Looking for the Best Floodlight Camera in the UK? Find out in detail comparison of EZVIZ, Eufy, Swann, and Ring floodlight cameras.

Are you looking for the best floodlight camera in the UK? You have come to the right place because we have a complete list of pros and cons to help you select the ideal one from the most popular floodlight cameras available in the market right now. Beginners would greatly benefit from a proper guide on floodlight cameras but if you are an experienced buyer, you may want to skip ahead to the product recommendations.

What is a Floodlight Camera?

You are probably familiar with CCTV cameras strategically placed to beef up security at public and private places. They are suitable for well-lit spaces but what happens when there isn’t enough light to spot criminals? You need a device that combines a light source, a high-resolution camera, and the ability to detect intruders. Additional features are available depending on the model you have selected.

That is the precise set of features a floodlight camera provides so that your property will remain safe in the dark of the night. Criminals don’t wish to be recorded and identified by security cameras, especially those with bright lights included in the model. This means that intruders will be discouraged from entering your residential or commercial property. Therefore, a floodlight camera is an excellent addition to your outdoor security system.

How does a Floodlight Camera work?

Floodlight cameras are equipped with motion sensors that often operate in sync with AI technology. The minute an intruder is detected by a floodlight camera, they are blinded by bright light and the camera starts recording too. Features such as colour night vision allow you to capture video as if it was daytime. As a result, the criminal is unable to conceal their presence and you can collect concrete evidence against them.

Since it is connected to a mobile application, you receive real-time alerts and updates on the situation. This allows you to prepare for confrontation and call for help right away. Besides preventing break-ins, floodlight cameras are also useful in keeping your mail safe from thieves. Additionally, visual records of criminal activity may be important in proving your innocence in case you are charged with a crime.

Why to choose a Floodlight Camera?

You may not be able to control crime but you can certainly take strong measures to keep your home and place of business secure. The people who live and work on these properties must stay safe at all times. The assets that are present at these places need to be protected as well. If you are not convinced, check out the following advantages of installing a floodlight camera:

Prevent break-ins

Intruders who plan a break-in are not interested in taking the risks that come with high-security systems. This significantly lowers the chance of an attempt at breaking into your property. The minute they spot the surveillance, they are going to turn away and search for an easier target.

Boost security

Most people have some sort of security system already installed at the premises and a floodlight camera adds an extra layer of safety. It can work together with the existing system to prevent intrusion, identify criminals and gather evidence against them that can be submitted to the police during official investigations.

Video evidence

It is common for criminal cases to be dismissed on the grounds of lack of evidence. To avoid this problem, video evidence from a floodlight camera would be ideal to turn the case in your favour. The camera footage may also be essential to prove your innocence if you have been accused of a crime.

Safeguard mail

People often complain about their packages being stolen from their doorsteps and it can be difficult to track down the thieves. Firstly, the floodlight cameras installed at your place will have any thief thinking twice about stealing your mail. In the event of such a theft, the thief will be quickly identified and may even get caught red-handed.

Stop burglary

You cannot predict armed robberies and burglaries where the criminals come prepared to take as much as they can. Unfortunately, these cases also include attacks on the people present there at that time. It is unlikely that armed criminals will break into your property if you have floodlight cameras acting as a clear warning.

Instant alerts

People with poor security measures are often too late to take protective measures or call for assistance during a break-in. As your floodlight camera is directly linked to your smartphone, you have time to arm yourself and inform the police. The floodlights switching on may scare away the intruders before any harm is done.

Insurance savings

Paying for your insurance premium with an exterior security system that includes floodlight cameras is beneficial for you. If you are getting insurance for multiple residential and commercial properties, you may expect a good amount of reduction with this high-security setup.

Where to install a Floodlight Camera?

The correct position of your floodlight camera is just as important as the model you have chosen. It must be positioned to give you a clear view of your property’s exterior. Keep in mind that the action of the motion sensors is limited to a specific range that is often described as exactly in the middle of your camera’s field of view.

In addition to that consideration, you must check the visual range of your floodlight camera. That is necessary because it must be capable of covering the perimeter of your property from where intruders tend to enter. If your floodlight camera is recording human movement at your outer wall or fence clearly, you are all set. Test its function during the night to ensure that no mistakes have been made.

Installing floodlight cameras too low is a common error and may be fixed by positioning them around 9 feet above the ground. The motion sensor must be aligned parallel to the ground allowing it to detect the movement of intruders. This position is perfect for capturing their faces in high resolution.

How to install a Floodlight Camera?

There are certain types of floodlight cameras that you may install on your own while other varieties require professional assistance. Those that operate through batteries or solar energy don’t require complex installation. Moreover, there are wireless floodlight cameras that are linked to your Wi-Fi. Some models have a plug-in attachment straight into your electrical supply.

On the other hand, floodlight camera models that have one or two wires for power supply and recorders often demand a professional touch. Not only is it risky to attempt this on your own, wires must be expertly concealed to prevent theft. If you are interested in extending the distance between your floodlight camera and recorder, extra equipment will be needed to bridge that gap.

How to set up a Floodlight Security Camera?

Once your physical installation is complete, you may proceed to the next step. Download the relevant mobile application and either create an account or sign in to an existing one. Next, choose your product category and use the unique code provided for verification followed by connection through the setup mode of your floodlight camera.

It is essential to check whether your device is functioning properly after installation. Carry out a test to see if the motion sensors detect human movement and signal the lights to turn on. The recording must begin at that instant and you should receive a direct feed that is stored without interruption.

How to reset a Floodlight Security Camera

The mobile application linked with your floodlight camera gives you plenty of options to adjust settings. If you wish to return your device to factory settings, there is a proper procedure for that as well. The first step is to make sure that your floodlight camera has been powered up.

Find the “Reset” button that is usually located at the top of a floodlight camera and press it down for 30 seconds. Once you release it, you will notice that the status light of your device continues to blink for a while. This is a sign that your floodlight camera’s factory settings are being restored. It will return to normal as soon as the internal process is finished.

How much is the Floodlight Camera?

There is a wide range of amazing floodlight cameras available in the market at various prices. The price of this product depends on the features it offers, the brand that manufactured it, and the seller’s business costs. Always remember to buy floodlight cameras from authorized dealers who sell genuine products at reasonable rates.

Where to buy a Floodlight Camera?

The companies that manufacture security equipment like floodlight cameras do not permit the distribution of their products by unauthorized dealers. You may shop in-store or checkout e-commerce websites that are authorized to sell different models of floodlight cameras. Here are some tips to ensure that you do not fall for any scams:

  • Make sure that the seller is an authorized dealer for that brand.
  • Ask for the official warranty that comes with floodlight cameras.
  • Learn about the seller’s exchange and return policy for that product.
  • Calculate the shipping rates based on your location to save money.
  • Shortlist some sellers and compare their prices for the same product.
  • Read reviews about the seller and test out their customer services.

You may buy the EZVIZ floodlight camera from CCTV Wise, authorized resellers who guarantee genuine products with manufacturer warranty. It is known as the best floodlight camera in the UK according to users and experts.

Which is the Best Floodlight Camera in the UK?

There are a couple of things you should remember while buying floodlight cameras for greater security. Consider the power supply, storage features, camera resolution, motion sensor range, floodlight range, two-way audio, night vision, AI identification, integration options, instant notifications, compatible recorders, ease of installation, data encryption, and the mobile application linked to that floodlight camera.


Several brands provide high-quality security systems so it can be tough for buyers to decide which one suits them best. We will be looking at the features of the most popular EZVIZ, Eufy, Swann, and Ring floodlight cameras.

Ring EZVIZ Eufy Swann
PIR sensor 270º 270º 270º 270º
Floodlight 3000 lumens 2000 lumens 2500 lumens 2500 lumens
Resolution 2MP (1080P) 2MP (1080P) 2MP (1080P) 2MP (1080P)
Field of View 140º (Horizontal) & 78º (Vertical) 140°(Diagonal) & 115°(Horizontal) 140º 125º
Colour night vision 30ft 82ft 16ft 33ft
Remote siren Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weatherproof Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes Yes
Two-way audio Yes Yes Yes Yes
SD card slot 256GB 256GB No No
Cloud storage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes

EZVIZ vs Ring Floodlight Camera

Both models of floodlight cameras have terrific features that make them winners in their own right. Since they are sold by different brands, there are slight variations in their design specifications and services offered by the company. Of course, the biggest difference is the price that you can spot straight away. EZVIZ floodlight camera is available for around *insert price range* depending on the seller. Meanwhile, the Ring floodlight camera has a much higher price tag at nearly *insert price range*. It may be said that the EZVIZ floodlight camera is a cheaper alternative to the Ring floodlight camera, which is probably the most well-known brand in this category.

The 270° PIR motion detection sensor is activated by movement and AI technology can distinguish between humans, animals, and objects. This is a great feature because you get instant alerts on your EZVIZ app or Ring app whenever this happens and you don’t want to be bothered by false alarms. The 100-decibel siren in these floodlight cameras is remotely controlled for your convenience. EZVIZ floodlight camera and Ring floodlight camera start recording in 2MP (1080p) on motion detection giving you a clear view of the criminal activity.

During the night, both models provide colour night vision making it seem like daytime but their ranges differ. EZVIZ floodlight camera possessing a greater colour night vision range than Ring floodlight camera, 82ft, and 30ft respectively. Keep their field of view in mind at the time of installation because the Ring floodlight camera provides a 140º (Horizontal) & 78º (Vertical) field of vision while the EZVIZ floodlight camera has a 140º (Diagonal) & 78º (Horizontal) field of vision. Another difference is in the strength of their floodlights with the EZVIZ floodlight camera shining at 2000 lumens as opposed to 3000 lumens of the Ring floodlight camera.

If we talk about storage, you will be pleased to learn that both models have slots for a 256GB SD card and offer the option of Cloud storage with a 30-day free trial followed by paid subscription. Strong encryption will protect your floodlight camera from hackers while the two-way audio and siren combination will keep away intruders. In addition to Wi-Fi connection, the EZVIZ floodlight camera and Ring floodlight camera also come with smart home integration options for Alexa and Google Home.

EZVIZ vs Ring Floodlight Camera

Swann vs Ring Floodlight Camera

If you are searching for a good quality yet affordable floodlight camera, the Swann floodlight camera might be the right choice for you. In comparison, the Ring floodlight camera costs nearly double the amount depending on where you buy it from. Swann floodlight camera is fairly reasonable at around *insert price range* and Ring floodlight camera is the expensive option at *insert price range*. There are not any major differences between these two models yet the price tag may change your mind.

However, factors may steer you towards the Ring floodlight camera, especially if you wish to cover a larger area than what the Swann floodlight camera covers with a 125° field of view. On the other hand, the Ring floodlight camera allows you to monitor a much greater area with a 140º (Horizontal) & 78º (Vertical) field of vision. Both have a 270° PIR motion detection sensor that also works at night using colour night vision technology. This is where the Swann floodlight camera may be a better choice since its range extends to 33ft as opposed to the 30ft range of the Ring floodlight camera. Enjoy HD recording at 2MP (1080p) from both these models in all sorts of weather because these durable floodlight cameras are weather-resistant types.

The Wi-Fi range offered by the Swann floodlight camera extends to 65ft but this is an estimate for an open field and not an area that has obstructions. The good news is that range extenders can solve this issue for you if your camera is far away from your Wi-Fi. Meanwhile, Ring Chime Pro can stretch the range of your Wi-Fi signal up to 2000 sq. ft so you don’t have to worry about that with your Ring floodlight camera. Therefore, your motion detector, remote siren, and two-way audio will work perfectly on both models. One difference is that the Ring floodlight camera is brighter (3000 lumens) than the Swann floodlight camera (2500 lumens).

Storage options are determined by the brand policy and the Swann floodlight camera provides 7 days of internal storage along with 30 days of Cloud storage with the ExtraSafe plans. If you have not opted for a paid plan, you only get 2 days of Cloud storage in addition to the internal memory. Ring floodlight cameras can work with a 256GB SD card and you may get 60 days of Cloud storage with Ring Protect Plan. Your data is encrypted to prevent hackers from stealing your private information. Smart integration is available for these models with Alexa and Google Home for your ease. Stay updated by connecting your device to the Ring app or Swann app during installation and setup.

Eufy vs Ring Floodlight Camera

The most expensive option among the best floodlight cameras in the UK is the Ring floodlight camera. So, the Eufy floodlight camera may be the better choice for those who want to beef up their security without creating a huge dent in their pockets. Remember to calculate the total cost keeping in mind subscription plans and shipping rates while you purchase your floodlight camera. You could be asked to pay around *insert price range* for the Ring floodlight camera and nearly *insert price range* for the Eufy floodlight camera depending on the seller, you have selected.

Another difference in the design and features of these models is the range of the colour night vision that lights up the video as if it was daytime. This is important to make sure that there is no confusion in what you are viewing on your screen. The Eufy floodlight camera can detect intruders within a distance of 16ft during the night whereas the Ring floodlight camera can catch them red-handed at 30ft. Recording starts at 2MP (1080p) within both these models as soon as their 270° PIR motion sensors have been activated, allowing you to get clear evidence of the crime. The Eufy floodlight camera has a 140° wide-angle field of vision while the Ring floodlight camera has a 140º (Horizontal) & 78º (Vertical) field of vision.

The best floodlight cameras offer a higher intensity of lighting to cover a greater range around the perimeter of your property. The shape of the floodlights determines the area that they can monitor. The Ring floodlight camera is superior, offering 3000 lumens of brightness from its cone-shaped floodlights. The Eufy floodlight camera has a slightly square shape to its floodlights so they have a different kind of coverage at 2500 lumens. These are turned on when motion is detected and you get the combined benefit of the remote-controlled siren and two-way audio in these weather-resistant models.

You may link both these floodlight cameras with Alexa or Google Home through smart home integration technology. This gives you greater control over the features using a system that is already familiar to you. Instead of paying monthly subscription fees for storage, you get 16GB of internal memory to manage your storage requirements. If you have selected the other model, Ring Protect Plan provides 60-day Cloud storage as well as the option of getting a 256GB SD card for your floodlight camera. Powerful data encryption keeps your user data safe from hackers. Both these models provide live streaming with a Wi-Fi connection that may be extended according to your needs.


Now that you have learned about the Ring, Eufy, Swann, and EZVIZ floodlight cameras have you reached a final decision? If we talk about the list of best floodlight cameras in the UK, the Swann floodlight camera may appear to be the most affordable choice but its features are not as good as the other three models. If you want Cloud storage, the Eufy floodlight camera is not suitable since it only comes with 16GB of internal storage. Ring floodlight camera and EZVIZ floodlight camera are neck and neck but EZVIZ floodlight camera wins because of its much lower price tag.

As you can see, there are price tags and subscription charges to consider besides features. Shipping costs can be a major factor and you must remember to calculate installation charges for models that you cannot plugin on your own. Compare the prices offered by various sellers and explore the subscription plans of that particular brand. This will help you narrow down your options to choose the best floodlight camera for your requirements.