All the benefits of CCTV go without saying. It helps to keep people safe and secure, and we can use it to provide evidence in a court of law. But what’s the point if we don’t know what is happening at all times?

Thankfully, smartphone surveillance applications have enabled us to maintain contact with our security system from anywhere in the world. The advent of these apps has been a huge boon for the CCTV industry, which was otherwise being held back by its dependence on heavy equipment that is not easy to move around.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the CCTV industry was quick to adopt these apps. Their popularity, however, has grown as they have become more and more advanced. Moreover, the leading CCTV companies in the world are now working on these applications with a desire to help their customers keep an eye on their employees and improve customer satisfaction. One such example is Hikvision’s feature-rich Hik-Connect app that has been a game changer in the surveillance industry and continues to gain edge by being the best to beat with over 3.4K daily views and 8 new subscribers per day. Fascinating! Isn’t it?

If you're wondering why, keep reading to discover everything there is to know about Hik-Connect in this post:

What is the Hik-Connect app?

Hik-connect is a mobile client software developed for Hikvision end-users to remotely monitor their surveillance system in real time, control it through the app and push notifications. It can be linked with Hikvision DVRs, NVRs, and IP cameras. The app is free, and it's available for both iOS and Android. The most important aspect of this app is, however, the ability to combine home and business security within one ecosystem. The user can quickly and easily access their camera feeds with the app and download footage to the cloud for remote viewing.

There are a number of features that make Hik-Connect stand out from competitors. For instance, it has a connection feature that connects users' devices to devices in the home with one tap. The connection is encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption and is not subject to packet loss or latency. It provides playback and recording, PTZ control over pan and tilt movements and access to lower resolution video in case the connection is interrupted or if there is an issue with the camera.

Hik-Connect also allows you to view live streams over WiFi, 3G or LTE cellular networks without requiring a separate IP address. It even provides email alerts when any motion is detected. Therefore, Hik-Connect is, succinctly, an improved Hikvision service that substantially streamlines the process of linking multiple devices over the Internet for live viewing. Hik-Connect only supports hikvision devices and does not work with third-party devices.

How does the Hik-Connect app work?

Hik-Connect is an IoT communication platform that works with Hikvision devices and allows users to ‘connect’ their devices via their mobile phones for remote view. For example, if you are not at home and want to check on your loved ones, you can use the app to see what they are doing and everything is ok with them. An IP camera using this software establishes a connection from a local network to the Hik-Connect server that could communicate with a distant mobile device. Since the request originated from the local network to the Internet and the other way around, the system can function without any router setup. Following the initial steps, the mobile device connects to the Hik-Connect server, which manages P2P communication between both devices.

By this way, Hik-Connect software allows customers to view live feeds from their cameras from anywhere in the world. It also provides remote control of up to 64 cameras, which can be set up in different groups for easy management. Moreover, Hik-Connect is a cloud based video management solution which helps protect an organization’s most valuable assets, by monitoring and controlling a network of cameras from one central location. This software is available for all of Hikvision’s IP cameras including their 4K Ultra HD range and the system consists of two main components that work together to keep an eye on your network of cameras. The first is the cloud server, which manages the cameras and streams the footage to the user interface. The second component is the client software, which runs on a computer or mobile device and provides a user interface for users to configure their cameras, to manage and monitor their video surveillance system. All you have to do is sign up for an account and connect a device to watch real-time video from your cameras all around the world.

How to set up a Hik-Connect app?

To get started with Hik-Connect, download the Hik-Connect app either on your smartphone or tablet and choose your Region. After that, click Login and then Register. Follow the app's instructions for the rest of the process. After you've logged in, click the + button in the upper right corner of your screen and then choose Scan QR Code. The camera on your phone or tablet will now turn on, and you'll need it to scan the QR code displayed on the Platform Access menu. Once the device has been scanned, hit Add to confirm the new device. You will now see a list of your devices. When you choose the new device, a little preview will show in the bottom right corner. There, click on the black box, and you'll be sent to your camera stream. However, keep in mind that the first time you do this on a new phone or tablet, you will be prompted to input the Verification Code that you generated when you activated Hik-Connect on your recorder.

How to use the Hik-Connect app?

Hikvision's Hik-Connect app has been designed to make your life easier. It makes controlling your camera via a smartphone or tablet easier than ever before. The application is free and available for both Android and iOS users, so you can be sure that you'll have compatibility no matter what device you are using. This app allows you to control up to 64 cameras at once, allowing you to see multiple locations in real-time on the same screen - perfect for monitoring different parts of a building or property. The app also enables users to configure and manage their camera settings directly from the phone or tablet. However, you can use this app in the following way; first of all download and open the app, then select your country of residence.

You'll have two options: log in to your Hik-Connect account or add the device straight to the Hik-Connect app. If you already have an account, continue; if not, create an account and add a device first. After that, pick IP/Domain. Enter the information provided by your vendor. Once all of the information has been input, click the Save icon. When the Camera No. changes to the correct number of cameras you have installed, the connection is complete. Now, at the bottom, click the Start Live View button. You may vary the number of live views to watch at the same time by clicking the number icon of 1,4,9,12,16. You may also switch between the clear and fluent views by clicking the SD symbol. After that, click the top left icon to see the recorded video. Choose the Playback Date, Playback Time, and Camera from which you wish to view the playback recordings. Finally, press the Start Playback button to begin monitoring your video streams.

How to connect Hik-Connect app on mobile?

If you have Hikvision CCTV camera systems, you may need to use the Hik-Connect app on your mobile phone for remote monitoring. Here, we will guide you how to connect it to your smart phone in just a few simple steps. To begin, download the Hik-Connect app from the iOS app store or the Google Play Store. After that, launch the app and pick your country of residency. You now have two options: log in to your Hik-Connect account or add your device straight to the Hik-Connect app. If you are unsure what to do, please contact your seller.

Furthermore, if you use the Hik-Connect service, then log in as directed on the app. After logging in, you should be able to access the Hikvision devices. However, if you're using a domain name service, click the + button in the top right corner. Then there's Manual Adding. Choose IP/Domain and follow the instructions. After you've finished filling out all of the data, click the Save icon in the upper right corner.

When the Camera No. changes to the correct number of cameras you have installed, the connection is complete. Then, at the bottom, select the Start Live View button. You may vary the number of live views to watch at the same time by clicking the number icon of 1,4,9,12,16. Then, using the SD icon, you may choose between the clear and fluent views. To see the recorded video, click the top left icon, and pick the Playback Date, Playback Time, and camera from which you wish to view the playback recordings. After that, click Start Playback to smoothly stream your video feeds on your mobile phone.

How to get verification code for Hik-Connect app?

Hikvision devices such as NVRs, DVRs, and cameras employ verification codes to confirm and establish a connection between the Hikvision P2P service and the device. Unfortunately, many users are unable to find this code, thus in this part, we will teach you how to recognise and locate the Hikvision device verification code on your own. To begin, the device verification code may be found on the DVR or NVR's label or sticker. Since every Hikvision device, including the USA version, OEM version, and devices for international markets, come with a label. Look for a label imprinted with the model, serial number, and device verification code on the device's box or beneath the recorder. Furthermore, the device verification code may be located on the local GUI of the DVR or NVR (interface). To do so, navigate to Main Menu -> Configuration- > Network -> Platform Access. The device verification code is written in six capital letters. If the field is empty, provide your own verification code, for example, ABCDEF.

Lastly, the verification code may be found in the device online setup interface for both the IP camera and the Hikvision NVR/DVR. Go to Configuration -> Network -> Platform Access after logging onto your device using a web browser. You might be able to locate your device verification code there. On this screen, you may also alter the verification code. If you still can't find the verification code, then it is recommended to contact your seller/dealer for help.

How to download the Hik-Connect app in a web browser?

To download the Hik-Connect app in a web browser you need to open the web browser on your PC and type appstore.hikvision.com there. This step will take you to the Hikvision App store, where you may download the Hik-Connect app by clicking the Download option. You may either use a file browser software to get to your Download folder or just start the installation by clicking on the completed download in your web browser. After that, Android will prompt you to provide permission to either the file browser or your web browser in order to install the app. Once you grant the permission, you should be sent to the installation screen. If not, return to your Download folder after giving permission to try again. Thereby, the app should install without any issue.

How to fix the Hik-Connect app offline?

For many users, the Hik-Connect offline issue is a major concern. As a result, our objective is to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to resolve the Hik-Connect offline issue. To begin, go to the device and check the Register Status. The status may be viewed either on the web GUI or the local GUI. If the Enable box is not checked, check it and verify the register status by heading to Configuration -> Network -> Advanced Settings. If it is enabled and the Register Status remains offline, proceed to the second step and ensure that the device is connected to the Internet and can connect to the Hik-Connect server. After that, check the device to determine if the IP settings are LAN-related by heading to Configuration -> Network -> Basic Settings -> TCP/IP. Then it is suggested to change the DNS address either as or as a local DNS address. Next change dev.hik-connect.com to litedev.hik-connect.com or change litedev.hik-connect.com to dev.hik-connect.com. Furthermore, upgrade the device to the most recent firmware.

Also, if the Register Status is still unavailable, you may need to examine the network in the following ways: first, determine whether or not the Hik-Connect server is accessible. Connect your PC to the same LAN as the device, then go to the Windows start menu, type cmd, and select Entry Key. Subsequently, enter the command ping dev.hik-connect.com and again press Enter. If a response is received, it indicates that the DNS server address is accurate and the Hik-Connect Server IP address is returned to the device. If there is no response, the DNS server address must be modified correctly.

The second way, on the other hand, is to check if the device's connection to the Hik-Connect Server has been blocked by the fire wall. To do so, connect your PC to the same LAN as the device and navigate to the Windows Start menu, where you may type cmd and press the Enter Key. Next, enter the command telnet dev.hik-connect.com 8555 or telnet litedev.hik-connect.com 8666 and again press the Enter Key. When telnet fails, you should check to see if there are any firewall settings that are blocking the connection between the device and the Hik-Connect server. However, keep in mind that the Telnet function is disabled by default on PCs, so it must be activated first by navigating to Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Programs and Features -> Installed Updates and turning the Windows feature on. Thus, you may resolve the Hik-Connect offline problem by following these instructions.

How to share Hik-Connect app?

To share Hik-Connect, launch the app and sign in with your credentials. Then, choose the device that needs to be shared. Afterwards, move the device name to the left and press the Share symbol to access the Share Device page. Input your email address or mobile phone number that was previously registered as a Hik-Connect account there. Keep in mind that the cellphone number must include the country code. Then, on the Device Permission Page, touch the device name to set the permissions. Following that, click OK and then the Save button. Hik-Connect has now shared your device!

How to delete devices from the Hik-Connect app?

To delete a device from the Hik-Connect app simply open the Settings menu and select Devices. From this screen you will be able to scroll your Device List. If the list is in list mode, swipe the device name to the left and tap Settings -> Delete Device. However, if the list is in thumbnail mode on the device list then tap the Device Name or the three horizontal dots and hit the Delete Device option. Once deleted, the device will no longer show up in your devices list.

How to solve unbind using the Hik-connect app?

If you scan a QR code or enter a Hik-Connect domain to add a device and the result reveals that the device has already been added to another account, you should remove it from that account before adding it to your account. But before you begin, ensure that the device and the phone running the Mobile Client are both connected to the same local area network. Then, scan the QR code or Hik-Connect domain to add the device. Tap Unbind Device on the Result Page to begin unbinding the device from its account. If a network exception occurs, take the following actions: tap Connect to WiFi to connect the phone to the WiFi network, and ensure that the device is in the same local area network as the phone. Then, in the local GUI, press Or you may unbind the device from its account to unbind the device. It should be noted, however, that unbinding the device via the local GUI must be supported by the device. Afterwards, on the Unbind Device tab, enter the device password as well as the verification code. Finally, press the Finish button to unbind the device from the Hik-Connect app


How to add a device to the Hik-Connect app?

You can add devices that support the Hik-Connect service to the Hik-Connect app for remote monitoring. However, before you begin, ensure that your device supports the Hik-Connect function. If not, upgrade your device's firmware to the most recent version. Secondly, download and install the most recent version of the Hik-Connect smartphone app. To begin, open the Hik-Connect app on your smartphone, navigate to the Home interface, and press the symbol in the top right corner. You may add the device here in two ways: i) by scanning the QR code, or ii) manually.

Follow these instructions if you want to add the device by scanning the QR code. To open the "Scan QR Code" window, tap Scan QR Code, or select the picture icon in the top right corner of the interface to extract the QR code from a local album. Typically, the QR code is on the device's label, which is located on the rear. Look beneath the recorder for the QR code. When you find it, scan it to add it to the Hik-Connect app.

If you chose the manual method, begin by tapping Manual Adding to reach the New Device interface. Select Hik-Connect Domain as the adding type. Manually enter the device serial number. To search the device, tap the Save symbol. Then, to proceed, click Add. After that, input the device verification code to complete the process, and the Adding Completed interface will appear. If you've arrived at this screen, it implies you've successfully added your device to Hik-Connect. You may now click Skip to return to the Home interface and see the live liew stream from your security system.

How to add another device to the Hik-Connect app?

Adding an additional device is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes with no technical help required. Simply follow these instructions to add another device to your Hik-Connect account. First, go to the bottom of the interface and press the Home symbol. There, hit + in the top right corner and scan the QR code of the device. Normally, the QR code is located on the device's rear. Now, in the top right corner of the screen, press the Manual Adding icon and manually enter the device serial number. Then, to search, press the OK button. After that, click Add, enter the device verification code, and then click OK. Then click the Finish button or tap Add Another Device to add other devices and repeat the process. You should now have two devices linked to your app, and you may add as many as you like to monitor them all at the same time.

How to change time on Hik-Connect?

Hik-Connect allows you to change the time on your Hik-Connect device. This is useful if you want to delay your camera's notification until after a certain time, or if you want to make sure it does not send a notification because it will be cloudy that day for example. Here are some useful steps to change the time on your Hik-Connect; navigate to the device's Settings page. If you're on the device page in list mode, swipe the device name to the left and hit the Settings icon. If the device list is in thumbnail mode, either tap the device name or the three horizontal dots, and then hit the Settings icon. Subsequently, go to the Remote Configuration Page, and then tap on Time Configuration to go to the Time Configuration page. After that, pick the time zone in which the device is located, and the device time will be automatically updated. Select the Time Synchronization option, then NTP Synchronization, and finally the interval for syncing the device time with the NTP server. You may also choose Manual Synchronization and then hit Synchronize with Phone to synchronise the device time with your phone's Operating system time. Then, lastly, press the Save button to save the adjustments.