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Hikvision DVR




What is Hikvision DVR?

Hikvision DVR is connected to a variety of CCTV cameras that cannot process the audio and video data that has been recorded for security purposes. Therefore, the Hikvision DVR is compatible with this type of CCTV camera and converts analogue signals into digital signals as indicated by its name. Encrypted HD video may be transmitted over long distances via coax cable systems without signal interference or fear of hackers. Hikvision DVR can send security data up to 1200m for 720p video resolution and up to 800m for the 1080p video resolution. Owing to its compatibility with analogue HD cameras, you may upgrade your conventional analogue CCTV system using the Hikvision DVR for optimum performance. This helps to save your time, money, and energy spent on video surveillance especially if you have a large area to secure. Besides compatibility with Turbo HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD, and CVBS input, you can expect HDMI and VGA output from your Hikvision DVR. Equipped with strong hybrid access, power-over-coax (PoC), and 4k encoding ability, your Hikvision DVR offers great value for money. Hikvision PoC DVRs may be connected to PoC cameras, Turbo HD cameras, analogue cameras, IP cameras, and third-party AHD cameras.

Powered by intelligent software, the Hikvision DVR allows you to store high-resolution security footage in continuous form even if it has been recorded over several months. It has a hard drive that gives you the ideal storage option without worrying about running out of space or paying for Cloud storage. Moreover, the Hikvision DVR offers the freedom to adjust the settings of your Hikvision CCTV system according to your preferences. The Hikvision CCTV kit that you have installed at your home or office works with the Hik-Connect application that may be downloaded to your smartphone for remote access. You may create video clips of incidents that may be presented as evidence in a criminal case. Playback the recordings to find the suspicious people or vehicles you want to monitor through your Hikvision CCTV system. Thanks to the video compression feature of your Hikvision DVR you have more storage space but the video quality of your security footage is not compromised. This is important when you are trying to attempt facial recognition or vehicle license plate identification using a video clip.


Why choose Hikvision DVR?

If you are searching for an affordable digital video recorder that is compatible with an older analogue CCTV system but offers the best modern video surveillance technology, then Hikvision DVR is the ultimate choice. The split-screen view provided by the Hikvision DVR allows you greater control over your CCTV system and you can monitor multiple areas at the same time. What’s more, you can receive real-time updates about security events at your property even when you are not present there for some reason. You may use your smartphone, PC, or tablet to access your Hik-Connect account and adjust the settings of your Hikvision CCTV system, including the Hikvision DVR. The hard drive incorporated into the design of your Hikvision DVR can store months of video footage that you may playback and use to create video clips for security purposes. Capture high-resolution security footage at any time of the day with the night vision support of the Hikvison DVR among other amazing features. This is possible thanks to the latest video compression technology that saves space without reducing the video quality of your CCTV recordings. Save money on professional CCTV installation with the straightforward plug-and-play feature of the Hikvision DVR. There are different series available to cater to various requirements based on preferences and applications.


How to use Hikvision DVR?

There are several options for setting up your Hikvision DVR on your local area network, wired internet, Wi-Fi, and mobile. Depending on your preferences, your device will have different features and channels for plugging in analogue and IP CCTV cameras. However you wish to access your Hikvision DVR, you will be able to see the live views from all the CCTV cameras that have been connected to it. It is easy to adjust the settings of your Hikvision DVR and the CCTV cameras on the same network through your Hik-Connect account. This can be done remotely through your smartphone or an internet browser on your laptop/ tablet. The video footage will be stored on the hard drive of your Hikvision DVR and may be backed up on a USB drive. You will be able to playback CCTV footage and create video clips as well. This lets you monitor all the target areas regardless of whether you are present on your property. The Hik-Connect mobile application will send you real-time alerts regarding events and give you access to device settings too.


How to set up a Hikvision DVR?

Once your monitor, Hikvision DVR, CCTV cameras, mouse, and router (in case of an internet connection) have been connected and powered on, move towards setup. Initially, you will be asked to create a password and select security questions in the event that you forget your password. You will be prompted to export a GUID file to reset your password. Insert a USB into your Hikvision DVR and click “Yes” on the dialogue box. Select the USB on your screen and click “Export” followed by “Back” to complete this process. Next, you will be asked to create an unlock pattern to use instead of the password. After drawing and confirming the pattern of your choice, the setup Wizard will begin. The first page will display basic information about your Hikvision DVR and the CCTV cameras that have been connected to it. Once you have selected your language, make sure the time is correct for your device. Enable DHCP in the network settings on the next page if you don’t wish to perform them manually. Then enable remote viewing for the device that you like and see if you want to change the network settings on the next page. Then you are supposed to choose the hard drive of your Hikvision DVR and click “Init”. Click “Next” once the status changes from “Initialising” to “Normal”. If you have any IP cameras connected to your Hikvision DVR, the next page is dedicated to their settings. The last step asks you to choose between “Motion detection” and “Continuous” recording. Finally, you can click “Finish” to visit the home page and access the live view from your CCTV cameras.


How to reset Hikvision DVR?

It is possible that you will need to restore all the default settings of your Hikvision DVR at some point. First, you will enter the password or unlock your device using the unique pattern you created during the initial setup. On the home page, you will have to select the “Maintenance mode” followed by “Default” and “Factory Defaults”. When you click on this option, you will be asked to confirm whether you want to remove all the parameters you have set previously and restore factory settings. It is important to be aware that every setting that you have performed since the setup will be lost if you choose to restore factory defaults. After you click “Yes”, you will be told that the system is rebooting and the screen will return to what you saw the first time you were setting up your Hikvision DVR. Now, you have to go through another setup and arrange the new settings according to your preferences.


How to reset the password on Hikvision DVR?

It is easy to change the password of your Hikvision DVR via the Hik-Connect mobile application. Download and install the latest version of the Hik-Connect application on your smartphone to get remote access during the initial setup. Add your device to your Hik-Connect account and log in to change the settings. Power on your Hikvision DVR and click “Forget password” when asked to log in to your device. Next, choose “Verify by Hik-Connect” and click “OK”. Scan the QR code on the next page using the Hik-Connect mobile application and enter the verification in the space provided. The other perspective is to open your Hik-Connect mobile application and select “Reset device password”. Scan the QR code on the device’s screen and the verification code will show up on your smartphone. Now, you just have to click “OK” to create a new password and log in using that password. Then you will be able to visit the home page and access all the available settings.


What is Hikvision DVR default password?

When you are setting up your Hikvision DVR, you will be asked to create a password to prevent unwanted users from gaining access to your CCTV system. There is also an option for creating an unlock pattern for your Hikvision DVR as an alternative to this password. If you forget your password, just click on “Forgot password” to create a new password. Besides the password and unlock pattern, there is a Hikvision DVR default password for your convenience. Type “admin” as the username and “12345” as the password to get started with your Hikvision DVR. Once you have signed in using the Hikvision DVR default password, you will be taken to the home page where you can adjust the settings of your device according to your preferences.


How to find the Hikvision DVR IP address?

Visit the Hikvision home page and go to Support -> Downloads -> Tools -> SADP. Download this Hikvision software and install it to your PC or tablet. When you run it, you will find your Hikvision DVR connected to your network as identified by the SADP. On the right, you will see the details of your Hikvision DVR including its IP address. The default IP address of the Hikvision DVR is 192.168. 1.1. You may copy this IP address into your browser as the URL. Your Hikvision DVR’s login page will show up allowing you to use its features. As long as your PC or tablet is connected to the same network as your Hikvision DVR, you will be able to access it through this account.


How to perform Hikvision DVR backup?

Insert your USB drive into your Hikvision DVR and login to your device to get to the homepage where you will click on the “Export” icon. You will be shown the options for “Normal” and “Event” recording on the left side. Let us select the “Normal” recording for this example. Next, you need to click on the CCTV camera that has the security footage that you wish to backup on your USB drive from your Hikvision DVR’s hard drive. In the CCTV camera details, you will select the recording date and timings as well as the recording and file types. Click on “Quick Export” at the bottom right and select the folder in your USB drive to save the video footage. Now, click on “Export” and you will see the “Export Finished” notification once the process is complete at which point you can click “OK”.


Why is Hikvision DVR beeping?

One of the most common questions that users have is, “Why does my Hikvision DVR keep beeping?” The answer is pretty simple and you don’t have to be worried about anything. Your Hikvision DVR is not malfunctioning nor is there any defect in your device. This beeping normally indicates that your hard drive has not been initialised if you are setting up for the first time. It just means that the hard drive that you are using has not been formatted. Don’t be alarmed because you need to initialise your hard drive even if it has never been used before. So, if you are wondering how to stop your Hikvision DVR from beeping, there is an easy solution. If you are using a browser, go to Configuration -> Storage -> Storage Management. Select your hard drive from the list shown and click “Format” to make its status “Normal”. If you are using your Hikvision DVR’s homepage, simply select the “HDD” and click “Init” at the bottom right to turn its status “Normal”.


Why is Hikvision DVR offline?

At times you may face the issue of seeing your Hikvision DVR offline due to maintenance issues. The solution is to change the server address through the homepage of your device. Select the “Configuration” icon and click on “Network” to view the details of “Platform Access”. The “Server Address” will be seen there that you need to change to a custom server address recommended by your Hikvision CCTV expert depending on your location. Remember to reboot your system after the new server address has been added. Now, you will see that your Hikvision DVR is online and working perfectly. If the problem persists, you may have to update your firmware.


How to connect a Hikvision DVR to a laptop for the internet?

You may access your Hikvision DVR’s features and settings through a browser using an internet connection on your laptop. Firstly, you need to download the SADP tool from the Support section of the official Hikvision website. Once you have installed this software, you will run it and find your Hikvision DVR connected to the same internet connection. Select your Hikvision DVR as shown by the SADP tool and you will be able to see its details on the right side. Copy paste the IP address of your Hikvision DVR from the SADP tool into the address bar of your internet browser. You will be taken to the login page where you need to enter your username and password to gain access to your Hikvisi


Which Wi-Fi dongle supports Hikvision DVR?

NP-TECH Wi-Fi USB Mini Adapter is a good choice for a Wi-Fi dongle that supports Hikvision DVR. This USB Wi-Fi adapter comes with Hikvision DVR firmware that must be updated. Make sure that the WLAN network is in DHCP mode for this process. Copy the new version of the DVR firmware from your PC to a USB and insert it into your Hikvision DVR’s USB port. Go to System Maintenance -> Upgrade -> Local Upgrade to find the new version firmware and click “Yes” when prompted. An automatic reboot will occur after which you can see “Wi-Fi” when you go to Configuration > Network. Now, insert your Wi-Fi adapter in your Hikvision DVR’s port to see all the Wi-Fi connections in the “Wi-Fi” tab that will be disconnected at this point. Select the Wi-Fi that you just arranged and select “Enable”. In that Wi-Fi’s settings, enter the password (Key Value) and click “OK”. In a few minutes, that Wi-Fi’s status will change to “Connected”. Make sure to enable Hik-Connect through the “Platform Access” tab in “Configuration” to gain remote mobile access.


How to connect Hikvision 7200 series Turbo HD DVR to Wi-Fi?

You will need to use a wireless bridge and wireless router to connect your Hikvision DVR to your Wi-Fi along with some extra wiring. Your internet connection is available to multiple devices through this router. You need a CAT-5e cable that links your Hikvision DVR with your wireless bridge. Next, your wireless bridge must be configured to connect to your router. If you go to Configuration -> Network -> Wi-Fi in your Hikvision DVR, you will be able to see your Wi-Fi connection. To change the status of your W-Fi from “Disconnected” to “Connected”, click “Enable” and “OK” after entering the password of your Wi-Fi. This may take a few minutes but once your Wi-Fi appears connected, you will be able to access the CCTV cameras through your Hikvision DVR with your Wi-Fi.


How to connect Hikvision DVR to mobile?

It is easy to use the Hik-Connect application on your smartphone to get remote access to your Hikvision DVR no matter where you are. So, if you are wondering how to get Hikvision DVR online on your mobile, there is a way besides using an internet browser. Firstly, you must search for the mobile application and download it to your smartphone. If you have never registered at Hik-Connect, this is where you will create your new account after installing the mobile application. Select the button to add a new device to your Hik-Connect account and you will be asked to scan the QR code on your Hikvision DVR. Once you have entered the verification code, you will be able to see the live view of the CCTV cameras that have been connected to your Hikvision DVR. It also provides real-time updates about events and allows you to adjust the settings of your device anytime remotely.


How to get Hikvision 7200 series Turbo HD DVR online?

Go to Configuration -> Network -> General to view the IP parameters of your Hikvision DVR such as the DNS DHCP that must be enabled. Enable “Hik-Connect'' in “Platform Access” and enter a new verification if this is your first time followed by clicking “Apply”. Ensure that your Hikvision DVR has been powered on and is connected to your router so that the Hik-Connect mobile application may detect it. Next, download and install the Hik-Connect application to your smartphone and create an account if you don’t have one already. Click the button to add a new device and scan the QR code on your Hikvision DVR. If your device is offline, you need to choose a network and then activate it using a new password. Enter a verification code and tap “Finish” to complete this process and gain remote access to your Hikvision DVR.


How to access your Hikvision Turbo HD DVR 7200 series?

There are a couple of ways to gain access to your Hikvision DVR but you will need a local area network or internet connection for this purpose. On location, the simplest method to access your Hikvision DVR is by logging in to your device directly and choosing options from the homepage. You may rely on a wired or wireless connection as long as your Hikvision DVR is linked to it. Whether you use your smartphone, PC, or tablet, you need to create a Hik-Connect account. If you are trying to access your Hikvision DVR using an internet browser, you may use the IP address from your device or simply login to your Hik-Connect account. Another method is to install the Hik-Connect mobile application on your smartphone and use your Hik-Connect account from there.


Where to find Hikvision DVR serial number?

Every Hikvision device comes with a unique serial number that you may require for setup, operation, or maintenance. The serial number of your Hikvision DVR is a 9-digit code that is labelled as “SN” on the product packaging as well as the device itself. This means that you can readily find your Hikvision DVR’s serial number on the body of the device in case you have discarded the box that it was packed in. It is a good idea to note the serial number of your Hikvision DVR when you purchase it to be on the safe side. Save the serial number somewhere that you can easily find it in a hurry instead of searching for the packaging or squinting to see it on the device where it has been installed. Usually, the serial number of your Hikvision DVR is printed above the barcode.


Where to find QR code in Hikvision DVR?

It is essential that you locate the QR code of your Hikvision DVR because it is necessary for adding your device to your Hik-Connect account during the setup. You need to scan the QR code of your Hikvision DVR after which you enter a verification code and set a password for your device. When you unbox your Hikvision DVR, flip it over to see the back cover where you will clearly note the QR code. It is usually printed on the label at the back cover of your Hikvison DVR. Remember to turn on the flashlight of your smartphone if it is too dark to get an accurate scan of the QR code of your Hikvision DVR. Manual addition of your device is also possible in case you continue to fail adding your Hikvision DVR through the QR code on tha back cover.


How to configure port forwarding of Hikvison DVR?

When a request sent from the internet is received by the external interface of your router, it redirects the incoming traffic to your Hikvision DVR that is present in the internal network. This port forwarding is important for gaining remote access to your Hikvision DVR. The first step is to arrange your internal network (LAN) by connecting your Hikvision DVR to the internet (via an ethernet cable) and a monitor. After logging into your device, go to Configuration -> Network -> General and select “DHCP” followed by clicking “Apply”. Once 30s have passed, go to Maintenance -> Network and note the “IP address” as well as the “Default Gateway”. Copy paste the “IP address” into the address bar of your internet browser and login to access the live view from your connected CCTV cameras. The second part of the port forwarding is to get your current external IP address from this website: Enter the “Default Gateway”, which is your router’s IP address, to a new tab on your internet browser. This is where you will perform your router’s configuration that may vary depending on its model and make. Forward the following ports to the “IP address” you first noted. There may be plug-ins that you need to install but opening these ports will allow you access to your Hikvision from any internet browser using your external IP address.


Where to buy a Hikvision 7200 series Turbo HD DVR?

There are many sellers of the Hikvision DVR in the UK but you have to be careful about scammers. Always make sure that you are paying a good price for the Hikvision DVR that you have selected for your CCTV system. If the price is too good to be true, you should be suspicious. Check the return and exchange policy of the seller so that you can save your money in case you buy a damaged product. If you are looking for a genuine seller of Hikvision DVR in the UK, browse our range of the best DVRs from the world-renowned manufacturer of video surveillance products. We sell genuine Hikvision DVRs at the best prices with the manufacturer’s warranty giving you the reassurance you need to make a great investment for your security. Consult our CCTV experts to decide which Hikvision DVR would be the best match depending on your exact requirements. We also offer professional CCTV installation along with a wide range of Hikvision products for advanced security measures.

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