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PoC CCTV systems

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What is PoC CCTV?

Power over coaxial or PoC refers to the use of a single coaxial cable for the transmission of data and power supply. Power over coax CCTV is a type of surveillance that involves the use of a PoC CCTV camera and digital video recorder (DVR). PoC CCTV cameras are counted among analogue cameras but they don’t employ two separate cables for supplying power and sending data. The operation of a PoC DVR is different from that of the NVRs that work with IP CCTV cameras. A PoC CCTV camera cannot encode and process video signals as digital signals. Therefore, PoC CCTV cameras transmit analogue signals through the coaxial cable to DVRs that have been developed to convert analogue video signals into digital signals. A PoC DVR has large internal memory that allows you to store video feed spanning over several days. This live feed may be viewed through a browser or the mobile application on your smartphone. The PoC CCTV camera software installed in the DVR has been developed to search for and add PoC CCTV cameras into your PoC CCTV system so that they may be connected individually for remote access.

There are several advantages of power over coax CCTV cameras, especially when you compare them to other kinds of analogue CCTV cameras. Conventionally, analogue CCTV cameras have complex installation that often demands professional assistance. Surveillance systems are not that cheap to begin with and professional CCTV camera installation adds to this cost. The wiring is complicated because the power supply and data cable are separate. As any reliable security professional can confirm, video surveillance wires must be arranged to remain hidden. This takes skill and experience to ensure that intruders cannot reach your CCTV cameras to steal the evidence of that break-in. PoC CCTV systems resolve these concerns by simplifying installation and reducing the wiring by half. You may choose the ideal position for your PoC CCTV camera up to 200m away from your security station and extenders are available for increasing the distance to help customize your surveillance.

What is a Hikvison PoC Camera?

You are probably familiar with Hikvision CCTV cameras that operate through the conventional combination of two cables for power supply and data transmission. The Hikvision PoC camera falls in the analogue category but it differs where the wires are concerned. Hikvision PoC technology was developed to solve problems associated with installation and the limitations that come with the involvement of two wires. You may feel restricted with the separate power and data cables of Hikvision CCTV analogue cameras, especially when you have multiple cameras in your surveillance kit. Thanks to the Hikvision PoC CCTV system, you will only require a single coaxial cable for every Hikvision PoC camera. All you have to do is connect each Hikvision PoC camera to the Hikvision PoC DVR. Once you have added and activated all of the Hikvision PoC cameras to the multi-channel Hikvision PoC DVR, you should be able to view the 24/7 live feed even from your smartphone through the Hik-Connect mobile application.

If you are worried about break-ins during the night, you might be interested in Hikvision PoC ColorVu CCTV cameras. Previously, surveillance in the dark relied on black and white night vision security systems. The Hikvision PoC ColorVu CCTV systems have life-changing technology with the F1.0 super aperture lens, advanced sensor, and supplemental lighting. Combining the ease-of-installation of the Hikvision PoC camera with Hikvision ColorVu technology provides amazing results. These high-resolution Hikvision PoC cameras such as the Hikvision 5MP PoC camera offer brilliant live feed that can be stored in the Hikvision PoC DVR without any compromise on video quality thanks to Hikvision’s compression technology. A high-resolution Hikvision PoC CCTV kit enhances facial recognition, license plate identification and saves your money because you need fewer Hikvision PoC cameras to cover the same target area. Therefore, you can get a perfect high-resolution live feed at any time of the day and store it for later viewing as well.

Moreover, the Hikvision PoC camera gives you the advantage of features that create an irresistible package for surveillance. The durability of the Hikvision PoC CCTV kit is important if you want to secure your property’s perimeter with outdoor cameras. Thanks to the weather-resistant attribute of the Hikvision PoC camera, you will be reassured about the strength of your security even in bad weather. It has also been designed to be vandal-proof so intruders cannot just steal it away quickly because you will receive immediate alerts if they attempt to remove it. People who are worried about their mail getting stolen will be glad to hear that the Hikvision PoC camera comes with object removal detection. Coupled with high-resolution and intruder detection, it will be easy to identify the culprit and prevent such theft on your property. Whenever someone enters that area, you will be alerted through the line-crossing detection feature of the Hikvision PoC camera. If you are tired of your security alarm going off, the Hikvision has a false alarm reduction feature to avoid unnecessary disturbance.

Remote access to your Hikvision PoC CCTV kit is facilitated through the Hik-Connect mobile application that keeps you updated on your surveillance even if you are not close to your property. You may also log in to your Hik-Connect account on a browser using a laptop or tablet to view the 24/7 live feed. The Hikvision PoC DVR has specific camera software that you may use to bring all the linked cameras “online” during installation after verification. Testing the results through the Hik-Connect mobile application on your smartphone is the last step of installation. Its superior user experience makes it convenient to monitor the area dedicated to each Hikvision PoC camera and you can make video clips for evidence collection if required. Use the Hik-Connect application to turn alerts on or off and adjust the settings of your Hikvision PoC CCTV kit.

What is PoC CCTV system?

There are several components present within the Hikvision PoC CCTV system and they all work together to produce the high-quality results you have come to expect from the brand Hikvision. Before power over coax CCTV technology was introduced, there was inconvenience with regards to installation and overall cost of analogue CCTV systems. Hikvision PoC CCTV systems are associated with long-distance transmission between the front-end Hikvision PoC camera and the back-end Hikvision PoC DVR. This provides better options for arranging tight security on your property to cover all the important areas.

How does Hikvision PoC CCTV kit work?

As you have learned by now, the Hikvision PoC CCTV kit has three main components: the Hikvision PoC CCTV camera, the Hikvision PoC DVR and the coaxial cable. There is another part of the Hikvision PoC CCTV system that you require for remote access and that is the Hik-Connect mobile application. Let us say that you have bought the Hikvision 5MP PoC camera for surveillance. Once you have connected everything, this security camera will capture video footage in analogue form and send this data over the coaxial cable to the Hikvision PoC DVR, which will convert this data into digital form for storage in the hard disk that it contains. There is no need for a separate power cable that is normally plugged into the analogue CCTV camera in a non-PoC CCTV system.

How to install the Hikvision PoC kit?

The first step in the installation of the Hikvision PoC CCTV kit is to ensure that all the components are securely connected and powered on. Since there is only one coaxial cable that carries both data and power supply, this should be a simple process. Use PoC extenders if you wish to increase the distance between your Hikvision PoC CCTV camera and your Hikvision PoC DVR. As for the placement of your PoC security camera, it is important to mount it around 8-10ft off the ground. This allows you to cover a greater area and properly identify faces as well as license plates at entrance and exit points. Never point your Hikvision PoC CCTV camera directly at the sun and avoid placing it near windows to prevent accidental glares on the lens.

How to setup PoC CCTV system?

After all the Hikvision PoC CCTV cameras have been connected to the Hikvision PoC DVR, and powered on, you may move on to the setup. The Search Active Devices Protocol software (SADP) on the Hikvision website will help you detect every security camera in your Hikvision PoC CCTV kit and even edit their information. You may activate the Hikvision PoC CCTV camera by entering the password and verification code. Export the serial number for that specific security camera and enter its IP address as well. Now, create an account on and add that Hikvision PoC CCTV camera after verification. Once you can see that the security camera is “online”, you may install and log in to the Hik-Connect mobile application to view its live feed. Similarly, you will have to add every Hikvision PoC CCTV camera in your security system to remotely access its live feed from your smartphone.

How much is PoC CCTV system?

Various sellers will quote different prices for the Hikvision PoC CCTV kit depending on the price they have paid for it. You should also keep in mind the number of PoC CCTV cameras that you wish to add to your kit. If you are going for high-resolution PoC CCTV cameras, you will need to get fewer of them because each of these security cameras has a long-distance range. At the same time, they may cost you more due to their high resolution and special features. The Hikvision PoC CCTV kit may have a lower cost of installation because it only works with a single coaxial cable that may not require a professional touch. You will not have to buy extra power cables for the Hikvision PoC CCTV kit that will save you money too. Remember to factor in the cost of shipping if you have planned to order your Hikvision PoC CCTV kit online.

Why choose PoC CCTV system?

There are excellent options in the Hikvision PoC CCTV range for those who want to save money, time, and energy. You can buy a top-notch surveillance system that runs on a single coaxial cable with the Hikvision PoC CCTV camera and the Hikvision PoC DVR. The type of PoC DVR you purchase depends on the number of security cameras you will be adding to your Hikvision PoC CCTV kit. Several high-resolution PoC security cameras from Hikvision are affordable and deliver unbeatable performance. To protect your property after dark, you may even get Hikvision ColorVu PoC CCTV cameras that show live video feed as if it was daytime. These security cameras are weatherproof, vandal-proof, and come with false alarm reduction. Owing to the high resolution, you will be able to identify people and objects at a distance. This is ideal for noting license plates of vehicles in case of a crime and taking action if someone seems suspicious.

Where to buy PoC CCTV system?

Before you start comparing prices of the Hikvision PoC CCTV kit available at different sellers, you must check for their reliability. Besides reading reviews by previous customers, ask if they are authorized sellers of Hikvision. If they pass that test, they will probably provide the manufacturer's warranty with every purchase. Usually, the farther the seller, the more you will have to pay for shipping so look for discounts. Remember to get a general idea about the price of the Hikvision PoC CCTV kit to avoid scammers who claim to sell it for far less money. Always read the returns and exchange policy of the sellers who you have shortlisted. You don’t want to get stuck with their customer service if you get damaged goods or in case your order is messed up for some reason.

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