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Wireless CCTV systems

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As wireless CCTV systems become more and more accessible to the general public, there has been a prominent shift towards completely wireless systems because they offer several advantages over conventional CCTV systems that have complex wiring to be managed during installation. Before you make the final decision about purchasing a wireless CCTV system, it is important to understand their design, operation, and installation.

What is a Wireless CCTV?

The name explains the main distinction between wireless CCTV and other forms of video surveillance. What makes wireless CCTV stand out is the wiring or rather, the lack thereof. It normally has a power supply cable that goes into a socket located nearby and the wireless CCTV cameras are connected to the recording device via a Wi-Fi or broadband connection. This is why wireless CCTV is also called Wi-Fi CCTV. Other types of security systems have separate power and data cables or a single cable that carries both power and video data. It is quite popular for its easy plug-and-play installation and the fact that it may be easily moved from place to place. Wireless CCTV is available in different varieties like colour night vision, long-range, high-resolution types, etc. This means that you may enjoy the benefits of wireless CCTV coupled with the regular categories of video surveillance technology. Like other varieties of CCTV systems, remote access to wireless CCTV systems is available through mobile applications like Hik-Connect for Hi-Look wireless CCTV kits from Hikvision. You may control most wireless CCTV features from a distance.

What is a Wireless CCTV camera?

Also known as Wi-Fi security cameras, wireless CCTV cameras transmit video data through a broadband or Wi-Fi connection and often have a plug-and-play installation method that allows them to get the power supply via a nearby socket. Some models of Wi-Fi CCTV cameras may come with batteries but they are not that common. Since you don’t need a data cable for sending the video footage, it gives you greater freedom of placing the wireless CCTV camera where it provides the most advantage to your security plan. However, the range of various models of wireless CCTV cameras is different and the strength of the data signal may be affected by obstructions between the two points.

What is a Wireless CCTV System?

There are wireless CCTV systems that include minimum wiring and then there are those that are completely wireless. They are defined by minor distinctions in their function and installation. The fully wireless models may need batteries to function so that’s another consideration to keep in mind. Wireless CCTV systems give you plenty of freedom to position your wireless CCTV camera to get the best view of your target area. Wireless CCTV systems work through a signal between the wireless CCTV cameras and the recording equipment that stores the video footage. These videos may be viewed live through browsers or a mobile application and edited to create specific video clips later. You just need to decide where to mount your wireless CCTV cameras and arrange a place for your recording equipment. Commercial usage usually includes monitors in a security room where the recording equipment is permanently kept. Normally, the NVRs connected to wireless IP CCTV cameras have large hard disks that can store days of video footage before that has to be moved to another storage device for long-term records.

It is recommended that you pay attention to anything that may disrupt the signal between your wireless CCTV camera and recorder. These obstructions may be trees, walls. or other large objects that don’t permit the signal to be sent directly to its destination. Therefore, the strength of your signal and the transmission distance depends on the path between your wireless CCTV camera and the recorder connected to it. Wireless CCTV systems are often called Wi-Fi CCTV systems since they employ your Wi-Fi connection to link your wireless cameras with your recording equipment. You must be careful to clear the paths between all the wireless CCTV cameras in your wireless CCTV kit in case you have several of them connected to a multi-channel recording device. There are different challenges during the installation of indoor wireless CCTV systems and outdoor wireless CCTV systems. Remember to check that the model you select for outdoor security is weatherproof and vandal-proof. Surveillance kits are often expensive so you must purchase models that are durable and easy to maintain in the long run. Wireless CCTV systems that don’t have a power supply cable require batteries that have a limited lifetime and you must replace them before they die.

If you are smart about clearing out paths for wireless CCTV cameras during installation, you can achieve the strongest signal at the maximum distance. This will allow you to cover the perimeter of your property with great accuracy, especially if your chosen wireless CCTV cameras offer high-resolution results. You can save time and money on purchasing and installing security cameras by picking high-resolution wireless CCTV cameras. Since they don’t have complicated wiring, you can get plug-and-play type wireless CCTV cameras. These are ideal for beginners and those who have a tight budget because plug-and-play wireless CCTV systems don’t require professionals for installation. Surveillance kits are already expensive and installation costs increase with the number of CCTV cameras and the amount of wiring that needs to be done. Simply follow the instructions to mount the security cameras, make sure they are powered on, and connect them to the recording equipment. To receive remote access, you may use a browser on a laptop or tablet but there is a mobile application that is perfect for staying updated 24/7 through your smartphone. Remember that the performance of your wireless CCTV system depends on the strength of your Wi-Fi or broadband signal. Choose your internet service provider with care to avoid any disruptions in your surveillance.

The benefits of a wireless CCTV system can be difficult to achieve with wired CCTV systems for a couple of reasons. Normally, CCTV systems are distinguished by the cables required for operation as well as the recording equipment that is compatible with that type of wiring. You are probably familiar with conventional analogue CCTV systems that have separate cables for power supply and data transmission. Besides this type of CCTV system, there are others that employ a single wire for data and power. If your greatest concern is wiring then you might find wireless CCTV systems most suitable for your preferences. Generally, wireless CCTV cameras require a nearby socket for power or have batteries. Did you know that incorrectly installed wires pose a security risk? One of the reasons professionals are hired for CCTV installation is because you need to properly conceal the wires between the security cameras and the recording equipment that stores the video footage. In case there is a break-in and your wires are visible, the intruders can freely commit crimes and damage or steal the surveillance equipment that stored the evidence. People who wish to eliminate this security risk may prefer wireless CCTV systems over other forms of video surveillance for keeping their property safe from intruders.

How does Wireless CCTV camera system work?

While most security systems use power and data cables to connect the CCTV cameras and recording devices like NVRs and DVRs, wireless CCTV systems operate through a Wi-Fi or broadband connection. There is a power cable sometimes but battery-operated wireless CCTV cameras are common as well. You must arrange a powerful internet connection for the data signal to be strong. The stronger the signal between your wireless CCTV camera and NVR, the longer the distance they can be installed at for your convenience. To ensure a strong continuous signal, you have to survey the area around the paths for that signal. Generally, obstructions like walls and trees interfere with the signal and reduce the distance between your wireless CCTV camera and NVR. This is particularly important for outdoor security cameras that are mounted around a perimeter. People aim for fewer CCTV cameras to cut down on costs of installation besides the money spent on the cameras and cables. Extending the distance between wireless CCTV cameras by removing obstructions is the perfect way to keep expenditure low. Another method to spend less money on setting up video surveillance is to choose high-resolution wireless CCTV cameras.

Wireless CCTV IP cameras are quite popular for their ease of installation and impressive features. These security cameras provide several advantages over conventional analogue CCTV cameras. You don’t need separate power and data cables for wireless CCTV IP cameras because they only operate with an ethernet cable that can carry both power and data. However, the special perk of wireless CCTV cameras is that they are linked to the NVR using a Wi-Fi or broadband connection. Therefore, wireless CCTV IP cameras can send video footage in the form of digital signals to the NVR. This type of security camera can encode and process the video data it captures into digital form making it compatible with the NVR. Hikvision wireless CCTV cameras have been designed with video compression technology that maintains high-resolution of the video while decreasing the storage required for that video. This means that you can store more video footage on the hard disk of your NVR without compromising the quality of your video. This is important because high-resolution is necessary for the identification of people’s faces and the license plates of vehicles that appear suspicious. When you are buying high-resolution wireless CCTV cameras you are paying for the video quality and it should not be affected for the sake of saving storage space. That makes high-resolution wireless CCTV cameras popular and since they come in a wide range of video resolutions, you may choose a model that fits your budget.

Why choose Wireless CCTV camera system?

Several factors tip the scales in favour of wireless CCTV kits especially when it comes to ease of installation, freedom of movement, and overall cost. If you are a beginner at surveillance, you might pick wireless CCTV kits instead of other security systems because they are simpler than other types of video surveillance. The less complicated the wiring, the more likely you are to handle installation on your own. This also saves you money on hiring professionals for this process and you may spend that on buying better wireless CCTV cameras or more of them to cover a larger area within your property. There is often a power cable that you can plug into a socket that is closest to your convenience. People who frequently shift from place to place may find wireless CCTV kits to be the best choice because you can easily remove them and plug them into your new place. You get the same features in wireless CCTV kits as other commercial security cameras such as high resolution, colour night vision, intruder detection, video compression, false alarm reduction, two-way audio, and more.

How to install outdoor Wireless CCTV camera system?

Beginners should be aware of certain tips and tricks that are essential for successful CCTV system installation especially if they plan to handle this process on their own. You don’t necessarily require professional assistance to install a wireless security camera system. Several plug-and-play models of wireless CCTV cameras are beginner-friendly and may be up and running in half an hour according to experts. Make sure that you have checked the wiring requirements of the model that you have selected because some wireless CCTV cameras operate using batteries. Since you want 24/7 surveillance, your batteries need to be exchanged with new ones or recharged properly before their power ends. Besides the power requirements, you have to decide on the positioning that will be ideal. Always mount your wireless CCTV cameras about 8-10ft above the ground where they cannot be easily reached and may record people’s faces and suspicious activity properly. Your security cameras may be affected by the reflective glare from window panes so don’t place them close to windows. They should not point towards direct sunlight for the same reason but colour night vision wireless CCTV cameras may need a light source nearby if they don’t possess built-in supplemental lighting. Start the installation by checking your Wi-Fi or broadband connection for a steady signal. Then you need to connect your wireless CCTV cameras and NVR to your internet and power on all the devices in your wireless CCTV kit. The next step is related to setting up your security system using the camera software installed in the NVR and linking it to your Hikvision account.

How to setup an Wireless security camera system?

After your Wi-Fi or broadband has been connected to your wireless CCTV cameras and NVR, visit the Hikvision website to access the Search Active Devices Protocol software (SADP). You will be able to find all your wireless CCTV cameras through SADP and change their information as well. First, enable Hik-Connect and set a password for the inactive wireless CCTV camera. Once its status becomes “active” on verification, enter its IP address and export its serial number. Visit to create an account and add that wireless CCTV camera after verification. Once your wireless CCTV camera is shown to be “online”, you may install the Hik-Connect application on your smartphone for remote access to the live feed from that particular security camera. Use the same instructions to add every wireless CCTV camera that is present in your surveillance kit and bring them online one by one. You may take advantage of all the special features that the mobile application provides to enjoy the full experience.

Which is the best outdoor Wireless security camera system in the UK?

The leading manufacturer of security systems in the UK, Hikvision has a wide range of high-resolution wireless CCTV systems to choose from. Several advanced features in these surveillance kits can improve the strength of your security without any effort on your part. Since you have remote access to all your wireless CCTV cameras through the Hik-Connect mobile application, you will receive updates about intruders, lines crossed, alarm activation, object removal, vandalism, and much more. Hikvision wireless CCTV cameras also come with false alarm reduction to avoid unwanted stress about your safety. The latest models have a long-range function that allows you to readily identify people and objects from a safe distance. Fortunately, you can detect security threats before they cross the boundaries of your property and call for help. Motion sensors prompt wireless CCTV cameras to start recording intruder detection providing evidence against those criminals.

What is the best Wireless CCTV system for home?

You are not always at home so you need a 24/7 live feed from your surveillance system. This is possible through the Hik-Connect mobile application that lets you give commands to your wireless CCTV kit from a distance. You may turn alarms on or off, create important video clips, record license plates of suspicious vehicles, receive intruder alerts, and get notified about objects removed from your property among other benefits. Colour night vision wireless CCTV cameras are perfect to maintain security around the clock because the video footage shows the scene as if it were daytime. People who are living in rented homes may find wireless CCTV systems suitable since they are available in plug-and-play models that can be removed when you move to another residence.

How much does a Wireless home CCTV systems cost?

Generally, the price of wireless CCTV systems increases with the number of wireless CCTV cameras that you include in them as well as the number of NVRs you purchase for video recording. There are multi-channel NVRs with several slots for plugging in wireless CCTV cameras so just select one according to the number of security cameras that you need to cover your target area. High-resolution wireless CCTV cameras are recommended because you will require fewer of them to secure the same area. Since you have selected a wireless CCTV system, you will not have to get complex wiring for it and installation could be free if you decide to perform it on your own. All these factors help to lower the price of wireless CCTV kits in comparison to other forms of video surveillance. People who are interested in getting colour night vision wireless CCTV cameras may have to spend more depending on the features of those models. Don’t forget to include shipping costs while estimating the price of wireless CCTV systems in the UK that fit your personal preferences.

Where to buy Wireless CCTV system for home?

Remember to check whether the seller provides authentic products by asking for the manufacturer's warranty because authorized sellers always offer that with every purchase. You can get a better idea of their customer services by looking for reviews of previous customers. Compare the price tags of the same product on different websites and add in shipping charges to calculate the overall cost. Always read the seller’s return and exchange policy because wireless CCTV systems are expensive and you don’t want to get stuck with a defective product or the wrong order. Looking at the modes of payment provided by various sellers may also change your mind. Whether you are walking into a store to buy a wireless CCTV system or wish to get one online, have some models shortlisted to narrow down your options.

We are an authorized seller of Hikvision wireless CCTV systems in the UK with years of experience dealing in advanced security systems. Our surveillance experts would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the wireless CCTV kits including operation and installation. Share your preferences and let us find the perfect model for your requirements. We provide high-resolution wireless CCTV systems at the best prices in the UK. Contact us today to create a custom wireless CCTV kit tailored to your needs.

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