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Hikvision IP Cameras

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In light of rising crime rates, 40% British residents have installed security cameras like the Hikvision IP cameras and other types depending on their preferences. The Eco Experts have also reported that 77% of those with a basic CCTV system did not experience burglaries while 63% of the burglaries in the UK occurred in homes without this facility. There is a clear link between criminal activity and the presence of CCTV cameras such as the Hikvision IP cameras. It is a worthwhile investment for homes, offices, and public places. This type of security camera can record and process data in digital form before sending it to a network video recorder (NVR). It transmits audio and video data through an ethernet cable. You may set up your Hikvision IP camera using a local area network (LAN), broadband connection, or Wi-Fi. Remote access can be arranged through your Hik-Connect account that you may log into through a browser on your smartphone, PC, or tablet. There is a dedicated mobile application for Hik-Connect that provides real-time updates from your Hikvision IP camera no matter where you are at that time. Here, you will be learning the following facts about the development, design, features, working, installation, setup, and uses of the Hikvision IP camera:

What is a Hikvision IP Camera?

If you are searching for a range of versatile high-quality security cameras at reasonable prices, the Hikvision IP camera series has got you covered. People who want a basic security system without breaking the bank can find the perfect match for their needs. Those who want superior video analytics will be pleased with the impressive abilities of the Hikvision IP camera. You get high-resolution images and videos with no compromise on their quality even with efficient usage of bandwidth and storage. The smart features of the Hikvision IP camera enable it to distinguish humans and vehicles from irrelevant objects and improve false alarm reduction by up to 90%. Enjoy sharp images and stable videos that enhance your security at home or work with minimum human intervention. They offer superior results in poorly lit environments with the Hikvision colour night vision IP cameras and the Hikvision night vision IP cameras depending on your preferences. The Eco Experts have reported that almost 61% of the burglaries in the UK occur between 6pm and 6am when it is dark. Therefore, these Hikvision IP cameras provide round-the-clock security with remote access in case you are not operating your CCTV system in person. Thanks to the easy installation and setup of your Hikvision IP camera, you don’t need to hire professional CCTV installers. The user-friendly interface helps you manage your device directly and remotely using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. All of the Hikvision devices that have been added to your Hik-Connect can be accessed via the Hik-Connect mobile application. Besides monitoring your target areas with the live view shown on your smartphone, you can also adjust the settings available on it including alarms and alerts for security events.

How to install a Hikvision IP Camera?

When installing a Hikvision IP camera or any CCTV camera, you must mount it a few feet above the ground. This will ensure that you can clearly see the faces of the people moving around your target area as well as their actions. Placing them at the entrances and exits is wise but you may also arrange them in your hallways. Keep them facing away from direct sunlight and be careful that the glare from your window panes does not affect their function. To install your Hikvision IP camera, you must use an ethernet cable to connect it to the router for internet access. Using another network cable, connect the same router to your PC for monitoring and management. This will bring your Hikvision IP camera and PC on the same network. If you want to set up remote access later, you will need to bring your smartphone on the same network.

How to set up a Hikvision IP Camera?

Download and install the SADP tool on your PC from the official Hikvision website. Run this software and set the password for your Hikvision IP camera for the purpose of activation. Click “Enable Hik-Connect” during this process and enter the verification code for your device. Once your Hikvision IP camera comes up as “Active” in your SADP tool, set the IP address of your device and enter the IP address of your router in the “Gateway” bar. Arrange the IP address of your Hikvision IP camera for the same subnet. Enter your password and click “Modify” to apply these changes. Now, export the serial number of your Hikvision IP camera and save it. Open up an internet browser and create a Hik-Connect account to add in your new device using its serial number. Now, enter the verification code of your Hikvision IP camera and click “Add”. It will show up as “Online” in your SADP tool at that point. Next, click on the Hik-Connect application icon in your Hik-Connect account. Use the QR code shown to download and install this mobile application to your smartphone. Log into your Hik-Connect account from your smartphone and enter the verification code of your device after selecting it from the list shown. Now, you will be able to see the live view from your Hikvision IP camera on your smartphone at any location.

How to configure Hikvision IP Camera with PC?

The first step to configuring your Hikvision IP camera is to connect all the components of your CCTV system. Turn the power on for the devices in your network to get started. You may use an internet browser on your PC or the SADP tool that you may download from the Hikvision official website. Install and run the SADP tool on your PC to get the IP address of your Hikvision IP camera from the device information shown there. Type this IP address in the address bar of the internet browser on your PC. You may need to install a plugin when you are going through this process for the first time. This will allow you to see the live view on your PC that is connected to the same network as your Hikvision IP camera. Run the SADP tool and configure the IPV4 gateway to the IP address of your router. To find your router’s information, type “CMD” in the Windows search bar, click Command Prompt, and type the command ip config. The Default Gateway shown on the screen is the IP address of your router.

What is the Hikvision IP Camera activation password?

After you have connected your Hikvision IP camera to your CCTV system, it needs to be powered on and activated. The status of your device must be online for it to be properly linked to your existing setup. You may wish to add your Hikvision IP camera to your video recorder as well as your Hik-Connect account. This will allow you to see the live view from this security camera along with that of others using whichever device you find convenient for monitoring your target areas. The Hikvision IP camera activation password is “12345” that has been kept as such for the users’ ease. This is the default password that you should change after you have activated your device for security reasons.

How to activate a Hikvision IP Camera?

It is a simple process to activate your Hikvision IP camera via the Hik-Connect mobile application that is available for both Apple and Android devices. If your Hikvision IP camera has not been activated, you will be prompted to do so. Please remember that your CCTV camera and smartphone must be added to the same network for this procedure to work. First, you need to add your Hikvision IP camera to your Hik-Connect account using the verification code. When you have reached the “Activate Device” section, you will be asked to set a password for it. Enter the password for your Hikvision IP camera and tap the “Activate” button on the screen. When you are at the “Network Configuration” section, make sure to enable the DHCP option.

How to unlock the Hikvision IP Camera?

There is a security measure that is applied to all Hikvision devices to prevent an imposter from accessing your device and private data. Whenever you want to access your Hikvision IP camera, you are taken to the login section where you are meant to enter your password for that device. It doesn’t matter if multiple people are trying to login to the same Hikvision IP camera from different platforms, your CCTV camera will be locked if the wrong password was entered 5 times in a row. Sometimes, your security software may also be the culprit so make sure to recheck that. When you enter the wrong password once, you are informed about the number of attempts available to you. Once you are locked out, you have the choice between waiting for nearly 30 minutes or rebooting your Hikvision IP camera to unlock it.

What is Hikvision IP Camera default password?

To create ease for the users during installation and setup, the Hikvision IP camera has been given a default username and password. After connecting all the devices in your CCTV kit and powering them on, you need to use the default password of your Hikvision IP camera to get started. To add your device through the Hik-Connect application on your smartphone, you will be given a verification code and then prompted to enter the password for your device. Type the default password “12345” for your Hikvision IP camera and change it later to a strong password to stay safe from hackers. You always have the chance to change the password of your Hikvision IP camera if you feel like amping up security.

How to reset Hikvision IP Camera password?

When trying to reset the password of your Hikvision IP camera, log in to your Hik-Connect account to access the settings of your device through an internet browser. You may use the IP address of your device that can be retrieved using the SADP tool from the official Hikvision website. Once you have logged in, go to Configuration -> Basic Configuration -> Security. You will be shown a list of users who have access to your Hikvision IP camera and you must select the right user. Click “Modify” and enter a strong new password for your device according to the suggestions provided. Type in your new password for confirmation and click “OK” to finish resetting the password for your Hikvision IP camera.

How to reset Hikvision IP Camera to factory default?

You have the option of restoring the factory settings of your Hikvision IP camera but remember that all the previous settings that you have adjusted for that device will be removed and shifted to default. The first step to reset your Hikvision IP camera to factory default is to locate the reset button. It is normally found next to where the SD card has to be inserted beneath a cover to protect the inner part. You must make sure that your Hikvision IP camera’s power supply has been disconnected before moving onto the next step. Now, press and hold the reset button. While you are keeping it pressed down, reconnect the power supply of your device. After 10 seconds, you should release the button and allow your Hikvision IP camera to go through a complete reboot for the factory defaults to be restored.

How to login to a Hikvision IP Camera?

Download and install the SADP tool from the official Hikvision website to get started. When you run the software, you will be able to retrieve the IP address of your device from there. Copy and paste the IP address of your Hikvision IP camera into the address bar in your internet browser. Enter your username and password for that device to log in and go to Configuration ->Network ->Advanced Settings ->Other. There you have to tick the option to “Enable Virtual Host”. Now, go to Configuration ->System ->Camera Management and click on the link right next to the Hikvision IP camera that you want to access. Once you have entered the username and password for that device, you will be able to see the live view and change its settings according to your preferences.

What is the best Hikvision IP Camera in the UK?

There are many types of Hikvision IP camera series to cater to different security requirements and applications. Those who want excellent results on a budget may wish to consider the Hikvision IP camera Pro Series that has intelligent features incorporated into a user-friendly design. In case you want superior detection of humans and vehicles, the Hikvision IP camera DeepinView Series offers smart technology based on a deep learning algorithm. Those who want to build a complex CCTV system with unique needs will love the Hikvision IP camera Special Series with its array of advanced functions. Improve energy efficiency and protect the environment with the Hikvision IP camera Solar-powered Series that is reliable and sturdy. If you are someone who seeks to capture the finer details of security as well as the big picture, the Hikvision IP camera Panoramic Series will appeal to you. Powered by smart technology to improve video quality in low-light settings with enhanced facial recognition, the Hikvision IP camera Ultra Series is intelligent and boosts security. Users who prefer the benefits of Wi-Fi connectivity for their CCTV system will enjoy the smart features of the Hikvision IP camera Wi-Fi Series that guarantee greater video stability.

Where to buy a Hikvision IP Camera?

It is important to do your research before buying a Hikvision IP camera to learn about its price range, features, installation, setup, and more. This saves you from being scammed by sellers who may charge too high. Make sure to factor in the shipping costs and check the return and exchange policy as a precaution. We are genuine sellers of Hikvision IP cameras in the UK who provide the manufacturer’s warranty with your purchase to assure you that the product you have bought is 100% original. Consult our experts to determine which type of Hikvision IP camera is the best match for your requirements from our vast range. We also offer professional CCTV installation services in the UK at reasonable rates with complete consultation. Talk to our CCTV experts to buy, install, and set up Hikvision IP cameras along with the entire CCTV system.

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