Hikvision AcuSense empowered by upgraded deep learning algorithms distinguishes people and vehicles from other moving targets to provides accurate sensing.

Hikvision AcuSense technology provides high accuracy through the sensors used in video surveillance. The backbone of the Hikvision AcuSense series is its deep learning algorithm, which helps to distinguish humans and vehicles from other moving objects while you are monitoring a 24/7 live feed or viewing previously recorded footage. This is important when you are looking for a particular person or vehicle in an urgent situation. Hikvision’s AcuSense technology makes your video stream search much more efficient and ensures reliable results. Moreover, Hikvision’s AcuSense technology has introduced some of the best false-alarm reduction solutions in the market. People who have been struggling with security alarm management due to objects, animals, or other triggers can rely on the AcuSense series to give them peace of mind. Hikvision’s AcuSense technology can successfully filter out 90% of potential false alarms on average, making it an essential CCTV component for security professionals, business owners, and homeowners. Let us learn more about the development and implementation of the deep learning algorithm that brings something new to the table.

In this post, you’ll learn everything about Hikvision Acusense Technology:

What is Hikvision AcuSense?

Hikvision AcuSense technology has been incorporated into several CCTV components that are sold as part of Hikvision CCTV kits. These include the Hikvision AcuSense cameras, the Hikvision AcuSense NVRs, and the Hikvision AcuSense DVRs that are available as separate series for those who are interested in the perks offered by its deep learning algorithm. If you are searching for the latest video surveillance systems for replacing old CCTV models, the Hikvision AcuSense series is a great option. There are also comprehensive security solutions for target areas that have an unusually high level of movement or foot traffic. Imagine needing to pinpoint a criminal or missing person in a huge crowd, such as those you see at sports stadiums and music festivals. The Hikvision AcuSense technology would prove to be an amazing resource in such situations. Similarly, catching a hit-and-run suspect would be much easier if their vehicle could be identified via AcuSense technology without having to comb through video streams filled with the same model of vehicle. As you can see, law enforcement officials and security professionals are forced to spend hours looking for the right person or vehicle without such deep learning algorithms.

How does Hikvision AcuSense work?

Most CCTV systems use real-time alarms that are meant to alert you to various security threats. For instance, there are smoke alarms to prevent damage by fires and object removal detection to make you aware of possible theft on your property. However, common alarms in CCTV systems do not work with high efficiency and false alarms can be difficult to avoid. Moreover, every misidentified threat wastes valuable resources, energy, and the time of security personnel. Those with remote access to their CCTV kits may rush to their property only to discover that there was no security threat. This is a major problem for people with busy schedules and a shortage of security personnel to monitor the CCTV live feed at all times. Hikvision AcuSense technology classifies targets as humans, vehicles, or “other” objects using a filtering system based on a deep learning algorithm. Advanced surveillance systems can automatically categorize either human or vehicle movement by time and location, which helps take the required action. This smart filtering approach is a perfect fit for applications ranging from industrial sites and villas to roadside storefronts.

Advanced target classification is a major feature of the Hikvision AcuSense technology. The Hikvision AcuSense cameras with a built-in alarm I/O can activate an Audio-Visual alarm to automatically or manually deter intruders. The brightness of the strobe can be adjusted and a custom voice recording or alarm sound can be uploaded to the camera. Hikvision's DarkFighter technology that is found in the AcuSense CCTV cameras allows you to capture every event even in poorly illuminated or night conditions. This technology is available in Hikvision dome cameras, turret cameras, NVRs, and bullet cameras. Hikvision AcuSense and non-AcuSense cameras or network video recorders may be combined to enjoy different functionalities. In addition, the Hik-Connect mobile application can be used with an AcuSense CCTV system. When an intruder is detected, uploading a snapshot to the alarm center and sending a notification via your smartphone in real-time is possible. An operator can manually establish an area of interest by drawing borders on a scene. False alarms get reduced upon specifically designating the areas for triggering the alarm. This area may be any entrance, restricted, or any other significant area. Upon crossing a border, an alert/alarm will be triggered.

What is Hikvision AcuSense camera?

Hikvision, the world’s leading provider of innovative security products and solutions, has launched a new AcuSense network camera series to add to its fantastic range of security solutions. Presenting a strobe light and an audio alarm, the new cameras can instantly deter intruders from entering a prohibited site, further enhancing the safety of your property. Once a potential intruder has been accurately detected, the AcuSense network camera triggers the built-in strobe light and audio alarm. Its purpose is to warn the intruder off before they attempt to breach the perimeter. The volume of the audio alarm and the brightness of the strobe light can be adjusted to suit the environment. Hikvision’s AcuSense CCTV surveillance systems and network video recorders serve as ideal sources for replacing old trigger surveillance systems. Being able to distinguish between vehicles, irrelevant movements, and people with accuracy makes them more efficient than their alternatives. These are excellent for applications like perimeter defense, access control, and monitoring restricted areas. The Hikvision AcuSense cameras are available in bullet and turret styles and in 2MP or 4MP resolution, which makes a total of four different options available.

How Do the Hikvision AcuSense cameras work?

Hikvision focuses on Safety from undesirable human and vehicle Intrusion. The most common concerns regarding area protection include invasions and vehicle break-ins. AcuSense technology helps to defend you in two ways. Firstly, the Hikvision AcuSense camera will only trigger an alarm when the preset intrusion type takes place. This means that the number of false alarms goes down significantly, Secondly, videos related to alarm-triggering events are arranged into human and vehicle categories. Thanks to the deep learning algorithm, you can sort through video footage much faster to identify specific vehicles and humans. Hikvision AcuSense cameras are built with the same cutting-edge intrusion detection functionality found within the existing Hikvision security solutions. When the camera detects a potential threat, its intelligent false alarm reduction technology disregards irrelevant movements such as rain, leaves, and animals and focuses on human or vehicle movement for more accurate intrusion detection.

How to setup a Hikvision AcuSense camera?

If you are a beginner, you may wish to consult a CCTV expert regarding the configuration of false alarm reduction through the Hikvision AcuSense camera or the Hikvision AcuSense NVR. Users who want to go ahead with configuration of a Hikvision AcuSense system on their own, will benefit from understanding the various methods followed for proper configuration.

False Alarm Reduction Configuration

The most important thing to remember about setting up a Hikvision AcuSense camera is that false alarm reduction does not work at the same time as motion detection. Got to “Configuration”-“System”-“Maintenance”-“System Service”. You need to uncheck the “enable motion detection” option before proceeding with the setup. Normally, it has been unselected by default but it is always better to check just to make sure.

Hikvision AcuSense NVR with Hikvision AcuSense IP Camera

You are advised to allow the AcuSense camera to perform false alarm reduction to save the NVR’s resources. Uncheck the “Enable Local Smart Analysis” option on the camera channel for this purpose. Visit the NVR’s web page to choose the AcuSense camera channel by going to “Configuration”-“Event”-"Smart Event”. Select and enable the detection of the event you prefer such as line crossing, region intrusion, region entrance or exit detection followed by drawing rules. On the IPC’s web page, you must choose from the modes available namely, “Human”, “Vehicle”, and “Human & Vehicle”. On enabling target detection, the algorithm will be used to filter out false alarms.

Hikvision AcuSense Camera with Non AcuSense NVR

The same configuration as AcuSense camera+ AcuSense NVR applies if the NVR FW is V4.20 or above but if NVR FW is V4.1xx, there’s a different method. Select the AcuSense IPC channel on the NVR’s web page by going to “Configuration”-“Event”-“Smart Event”. Just like the previous method, you need to enable the event that you would like detection for. Moreover, you must select from one of three modes: “Human”, “Vehicle”, and “Human & Vehicle”. The IPC will depend on the algorithm to reduce false alarms giving you peace of mind and saving your time and energy.

Hikvision AcuSense NVR with Non AcuSense IP Camera

Select “Enable Local Smart Analysis” on the NVR’s web page by going to "Configuration"-"Event"-"Smart Event". The NVR will be responsible for reducing false alarms through this approach. Draw rules after you have chosen and enable the event that you wish to detect. Then you need to select the targets for detection by choosing from the available modes: “Human”, “Vehicle”, and “Human & Vehicle”. Save your settings and the AcuSense NVR will automatically filter false alarms once the detection has been enabled.

Hikvision AcuSense NVR configuration

Motion recording is not supported when the false alarm filter is active on the AcuSense IPC and continuous recording is advised instead. On the NVR’s web page, go to “Configuration”-“Storage”-“Schedule Settings”-“Record Schedule”. You will be able to organize your weekly recording calendar according to your requirements. The colour will automatically change to the colour of the recording option that you have selected for your Hikvision AcuSense NVR. CCTV professionals suggest that you select “Continuous” from the available options and avoid “Motion”.

Why choose Hikvision AcuSense camera?

Personal safety, home security, and property protection are among your basic needs, which makes the installation of security systems in your homes and businesses your top priority. Hikvision Acusense technology makes the AcuSense cameras the ultimate choice for a reliable and intelligent security system. The outstanding features of the Hikvision Acusense series help distinguish between people, vehicles, and irrelevant movements accurately making it superior to its alternatives. Hikvision’s DarkFighter CCTV cameras ensure capturing footage even in poorly illuminated or night-time conditions. The technology is available in a handful of the Hikvision dome cameras, turret cameras, bullet cameras, and NVRs. Hikvision AcuSense and non-AcuSense cameras/NVRs can be used side by side to provide various properties. You can achieve advanced target classification with Hikvision AcuSense besides staying safe with the automatic audio-visual alarm system. Custom recordings may be played during such events and the strobe light’s brightness is adjustable as well. The Hik-Connect mobile application may be installed in your smartphone for remote access to your Hikvision AcuSense CCTV kit. This allows you to take action when the AcuSense camera takes a snapshot of an intruder and uploads it to the alarm center to deliver an instant notification. Designating target areas at the perimeter, entrances, exits, and restricted areas is a useful perk of the Hikvision AcuSense series. This helps reduce false alarms and gives you peace of mind even when you are not at your property.

Where to use Hikvision AcuSense camera?

People who are interested in boosting the efficiency and productivity of their CCTV monitoring setup should consider buying the Hikvision AcuSense series. This is possible through an advanced target system, special search filter, integrated video surveillance, and remote access via the Hik-Connect mobile application. Alarm monitoring centers are responsible for alerting the relevant authorities when an alarm is triggered and the Hikvision AcuSense technology makes their work much more convenient. You may use the Hikvision Burglar Alarm service that notifies you about human intrusion but notifications for vehicle-related intrusion may also be received by adjusting the settings. Besides commercial applications, the Hikvision AcuSense cameras are ideal for large residential properties such as villas, mansions, and estates. In addition to ensuring a 24/7 live feed, the Hik-Connect mobile application sends you an instant alert even if you are away from home allowing you to take prompt action. People who own factories and warehouses will be impressed by the performance of the Hikvision AcuSense cameras. They need to protect their assets 24/7 and security guards cannot be as efficient, not to mention hiring them is expensive. The security manager will be immediately aware of human and vehicle intrusions but irrelevant objects or stray animals will not trigger the alarms. A “Danger” sign is nowhere as effective to keep people out of restricted areas as the Hikvision AcuSense cameras. The custom audio warning would be a greater deterrent and the false alarm reduction feature guarantees higher efficiency working at 90%. The combination of the Hikvision AcuSense and DarkFighter technology provides 24/7 protection against intruders and clear video footage even in poor lighting conditions. This makes it perfect for every target area from industrial sites and villas to roadside storefronts. Compared to conventional sensor-based alarm systems, it offers a real-time live feed, important data about events, and solid evidence for criminal cases.

Hikvision AcuSense Review

There is a wide variety of features available in popular Hikvision CCTV cameras and video recorders but Hikvision has introduced their AcuSense technology to these models. This has resulted in a brand new line of innovative CCTV cameras and video recorders that work through a deep learning algorithm to give you the best security solutions. Precision has been difficult to achieve in conventional video surveillance with users complaining about false alarms but the Hikvision AcuSense alarm system has an accuracy rate of 90%. This is amazing because you don’t have to worry about wasting your time, energy, or resources on false alarms caused by floating leaves or stray animals. The Hikvision AcuSense camera can identify vehicles and humans intruding on your property, even during the night when you combine it with Hikvision’s DarkFighter technology. It sends you a real-time alert along with a snapshot of the event allowing you to take immediate action. The Hik-Connect mobile application that is linked to your Hikvision AcuSense camera keeps you updated 24/7. Moreover, you may quickly find humans and vehicles while looking through the Hikvision AcuSense camera recordings thanks to the search filter powered by the deep learning algorithm. The strobe light provides a visual deterrent while the custom audio recording serves as a clear warning for intruders. Therefore, the Hikvision AcuSense series offers efficient and accurate security solutions for residential and commercial applications.