right one for your needs. The most commonly used PoE Cameras are 2MP CCTV cameras, which also known as 1080p CCTV cameras, transmit at 1920 x 1080 high resolution.

After 2MP resolution, 3MP PoE cameras with 2065 x 1536 high resolutions were introduced, which are 1.4x clearer than 1080p cameras. Moreover, 4MP PoE cameras record at 2592 x 1520 high resolution, which provides significantly clearer images compared to those from 2MP or 3MP CCTV cameras. PoE cameras are also available in 6MP, 8MP (4k), and 12MP high resolution for greater clarity.

What is the PoE CCTV system?

The difference between PoE CCTV systems and other security camera systems lies in the wiring, which directly affects the installation process and placement options. The design of PoE IP cameras includes a specific power switch that is a clear indication of its mode of operation. This shows that the PoE IP camera has been designed to use the power supply sent through a single ethernet cable as part of the PoE CCTV system.

Two types of PoE are distinguished by the power supply and work with different kinds of PoE IP cameras. Standard PoE CCTV systems work with most PoE IP cameras at 15W. This is not recommended for PTZ cameras or outdoor cameras with built-in fans or heaters. PoE+ is more suitable for high-powered IP cameras that operate at 30W and require another type of switch.

How does the Hikvision PoE camera system work?

You get all the necessary components for security in the Hikvision CCTV kit including the security cameras, recording equipment, and cables for connection. As it operates using PoE technology, only an ethernet cable is needed for both power supply and network transmission. This means that you have greater freedom of placement and installation is convenient as well.

Hikvision PoE security cameras have various features such as motion sensors, night vision (even colour night vision), two-way audio, weatherproof design, high resolution, Cloud storage, SD card slot, plug, and play installation, etc. Make sure you have explored them before making a purchase that fits your requirements. The number of cameras may also be decided similarly for your convenience.

Commonly, you will see Hikvision PoE CCTV kits with NVR systems that store the video encoded by the PoE IP cameras they have been connected to for this purpose. You may select the NVR system depending on how many cameras you wish to attach to it. They are normally 4-channel NVR, 8-channel NVR, 16-channel NVR, 32-channel NVR, 64-channel NVR, and 128-channel NVR systems. Since there are ways of extending PoE systems, you don’t have to worry about distance either.

How to install the Hikvision PoE CCTV kit?

Normally, there is a PoE switch that is directly connected to your PoE IP camera in a Hikvision PoE CCTV kit. If not, you will need to connect a PoE injector to your security camera from your switch. A PoE hub is ideal in case you need to install several cameras in your Hikvision PoE CCTV Kit. Besides, a PoE NVR is essential if you are using a non-PoE compatible router.

If you are using a PoE switch for installation, the procedure for connecting PoE IP cameras to your NVR is fairly straightforward. Firstly, your IP cameras must be plugged into your PoE switch, followed by plugging in your PoE switch into your NVR. Then plug your PoE switch into the wall outlet and turn on the power. Lastly, you need to add all the IP cameras to your NVR that involves assigning each security camera an IP address through your NVR user interface.

Exits and boundaries are good spots for installing PoE CCTV systems outdoors to monitor traffic and catch intruders. Indoors, you may mount them in hallways, common areas, or stairways for greater advantages. PoE IP cameras should be installed 8-10ft above the ground and they must not point towards light sources or the sun. Night vision PoE IP cameras are ideal for night security but colour night vision cameras require a source of light nearby to work.

How to setup PoE security camera system?

Once your PoE IP cameras have been connected to your NVR, you will need to link it to the mobile application belonging to that particular brand. Download the application and sign up or log in to your account. Select your device and complete verification in the Set-Up Mode of your PoE CCTV system. Test all your connected devices to ensure that you are getting an uninterrupted live feed from every PoE IP camera.

Why choose PoE CCTV camera system?

If you are still unsure about whether a PoE CCTV system is the right choice for you, here are some reasons why they are so popular for securing residential and commercial areas all over the world. Since PoE CCTV systems just need a single ethernet cable to operate, you may not require professional assistance for their installation and it makes the entire process a lot simpler as well. A great deal of concentration and time goes into wiring during the installation process of a CCTV system but as you only have an ethernet cable to handle a PoE CCTV system, you save time.

Several types of PoE CCTV systems can be installed without any professional help meaning you save plenty of money by managing this process on your own. You may use that money for a better model. You will probably receive a large discount on your insurance premium if you have a high-quality PoE CCTV system installed within your property. So, you can save money in several ways with this choice.

Having one ethernet cable as opposed to two cables, PoE CCTV systems give you greater freedom when selecting the locations where you will be mounting your PoE IP cameras indoors or outdoors. Whenever you are prepared to extend the range of your PoE CCTV system, it is quite convenient because it is readily scalable. This means that you won’t have to make major replacements or changes.

You get the advantage of having a centralized undisturbed power supply (UPS) for backup power when you select a PoE CCTV system unlike some other kinds of security systems in the market. There are certain properties of a PoE CCTV system that makes it more reliable and safe. The network devices connect to your PoE IP cameras will be protected against overload, low power, and improper installation.

Whether you wish for indoor or outdoor security, PoE CCTV systems have got you covered with a vast range of features such as object removal detection, intruder alerts, colour night vision, and more. Besides discouraging break-ins and thefts on your property, high-resolution PoE CCTV systems are perfect for gathering solid evidence about the criminal activity that is being investigated by the police. Every PoE IP camera is connected to the official mobile application of that particular brand. There are various options for alerts that you may customize to remain updated on security measures 24/7.

Which are the Best PoE CCTV Systems in the UK?

You should be aware that security systems can be quite expensive so it is important to understand what qualities to search for while buying a reliable PoE CCTV system for your residential or commercial property. When monitoring entrances and exits, in particular, you require a high-resolution PoE IP camera for identifying faces, license plates, and activity clearly for security. Usually, you need to spend less money and time on a PoE CCTV system that demands simpler installation. It is even better if you don’t have to hire a professional for this step. Every PoE CCTV system has a large internal memory for storing days of video footage from your security cameras but several PoE IP cameras come with SD card slots too.

Those who wish to install a PoE CCTV system to secure the perimeter of their property should invest in a camera that can withstand the effects of the elements outdoors. This may be more relevant for outdoor PoE IP cameras but you need a PoE CCTV system that is durable and not easily damaged by any kind of vandalism. Certain security cameras only start to record when their motion sensors detect movement in their field of vision, making it a good feature for PoE CCTV systems. After hours, you require a high-resolution night vision PoE CCTV system to maintain security. Colour night vision security cameras can even make it seem like daytime.

There are several kinds of cameras in the market that are compatible with a PoE CCTV system and you may select the shape that fits your preferences and requirements. To keep your security data safe from hackers, PoE CCTV systems provide strong encryption, preventing your private information from being stolen by any hackers. There are mobile applications that connect to PoE CCTV systems but they may also be linked to smart home systems to give you greater control and freedom over them. When you are selecting a PoE CCTV system, remember to check the functionality of its mobile application and read reviews about the experience of other users.

How much are Hikvision PoE CCTV kits?

Several factors influence the cost of a PoE CCTV system including model features, design specifications, number of cameras, type of camera, accessories, and more. In addition to this, there are installation costs to be considered and they will increase with the number of security cameras you have bought. Every company provides subscription plans for Cloud storage that add to the overall cost of the PoE CCTV system. There are price variations due to the differences between sellers and shipping charges must also be kept in mind.

We offer a wide range of high-quality PoE CCTV systems that can be customized according to your particular requirements. As authorized resellers, we bring you the most popular PoE CCTV systems in the UK at the best prices. You can buy 100% genuine PoE CCTV systems with manufacturer warranty right here.

Where to Buy Hikvision PoE camera system?

It is important to stay alert while buying PoE CCTV systems to avoid getting tricked by scammers. Comparing market prices will help you spot those who are demanding too much for that security system. Beware of sellers who have suspiciously low-price tags because they could be selling damaged products or just trying to steal your money. Here are some things to remember while deciding on a seller. Only authorized dealers of PoE CCTV systems should be selling them according to the manufacturer’s policy. Original PoE CCTV systems are sold with the manufacturer warranty so always ask the seller for this proof. Calculate the total price of a PoE CCTV system after adding shipping fees while comparing sellers. Check whether the exchange and return policy of the seller suits your preferences in case you need it. Make sure to read reviews about the sellers you have shortlisted and test out their customer services.

As an authorized reseller of Hikvision PoE CCTV systems, you can purchase 100% original security systems from us along with the manufacturer warranty. Have you chosen a PoE CCTV system yet? Let us help you find the perfect one.

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