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Wired CCTV systems

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As more and more people are securing their homes with wired CCTV systems, it has become a cost-effective security solution for every home and business. Between April and July 2021 68,013 burglaries were recorded by police across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The primary use of wired CCTV systems has always been to deter, detect and record footage. However, the modern-day wired security cameras offer much more than deterrence. Wired CCTV systems allow you to monitor every single moment inside and outside your premises, and provide additional security measures against theft and intruders.

Before choosing a wired CCTV system for home, you need to make sure about features you require to protect against burglary. However, if you don't know much about wired CCTV systems, then read to learn why and which systems meet your needs.

What is Wired CCTV?

Wired CCTV is the most traditional and primarily used on larger areas. As by their name, wired CCTV, this type of CCTV systems require cables for power, video transmission, and internet connection. In Wired security cables run between the camera to a recorder which carry power and data, a separate cable connects the recorder and the internet router. There are two choices to power wired CCTV systems: a separate power cable or single POE cable. Power Over Ethernet (POE) makes installation easy as only a single cable provides both power and data.

The main advantage of wired CCTV is reliability because footage remains safe on recorder. As everything is through wires, the signal will not break or degrade. As long as the wires remain uninterrupted, footage transmitted to the recorder at maximum fidelity. Wired CCTV works great for multi camera installations throughout different rooms and to the outdoors as signals will not be impeded by walls. Wired CCTV is a strong solution for home security as it is more reliable than any other security system.

What is Wired CCTV camera?

A surveillance camera which requires cables to transmit data to a recorder is known as a wired CCTV camera. Traditional wired CCTV cameras require two cables to operate, one to carry power for the camera and other cable to send footage to the recorder. In 2003 PoE technology was developed which changed the way to power a lot of devices and wired security cameras are one of those. Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology uses a single cable, to power up the camera and receive footage from the camera.

As a matter of fact, wired security cameras are becoming increasingly popular since development of PoE technology as it saves installation cost and time. These cameras are designed for indoor and outdoor purposes. Wired security cameras for outdoor use are designed with water and dust resistant (IP67) and vandal proof (IK10) which keep them working in extreme weather conditions.

AcuSense technology which took wired security cameras to the next level with real-time threat detection that distinguishes vehicles and people from other targets. Other technologies such as Darkfighter and ColorVU enable wired CCTV cameras to capture unparalleled brightness and vivid color, along with amazingly sharp, clear images in ultra-low light are ideal choices for a wide range of security scenarios.

What is a Wired CCTV system?

Wired CCTV systems are one of the most popular security camera systems in the UK. Wired CCTV systems transmit data (video and audio signals) through a wire to the recorder and receive their electrical power via a hardwired cable directly from a power outlet. A Digital video recorder (DVR) attached to the cameras with coaxial cables. Alternatively, Network video recorder (NVR), is used with Internet Protocol (IP) cameras which use Ethernet cables instead of coaxial cables.

Latest wired CCTV systems take security to the next level with accurate, real-time threat detection that distinguishes people and vehicles from other targets. Most crimes happen at night under the cover of darkness, important information such as facial features, height, and clothing or vehicle color, license plate number are all crucial forensic evidence that can be easily missed by conventional security systems. Wired security camera systems feature day and night color images with yo to 4K resolution. Moreover, with the help of a wired CCTV system, you can significantly reduce the risk of being attacked by intruders.

A wired CCTV system requires more time and effort for installation but is more reliable. However, for many people, the more reliable and able to connect more cameras will offset the longer installation time as protecting home or business is easier than ever with security camera systems. With a wired CCTV system, you can monitor home or business while on holidays. Knowing your property is monitored around the clock with a reliable security camera system gives peace of mind.

How does the Wired CCTV system work?

The wired security system evolved a long way and latest wired security cameras are very different from earlier versions of traditional wired CCTV systems. Let’s dive into the wired CCTV systems deeper and learn how they work. While discussing how they work, it is necessary to understand its fundamental concepts and components which are (cameras, recorder and router) connect through cables in one of two different ways:

In the case of a traditional wired CCTV system two wires are used: one to transmit video footage through coax or the UTP cable meanwhile, other carry power to the wired security cameras. In some cases, the siamese cable is used which provides power cable attached to coaxial cable, and is utilized to simplify the installation of cable. The wired CCTV cameras capture footage and transmit the captured footage to the recorder through cables. You can view the captured footage on a CCTV monitor by connecting it to a recorder or through your smartphone via mobile app. For that you need to connect your recorder with an internet router through ethernet cable.

In the case of the latest wired CCTV systems a single wire is used to transmit both power and video footage transmission — this is often known as PoE (Power over Ethernet). With the advent of PoE (power over Ethernet) technology, the CAT5 or CAT6 cable transmit power and video signals to wired PoE cameras through NVR. This way, wired CCTV systems can greatly reduce the expense to install and save time. Basically, the wired security camera systems are plug and play. You only need to connect the wired security camera with NVR using the ethernet cables, then you can connect the monitor with NVR to start monitoring.

There has been a lot of development in the industry in recent years. A new technology is introduced by Hikvision which is known as PoC (Power over Coax) which works exactly like Power over Ethernet. The only difference is a single Coaxial cable is used which carry video footage and power both.This has made wired security camera systems more effective than ever.

Why choose a Wired security camera system?

Wired CCTV systems are the most reliable because of physical connection through cables between the camera, recorder, and router, the system is less susceptible to connectivity issues and interference from other devices. Wired security camera systems have undoubtedly gained some traction over the years, particularly since the advent of PoE, which facilitate easy installation. Moreover, there are numerous Wired security camera systems that can be installed without the help of a professional, allowing you to save a significant amount of money. And because wired CCTV systems use cable connections, you have greater freedom in determining where to place your cameras, whether on a pole or the side of your wall. They are quite useful since they can be simply expanded if you want to increase their range. This implies you won't have to make any significant alterations or replacements.

In addition, wired security camera systems which are PoE enabled makes installation seamless even for beginners. Moreover, they employ wires to interact with network routers and recorders. As a result, regardless of WiFi circumstances, you'll have more reliable data transfer through cable. And for customers who are concerned about wireless issues such as privacy and WiFi connection problems, wired cctv systems are unquestionably the best solution!

Wired security camera systems are a great choice for large surveillance areas. Since everything is hardwired, the wired CCTV system can be as expansive as needed, providing comprehensive coverage and the ability to support a large number of cameras to cover more space. The system also isn’t susceptible to bandwidth fluctuations due to the high-reliability factor, and the video quality remains great and consistent throughout. Due to the system working on a closed network, it cannot be wirelessly hacked, which ensures that the data being recorded on the system will be secure and protected from hackers.

How to install a Wired CCTV system?

The installation of a wired CCTV system is an excellent step toward securing your home, or business. However before you begin it’s imperative for you to know that wired CCTV systems are divided into two types - one in which a single ethernet cables carry both data and power to the security camera from the CCTV recorder. And, the other type requires two cables - one to carry data to the recorder and the second one to provide power to the camera.

Now the first step to install a wired CCTV system is to decide where to place and point wired CCTV cameras. The glare from your CCTV cameras should never be oriented toward the sun, as this will cause video feed recording to be disrupted. Similarly, keep CCTV cameras away from window panes since they reflect light. For perfect facial recognition and a clear view of the target area, place your wired CCTV cameras 8 to 10 feet above ground.

Moreover, if you choose the Hikvision cctv system, all accessories will be included, like screws, mounting hole template, cables, and power adapter, etc. Next step is to drill holes through walls or ceilings and run cables. But keep in mind that installing a wired CCTV camera necessitates drilling in a location that does not interfere with your home's current wiring. Afterwards, make sure to hide all the ends of the cables to prevent them from being damaged or wearing out. There is no guarantee of the system being 100% risk-free; as there is a chance of the wires being cut by potential burglars and intruders, which is why it is ideal to completely conceal the wiring, hiding it from plain sight.

Mount the camera by using a power drill and make adjustments of the camera angle. Now start connecting wired security cameras with cables. For connecting wired security cameras with Recorder, you simply need to connect each camera cable to its own port, and then connect the monitor to the Recorder with HDMI cable. If you think installing a wired CCTV system is a complex process, it requires proper knowledge and experience to do the job correctly. We will advise you to hire a professional or certified CCTV installer who can help you choose the right wired security camera system with all the necessary components and set up your security system to provide maximum protection for your home or business.

How to set up a Wired security camera system?

Setting up a wired security camera system is simple and easy, with Hik-Connect mobile application which is designed for setup and remote access. Download Hik-Connect on your smartphone or tablet then, launch the application. Select your Region, press login and then register following the process as instructed by the application to create an account. After login in press the + Icon in the top right corner, and then select Scan QR Code. After scanning QR code you will see an added device. The wired CCTV cameras connected to the device will be visible on the Hik-Connect app to live view select the camera you want to monitor.

In case of an event like motion detection, alarm trigger or video analytics the Hik-Connect app alerts via push notification. Wireless security camera system’s remote access gives you peace of mind when you are away. Alerts sent by app show the date/time, name of camera name and notification type. A healthy internet connection is required to access the footage from wired cctv systems, making this method incredibly convenient.

Which is the Best Wired CCTV system in the UK?

Are you looking for a security system that is cost-efficient, easy to install and maintain, but also reliable? If so, Hikvision wired CCTV systems are the perfect solution. In terms of features, performance, quality, and wide-range, they are the best wired CCTV systems in the UK. These security camera systems, with features like DarkFighter, ColorVU and AcuSense technologies allow them to record 4K resolution footage in low-light environments, also allow you to distinguish between the vehicles, human and pets, while reducing security risks around home and business.

Hikvision provides a number of innovative functions that can improve your security. Hik-Connect is a smartphone and tablets application that has been designed to operate and manage security devices. It also allows you to remote access your security system anywhere in the world, and send you push notifications in case of any security threats, such as motion detection, line crossing, and alarm triggers.

Wired security camera system also decreases false alerts so you won't have to worry about your safety with Hikvision wired CCTV cameras since they offer a function that. Moreover, the latest wired CCTV system offers a long-range night vision which allows it to recognise people and objects from a safe distance. Fortunately, you may see security threats before they reach close to your premises. When motion sensors detect intrusions, wired security systems start recording which is another great feature which saves cost on large storage.

How much are Wired CCTV systems?

The cost of a wired CCTV system climbs in direct proportion to the number of cameras and NVRs purchased for video recording. If you choose high-resolution wired CCTV cameras when buying a wired security system then you'll need fewer of them to secure the same area. Customers who want colour night vision wired CCTV cameras may have to spend a little more depending on the models' features.

A wired CCTV system can be installed in your home or business using plug and play cables which save you the cost of a professional installer or electrician. Most wired camera systems are do-it-yourself. Setting up a security camera system for home is not as complicated as you thought. If you don't know how to drill holes and run the wires by yourself, we advise you to leave the installation to a professional. Also please check the cost of professional installation before you make up your mind.

In addition, there are many other factors that will impact the cost of wired CCTV systems. For instance, the type of CCTV recorder chosen in a wired CCTV system can affect the overall cost, and the more advanced features, the more it will cost. Other than that, the type of installation you require will also affect your total cost.

Where to buy a Wired security camera system?

It’s recommended that all the security products are purchased through an authorised distributor or reseller. There are several advantages of choosing an authorised distributor. All products are backed by manufacturer guarantee which is 3 to 5 years depending on make and model of product. Hikvision and Dahua only sells through distributors and does not allow anyone to sell on eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, Snapdeal etc.

Thus, you should only buy Hikvision products from authorised distributors because there is a risk that unauthorised dealers will sell you fraudulent, used, or broken products that have altered firmware and, as a result, will not function or continue to work with genuine products obtained through authorised channels. Moreover, according to Hikvision's policies, the product warranty will be null and invalid since the product is no longer in its original factory state.

As Hikvision UK authorised reseller all our products are genuine and backed with a manufacturer guarantee.

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