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Hikvision Doorbell

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Recent years have seen a spurt in demand for security systems, especially among residential establishments. According to a survey, there are approximately 5.2 million security cameras in the United Kingdom alone, with one camera for every 13 people.

This statistic includes public surveillance, privately-owned cameras, and the newest trend, Hikvision doorbell cameras, which can be installed at home to keep a watch on visitors in real-time via a smartphone app and record any suspicious activities near or outside your house with a fisheye camera that supports high-definition footage day and night. Whether you want to avoid property damage or keep your family safe from harm, Hikvision manufactures doorbell cameras that can be remotely monitored and have a built-in microphone for two-way communication to provide you with certainty, confidence, and ultimate peace of mind.

If you have decided or are still contemplating purchasing a Hikvision Wifi Doorbell camera, it is essential to recognize its features, operations, and uses so that you can get the most out of this life-saving technology!

What is a Hikvision doorbell camera?

Hikvision Doorbell camera is more than simply a chiming gizmo. It is a smart device with AI-enabled technology that allows you to see and speak with whoever is at your doorway, no matter where you are and records any suspicious movements outside your premises using its high-resolution fisheye camera that streams HD video, that too with an adjustable view. But wait, aren’t you concerned about your safety at night? Because nighttime (from midnight to 6 a.m.) is a favourite time for burglars, accounting for 25.8 percent of all house burglaries in the UK. Surprisingly, the late evening (10 p.m. to midnight) is also a risky time, with 13.4 percent of all burglaries taking place over this two-hour period. However, you don't need to be afraid because these facts are not intended to frighten you, but rather to educate you about possible thieves who may have set their sights on your home. Fortunately, Hikvision has already considered all of these threats and created its Wifi doorbell camera with IR (infrared radiation technology) that will defend your home 24/7 and provide you with notifications if anything out of the norm occurs!

Over and above that, Hikvision Doorbell camera supports video identification and intercom communication via Hikvision's free Hik-Connect App, as well as a built-in IP camera with a broad 180-degree field of view and 5m of infrared night vision capability. Moreover, Hikvision’s doorbell camera also has an adjustable visual motion detection alarm plus a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way, echo-free communication that improves identification and security. It's also sturdy and vandal-proof, with an IP54 rating, and it comes with changeable faceplates to match your wall and décor precisely!

How does a Hikvision doorbell camera work?

A Hikvision video doorbell camera is exactly what it sounds like: a doorbell with a camera. But it is also a WiFi-enabled smart device with motion detectors, recording capabilities, and a speaker that allows you to interact with the person at the door. However, you might think how does it actually work? The answer is simple, it links to your home's existing doorbell wire and doorbell chimes, as well as your home's WiFi. And when someone presses the doorbell, it dings like a regular doorbell but unlike them uses motion detectors to determine when someone is on your front porch and then begins recording automatically. Moreover, when someone rings the bell, a notice is transmitted to your smartphone through the Hik-Connect app. And by opening the Hik-Connect app, you are able to see a live video stream from the camera directly.

Hikvision doorbell camera will also record video footage as soon as the doorbell is pressed or motion is detected, allowing you to review the footage whenever you choose. You may also need cloud or removable storage since recorded video clips necessitate storage space.

Furthermore, Hikvision doorbell cameras also have speakers and built-in microphones, that allows you to use the Hik-Connect app to communicate with the guest on your doorstep via the doorbell camera. You can even monitor and engage with your visitor because Hikvision doorbell camera supports two-way chat. Additionally, you can set them up remotely with an app as well as smartly with Hikvision NVR.

Why choose a Hikvision doorbell camera?

While selecting a doorbell camera for increased security, go with the feature-rich Hikvision doorbell camera, which provides higher definition video monitoring and an easy-to-use interface for beginners. It has a simple installation process that eliminates any need for expertise and is driven by artificial intelligence that allows it to give information via the Hik-Connect smartphone app day and nighy.

If you are fed up with low-resolution doorbell cameras that produce distorted images then you should consider getting the Hikvision doorbell camera to protect your home. Thanks to its high resolution footage, you can clearly see people, objects, and animals inside the target area where your doorbell camera is mounted. It is extremely helpful when you wish to identify a person and examine their looks, as well as ascertain what things they have on them. Even if you are not at home at the moment, you can view the mail that has been delivered using the Hik-Connect app. You can also enable the "Call Button" function, which will send you a call via Hik-Connect anytime someone rings the doorbell; this way, you can even answer your door remotely.

The Hikvision doorbell can also be used in place of a standard doorbell, providing the user with visitor notifications even while they are away from home. It has motion detection and video recording capabilities, as well as storage and playback through an on-board microSD card and connection with Hikvision NVR. The Hik-Connect app from Hikvision also lets users watch video, modify audio, and answer the door. The Hikvision Doorbell camera is a 2-megapixel hardwired solution with an IP 65 weatherproof and waterproof rating, high-quality resolution, H.264 video compression, a 16-foot infrared range, noise suppression, and echo cancellation feature. Choosing a Hikvision doorbell camera is thus the finest move you can make for your safety and convenience.

How to install a Hikvision doorbell camera?

The first and foremost step in installing your Hikvision doorbell camera is to determine the doorbell's installation height, which is recommended to be 1.5 to 2 meters. After you've settled on a height, line up the cable hole on the mounting template that comes along the kit with the cable hole on the wall. And attach the mounting template to the wall where your doorbell will be installed. However, before connecting the power cables to your doorbell camera, ensure your home's main power switch is turned off. And if no electrical or mechanical chime is attached, you can connect a resistor (included in the kit) to the doorbell.

You can begin with the installation process of your Hikvision doorbell camera by loosening the screws on the rear panel of the doorbell and putting the loops of power cables that come with the kit into the screws, and then by tightening them. The next step is drilling a cable hole on the wall, which should align with the hole on the mounting template. Now you’d need to pull the power cables from the wall and connect them to the power connector. Similarly, you’ll have to connect the power cables on the rear panel of the doorbell to the power connector that comes with the kit.

After that, you may place a TF card in your Hikvision Wifi doorbell before mounting it to the wall if you want to save the video data recorded by your doorbell camera. To do so, remove the faceplate from the doorbell and look at the front panel of the doorbell. To insert the TF card into the side of the doorbell, locate and remove the card slot cover and then reinsert it. This step is optional; however, you must insert the TF card to use the motion detection recording capability.

To complete the installation process of your Hikvision door camera, you must drill two holes in the wall to insert the expansion tubes. Route the cables and put them along with the power connector back into the drilled cable hole after inserting the expansion tubes into it. Now line up the screw holes on the doorbell body with the drilled holes in the wall and secure the body of your Hikvision video doorbell camera to the wall with two screws. After that, cover the doorbell body with one of the faceplates included in the kit of your preference. Lastly, secure the faceplate to the doorbell body using one set screw.

How to set up a Hikvision doorbell camera?

Once you’ve completed the installation process the next step is to set-up your Hikvision doorbell camera for remote monitoring. To do so, you'll need to download the Hik-Connect app and create an account on either iOS or Android. Then you’ll have to log in using your username and password. And lastly you’ll need to add the doorbell to the App, set its WiFi connection via App and then activate it.

To configure your doorbell camera by following the aforementioned method, you must first ensure that it is connected to the internet, which you can do by going to the Hik-Connect App's Home Page and tapping More-> Settings-> Wifi Settings to access the Wifi settings page. Input the name and password of the wireless network to which your mobile phone is connected. Furthermore, to complete the WiFi connection process, tap Generate to generate a QR code by Hik-Connect app and then scan the QR code with the doorbell's camera. For the scanning procedure, keep your phone at a distance of 5-10 cm from the doorbell, and observe that the doorbell will produce a beep sound if the connection is successful. Moreover, to add the doorbell on the Hik-Connect App, return to the Home Page and tap + in the upper-right corner. You may either scan the QR code or enter the serial number from the doorbell's front panel for activating the doorbell. Next go to the Activation page and hit Set Device Password followed by a tap on Activate, and then enter the doorbell's verification code on the pop-up window after activation. Finally, test your Hikvision door camera to check that you are receiving an uninterrupted live stream.

How to reset the Hikvision doorbell camera?

When you press the "Call Button" and don't get a live view from the doorbell, it's an indication that your Hikvision doorbell camera needs to be reset. To do so, press and hold the "RESET" button on the doorbell body's side panel for 15 seconds for it to reset; you'll hear a voice prompt verifying that "Your Device is Rebooting." The call backlight will cycle between blue and red to indicate that your device is powering up. Then you'll hear a voice prompt once more saying "Your Device is Running—Start Configuring Wifi". Go to the Hik-Connect app's Home Page and tap More-> Settings-> Wifi Settings to visit the Wifi settings page. Input the name and password for the wireless network to which your phone is connected. Next, tap on the “Generate” option to generate a QR code by Hik-Connect app and use the camera of the doorbell to scan the QR code, so as to finish the WiFi connection. Note that your Hikvision doorbell camera will give a beep for successful WiFi connection.

Afterwards, go to the Activation Page, tap “Set Device Password” and input a password to activate the doorbell. Then tap “Activate” in the next page to finish activating. In order to make sure that your door camera is operational push the Call Button and see if you’re receiving a call. If yes then your reset has been successful and if not then check your cell phone’s setting; you might have set your phone on a Do Not Disturb mode.

How to activate a Hikvision doorbell camera?

If your Hikvision doorbell camera is not activated when you connect it to the Hik-Connect App, a prompt will appear asking you to activate it. However, when you begin, ensure that your Hikvision door camera and cell phone are both connected to the same LAN or wireless network. Furthermore, before starting the activation procedure, you must first add your doorbell camera to your app. To do so, navigate to the Hik-Connect app's Home Page and tap "+" in the top right corner to add the doorbell. Then, scan the QR code or enter the serial number from the doorbell's front panel. By doing so, an "Activation Page" will appear on your smartphone screen, prompting you to select the "Set Device Password" option and enter a password to activate the doorbell. Finally, on the following screen, press "Activate" to complete the activation procedure. Additionally, you must enter the doorbell's verification code on the pop-up screen before activating it. You are now set to use your Hikvision doorbell camera and monitoring device!

How to connect a Hikvision doorbell to NVR?

One of the most common issues experienced when installing a Hikvision doorbell camera is connecting it to an NVR. But not any longer! To begin, you'll need the Doorbell and a 12VDC 1A power supply. If you're using a power source with a male DC socket, you'll also need a female DC connector to connect it. Inside the Doorbell packing box you’ll find several spare screws and the short power cables that attach to the + and - power sockets on the back of the doorbell device. The red wire is for (+) while the black cable is for (-). Connect the power supply to the wireless doorbell. And observe that the doorbell button should begin to glow red and blue after about 30 seconds. The doorbell should also notify that it is now ready to connect to your wifi. However, to finish the setup, launch the hik-connect app on your smartphone.

After you’ve launched the Hik-connect app and signed in to your Hik-connect account (or created an account if you are a new user) link your Hikvision doorbell camera and then create a password for the device to activate it. Moreover, if you want to add it to a recorder, this is now the password. When you open SADP (Search Active Device Protocol) on your laptop, you'll see the Doorbell in the Device list on your local network, confirming that you can add the doorbell to your recorder. Next, you should be able to find the doorbell by scanning the IP camera control interface on your recorder. Select the camera and either one-touch add it or manually add it (you will need to use the IP address, username and password of the doorbell). This allows you to record video from your Hikvision Doorbell to your Hikvision recorder. However, it is important to note that the stream from a WiFi doorbell may drop from time to time, and there is a tiny latency while viewing live through the NVR.

Where to buy a Hikvision doorbell camera?

Before you decide to make your purchase it is imperative for you to know that Hikvision exclusively sells through authorised distributors and does not allow any of them to sell on eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, Snapdeal, or other online marketplaces. Therefore, it is strongly advised that all Hikvision security products are purchased from an authorised distributor or reseller, because unauthorised dealers will sell you fraudulent, used, or broken products with altered firmware that will not function or continue to work with genuine products obtained through authorised channels. Furthermore, according to Hikvision's regulations, the product warranty will be null and void because the device is no longer in its original factory form. And there are many benefits of working with an authorised distributor like all items are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, which ranges from 3 to 5 years depending on the model of the device.

As an authorised Hikvision UK reseller, all of our items are authentic and we provide a manufacturer warranty to prove that we only sell genuine Hikvision Doorbell cameras and other video surveillance devices.

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