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TP-Link Tapo-C500 Pan/Tilt Outdoor WiFi Security Camera

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TP-Link Tapo-C500 camera makes it easy to monitor your home remotely. Whether you're watching your pet or monitoring your backyard, it provides continuous Full HD resolution video, day or night. With its 360° visual coverage, there are no blind spots, ensuring comprehensive surveillance. Thanks to its night vision feature, enjoy crystal-clear images even in low-light conditions. Stay informed of any unexpected activity with motion detection, receiving instant notifications on your phone.

  • The automatic tracking feature monitors any movement closely, ensuring you're promptly informed about the source of any disturbances.
  • Tapo C500 camera is equipped with two-way audio functionality, which allows seamless communication with individuals on your property, even when you're away from home.
  • You can store your security footage on a microSD card or subscribe to TapoCare for cloud storage. 
  • You can save your security recordings on a microSD card or in the cloud by subscribing to TapoCare.
  • You can command either Alexa or Google Assistant to display the footage, and it's compatible with both voice assistants.
  • The camera boasts an IP65 rating for water and dust resistance, ensuring outdoor safety and durability.
  • You can record your sound alarm, expanding its utility for various scenarios.

How to reset Tapo C500?

To reset the Tapo C500 camera, follow these steps: First, locate the reset button on the camera. It's usually a small, recessed button that may require a pin or paperclip to press. Press and hold the reset button for 5-10 seconds until you hear a voice prompt or see the LED indicators blink rapidly. This action will reset the camera to its factory default settings. After resetting, you'll need to set up the camera again using the Tapo app, following the initial setup instructions. Remember to reconfigure any settings or preferences previously customized, as they will be cleared during the reset process.

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