NOTE:- From 1st January 2019 HiWatch by Hikvision is merged with HiLook series. Both brands will be simply branded as HiLook.

Are you looking for peace of mind when selecting a security camera system for your business or home? Are you questioning if IP, HD, or hybrid is best for your property? Regardless, you can find the optimal fit for your needs with a HiWatch by Hikvision!

To build up a system for a private house, you need to consider where to place the cameras, what kind of equipment should be applied and how to connect the devices. Now the HiWatch series provides the exact product range to your needs.

For small business applications such as shops Users pharmacies, electronics accessories retailers, coffee shops and restaurants, owners can get a standard security system in a cost-effective way. The standard solution is simple and reliable, requires a modest outlay and guarantees excellent performance. It comprises out-of-the-box recording equipment and HD cameras with the option of local or remote real-time viewing.

Hikvision continues to enrich their portfolio with HiWatch CCTV products, range from cutting-edge IP CCTV solution to the HD CCTV system, to provide optimized security systems that match the small-to-medium-sized enterprises’ specific needs, such as retail stores, hotels and mid-sized industry/manufacturing sectors -- to list just a few among the many applicable scenarios.

Hikvision, the global leader of video surveillance products and solutions, is proud to unveil new IP solution and Turbo HD solution into its expanding HiWatch series product portfolio. HiWatch series is a range of most cost-effective IP cameras, NVR, HD cameras and DVRs that apply the networking technologies and advantages of the internet to the world of video surveillance.

In this guide, we’ll answer the following questions:

What is HiWatch by Hikvision?

HiWatch by Hikvision’s offshoot brand of entry-level cost-effective, easy-to-use and reliable CCTV products for small- and medium-sized projects. HiWatch is the best choice for a limited budget without compromising quality and compliance with safety and regulatory standards. This makes HiWatch perfect to secure your own house, garden, or even small business.

HiWatch CCTV products are designed around the same imaging (High-Resolution) and analytics technology as Hikvision. However, HiWatch does not support the range of smart features, if you specifically need to use features such as intrusion detection, object removal and left luggage, then you would still need to go for one of the more advanced models.

Benefitting from high-cost efficiency, ease of use, maintenance simplicity, in-time upgrading, and professional technical service; the HiWatch by Hikvision is not only a product mix but also a therapist for your security-related concerns.

What products does the HiWatch series have?

The HiWatch by Hikvision provides reliable, affordable and high-quality solutions. HiWatch offers an extensive range of products and solutions to secure homes and small businesses with easily managed recorders, cameras, video intercoms, monitors, switches and cables.

  • HiWatch NVR
  • HiWatch IP cameras
  • HiWatch Wireless cameras
  • HiWatch DVR
  • HiWatch CCTV cameras
  • HiWatch PTZ cameras
  • HiWatch video intercoms
  • HiWatch switches
  • HiWatch cables

HiWatch NVR

HiWatch NVR supports third-party IP cameras, built-in PoE interface and easy-to-use wizards allows you to set up, record and playback footage without the need for complex networking expertise.

HiWatch IP Cameras

HiWatch IP cameras provide the most advanced features and super high definition imaging. With PoE (Power over Ethernet) enabled IP cameras cabling is easier than ever.

HiWatch Wireless Cameras

HiWatch wireless cameras protect your home and are incredibly easy to install. The HiWatch wireless cameras range up to 50 meters away from the NVR depending on an open or unobstructed environment.

HiWatch DVR

HiWatch Turbo HD DVR has the benefit of supporting an additional IP camera of up to 960p resolution. HiWatch DVR uses H265 Pro+ high efficiency codec for maximum bandwidth and data storage efficiency by up to 50% and reduces data storage cost.

HiWatch Cameras

HiWatch Turbo HD cameras allow to be switched between HD-TVI, AHD, HD-CVI and CVBS which means you don’t have to worry about format compatibility between cameras when setting up or updating a CCTV security system.

HiWatch PTZ Cameras

Hiwatch PTZ cameras with up to 30× optical zoom lens, offer more details over expansive areas. These HiWatch PTZ cameras can be widely applied to places requiring wide-area monitoring display.

HiWatch Video Intercoms

With a healthy list of features, HiWatch video intercom system provides the latest residential security with high-definition imaging and convenient installation for the consumer market.

HiWatch Switches

HiWatch switches support a generous Power-over - Ethernet (PoE) distance – up to 250 metres – minimising both network investment and maintenance efforts. Additionally, their 8-core technology guarantees stable power to the switches.

HiWatch Cables

HiWatch series cables feature the most reliable performance for the price. The high-quality materials used in the network cables and coaxial cables make them extremely flame-resistant.

What is the difference between Hiwatch and Hikvision?

HiWatch is a sub-brand of Hikvision which is reliable, easy to install, low-cost and designed for end-users with basic surveillance features, whereas Hikvision CCTV products come with a wide range of simple and complicated surveillance features. Hikvision is the global leader of video surveillance products, their security products are specifically for installers and traders only, which is an obstacle for DIY customers such as residential and small businesses who want to set up their own home security systems.

HiWatch series is designed around the same imaging and analytics technology as Hikvision CCTV range. However, HiWatch does not support the complete variety of intelligent characteristics these cameras boast. If you are looking for specific features such as object removal, people counting, detection of intrusion, and left luggage you have to choose Hikvision as a lot of these features are not supported by the HiWatch series.

What are the benefits of HiWatch CCTV products?

The benefits of HiWatch CCTV products are not only high-performance at a relatively low price but also compatibility with third-party equipment due to the support of standard interfaces and protocols.The superior cost-efficiency of HiWatch series products does not imply any compromise in product quality.

  • H.265+ compression
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Extended Infra-Red
  • Ultra Low-Light Performance
  • Superior Compatibility
  • Long Distance Transmission

H.265+ compression

The H.265+ high-efficiency codec reduces bandwidth and also decreases storage requirements, improving performance by up to 83%. H.265+ compared to H.265, can double surveillance recording duration. And compared to H.264, it can support four times the number of video cameras – or more. HiWatch series saves you time and resources with H.265+.

Wide Dynamic Range for Excellent Imaging

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology enables cameras to maintain image fidelity without detail loss when there is harsh backlighting. The 120 dB WDR integrated into HiWatch series’ cameras ensure accurate on-screen color and detail even with backlit environments, where conventional cameras would capture only obscured silhouettes.

EXIR (Extended Infra-Red Power)

For 24-hour surveillance, at night, and in dark environments, infra-red technology is essential. Hikvision’s EXIR provides higher luminous efficiency for infrared surveillance, improving images where and when it’s critical. The amazing 30 meters range, combined with up to 4 MP super-HD imaging, makes EXIR the ultimate performer in demanding applications.

Ultra Low-Light Performance

That dimly lit environment is no longer a problem with Hikvision’s industry-leading, ultra low-light technology, ensuring rich and colorful images in low-light scenarios – even down to 0.005 lux.

Superior Compatibility

Wide compatibility with various components is critical to customers. That’s why the HiWatch series has been designed to work with an extensive range of products for a multitude of application possibilities.

Long Distance Transmission

As any successful business grows, its need for extended security grows, too. Once a complete system has been installed, it’s not very long before it needs to expand. Using our technology, your customers can manage much larger projects or extend existing ones with HD video while simultaneously increasing their transmission range. Users immediately find an increased transmission distance – up to nearly 4,000 feet (1,200 m) using existing coaxial cabling. The full value of the user’s investment comes with HD 720p resolution, resulting in upgrades in both video quality and transmission distance at the same time.

Where to buy HiWatch by Hikvision?

HiWatch series carry a 3-year warranty with rapid swap (advanced replacements) in case of any issue, Each product comes with brand new 'Quickstart and troubleshooting guide' in plain English! Hikvision does not provide after-sale services or support and warranty for any of the Hikvision products purchased through any channels other than local Hikvision authorized distributors or retailers. HiWatch series can be purchased by non-trade customers. We recommend buying HiWatch CCTV products from Hikvision’s authorised distributors only.

Which app to use for HiWatch Series?

The HiWatch devices DVRs, Cameras, NVRs, and video intercom designed to work with the Hik-Connect and iVMS4200 app. You can live view or playback from your home, office, workshop or elsewhere at any time. When the alarm of your device is triggered, you can get an instant notification from the Hik-Connect app. This client platform is available for Windows and Phone and mobile app versions are available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Key Features:

  • Real-time monitoring with PTZ control
  • Video playback
  • Video playback
  • Two-way audio intercom
  • Instant alarm notifications with pictures and videos
  • Answer calls from doorbells/video intercom devices
  • Arm security control panel remotely
  • Share devices to others with limited permissions
  • Convenient and secure fingerprint login