Ajax is the most awarded wireless security system and alarm system for the ultimate protection which is easy to install in apartment, home or office.

Ajax alarm system sales have risen in the UK along with those of other alarm systems because there is an increased awareness of their effectiveness in crime prevention these past few years. Did you know that nearly 32% of residents in the UK had home alarm systems in 2020? The Eco Experts have also reported that a burglary is committed in the UK every 106 seconds! That’s shocking for the average British person, especially those living in London because the crime rate is higher there. Of course, London has a high population density that is around 5,666 per square kilometer in 2021 according to Eurostat. An astounding £181 million are stolen every year from London by one estimate. You may be surprised to learn that the owner suffers a loss of £3,030 during an average residential burglary as estimated by the Office for National Statistics. Don’t be alarmed because crime is often preventable through smart security measures. Ajax alarm systems can protect you from more than burglaries making them a worthy investment for your home. Commercial properties can also be safeguarded using the Ajax alarm kit.

Ajax alarm can be combined with other forms of security to create a strong defense against criminals as well as accidents. The Ajax security system eliminates the problems created by false alarms and alerts you to threats at an impressive speed. The Ajax wireless alarm recognizes smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide at an early stage to prevent damage. It also detects flooding via moisture sensors allowing you to act quickly for efficient damage control. You can also stream security cameras and control home appliances through the Ajax alarm system. Your Ajax wireless alarm may be connected to a central monitoring station for a reasonable fee if you want alarm responses to be handled by professionals. If you require more information on Ajax alarm kits and their installation, our security experts can help you out. Let us take a look at the design, operation, and applications of the Ajax alarm system. We will be looking at the most commonly asked questions about the Ajax alarm system allowing you to make informed decisions about buying the Ajax alarm system and carrying out its maintenance.

How does the Ajax alarm system kit work?

Different components with specific functions have been combined to develop the Ajax alarm kit. It includes special detectors for various security threats that are linked to your hub that sends notifications to the Ajax application on your smartphone. This is how security risks are detected, analyzed, and filtered by your Ajax wireless alarm before notifications are delivered to you. It only takes your Ajax alarm’s detector 0.15s to transmit information on a possible security risk to the hub. Therefore, you can monitor your Ajax security system 24/7 from anywhere in the world and receive real-time alerts for further action.

Three security modes

The first tier of your Ajax security system is the smart protection mode where a constant connection is maintained with the Cloud server and real-time alerts on operation and threats are sent to your smartphone. This is ideal for people who want a reliable security system on a budget. The second tier of your Ajax wireless alarm is the fully independent protection mode with monthly charges to your mobile phone service provider. When your Ajax alarm kit detects an event, you receive SMS and calls on your smartphone. This is perfect for people who are usually not present at the premises and require strong communication with their Ajax alarm kit. The third tier of your Ajax alarm system is the professional protection mode. The security company charges a monthly fee for this service but this is the highest level of security that you can get with your Ajax alarm. You are provided rapid action team services by staying connected to the central monitoring station. This is suitable for people who demand tight security and are willing to pay for a professional response to detected security threats.

Smart motion detectors

Are false alarms giving you constant anxiety? The motion detectors of your Ajax security system will only respond to actual security threats giving you the peace of mind you deserve. When an intruder enters the field of view of the PIR motion detectors of your Ajax alarm kit, it is verified that they are indeed human. This eliminates false alarms that may be set off due to pets, wild animals, or irrelevant moving objects. Once the intruder’s presence has been confirmed, an alarm goes off and you are alerted to the event in real-time. This entire process takes only 0.15s! Among indoor motion detectors, Ajax MotionCam offers 9s-photo verification, Ajax MotionProtect Plus has additional microwave sensors, Ajax CombiProtect provides a glass break sensor, and MotionProtect Curtain has a narrow viewing angle. The Ajax outdoor motion sensors provide false alarm prevention, temperature compensation, an anti-masking system, pet immunity, integrated photo cameras, weatherproof designs, and more. Ajax motion detectors are equipped with an anti-vandalism feature that alerts you if someone tries to remove them.

Smoke, fire, CO, and water alarms

You will feel safe with the fire safety functions of the Ajax alarm system that can detect a fire through a sharp temperature increase even before any smoke is produced by it. Of course, you have the added protection of smoke detectors that work with the HazeFlow digital algorithm. Additionally, the carbon monoxide detector in the Ajax alarm kit triggers an alarm before the levels of carbon monoxide rise above the safety limit. Moisture detectors work to prevent water damage and flooding by setting off an alarm the second the limit is crossed. They have been developed to resist corrosion, dust accumulation, and moisture ingress. The compact design of the moisture detectors in your Ajax alarm kit permits them to be installed beneath dishwashers and washing machines. Whenever an event occurs, a notification is delivered to the Ajax application on your smartphone in less than a minute. This gives you the chance to take immediate action against a fire that has broken out or unexpected flooding in your home or office. Being alerted in time to prevent damage is essential and you can save your expensive appliances and interior décor from taking damage due to fire, moisture, or smoke.

Why choose the Ajax wireless home alarm system?

People like wired alarm systems because they don’t have limitations related to distance. Those who have larger areas to cover may not be drawn towards wired alarm systems for this reason. There may also be a concern regarding sensor limitations when it comes to Ajax wireless alarm systems. Ultimately, it all comes down to the individual’s priorities when buying an alarm system for security. It is important to understand the pros and cons of the Ajax alarm system that you have selected so you may prepare to compensate for its limitations. If you are hesitant to purchase an Ajax wireless alarm system, you may be reassured to learn that it has several advantages over a wired alarm system. Let us explore some of the ways wireless alarm systems like the Ajax wireless home alarm system are better than wired alarm systems.

Easy installation and maintenance

Quick and easy to install, Ajax alarms help save your time and energy on maintaining security at your home or office. It gets better! Thanks to Ajax wireless alarms, you can save your money because you don’t need to hire a professional for Ajax wireless alarm system installation. What’s more, you can have your Ajax alarm up and running in an emergency. Let’s say there has been a burglary in your neighbourhood and you need an extra layer of security ASAP. Anyone can install the Ajax wireless alarm system by following simple instructions that are easy to understand. The Ajax alarm detectors will come online using a QR code with the Ajax application. Batteries and installation hardware come with the Ajax alarm and you don’t need to assemble the device. Moreover, you can remove your Ajax alarm and take it with you when you move into a new place. The low-maintenance Ajax security system is a great choice for beginners who are looking for the best security alarms on a budget.

    Power efficiency and backup

The Ajax alarm kit comes with replaceable batteries and efficient power usage while providing high performance. There is a backup battery source that allows your Ajax security system to run for 16 hours in case there is a power failure on your end, like in most burglaries. The Jeweller is a know-how radio technology that supports your Ajax alarm kit ensuring that long-distance communication with the detectors is stabilized. It increases the battery life of the detectors in your Ajax alarm system. Thanks to the efficient usage of power promoted by the Jeweller, your Ajax alarm can run smoothly for up to 7 years. This means that you will not need to replace the battery of your Ajax alarm kit for around 7 years thanks to the superior features of the Jeweller. You can save money on battery replacement and electricity bills by investing in the power-efficient Ajax wireless alarm for your home and office.

      Indoor and outdoor security

There is a range of features incorporated into your Ajax alarm kit that has been designed for indoor and outdoor environments. The motion detectors of your Ajax security system detect and report suspicious activity within the target area whether it is your backyard or hall. This allows intruders to be detected in less than a second and false alarms are filtered out by the intelligent technology of your Ajax alarm. The opening detectors of your Ajax wireless alarm alert you when a window or door is opened by an intruder. Similarly, a break-in is instantly detected by the brak detectors of your Ajax alarm system, and a notification is delivered to you in real-time. This allows you to call the authorities and receive quick assistance even when you are not present at the premises. In this way, your Ajax wireless alarm can prevent crime and minimize the damage expected from a burglary.

     Jeweller radio technology

The main purpose of the Jeweller in Ajax security systems is to stabilize communication with detectors over long distances. It is impressive that this know-how radio technology that supports Ajax alarms is capable of connecting detectors with devices that are nearly 2000m away from each other. This gives you greater freedom when planning security management using Ajax alarm kits. You are not limited by wired alarm systems or wireless alarm systems that don’t offer the features of the Jeweller. Radio jamming and interference are detected by the Jeweller and it sends alarms from detectors to the hub in 0.15s. A floating key encryption algorithm is available for data encryption at each step preventing your data from being hacked and used against you. Rest assured, your security system will remain safe from criminals and keep you safe as well. Another benefit of the Jeweller in Ajax wireless alarms is that it extends the battery life of the detectors and you only need to replace them every 7 years.

     Real-time alerts and updates

Thanks to the Ajax application, you can always remain in direct contact with your Ajax security system. This is not one-way communication because you can control your Ajax alarm kit via the Ajax application on your smartphone. You can get instant notifications through SwiftAlerts that is faster than your average messaging application. No matter where you are in the world, the configuration management of your Ajax alarm system will always be in the palm of your hand. Arming and disarming reminders are sent to your smartphone via the Ajax application. Push notifications, SMS, and phone calls keep you updated about the activities on your property 24/7. The Ajax application permits you to monitor the operation of your detectors and related devices in real-time whether you are at the premises or not. A full event log is readily available in the notification tab of the Ajax application for your convenience.

There are several other advantages of the Ajax wireless alarm that make it the best alarm system in the UK. The Ajax alarm system is less interfering and inconspicuous as compared to other security alarms in the market. To ensure delivery, four channels are employed by your Ajax alarm: 2G/3G/LTE, Wi-Fi, or ethernet. Every 12s, the hub checks the operation status of the devices and often switches frequencies to avoid jamming and interference. You will be pleased to know that there is no chance of fraud thanks to the device authentication of the Ajax wireless alarms. Our experts can help you buy and install Ajax security systems at your home or office. Contact is today!

How to install the Ajax alarm system?

Thanks to the self-installation feature of the Ajax alarm, you don’t require any technical expertise to install the Ajax alarm system in your home or office. Take out all the products from the package and make sure that the power supply and internet connection is stable. There are four basic steps to install the Ajax alarm system and every package comes with an instruction manual for further guidance. First, connect your Ajax hub to your power supply and internet router. Then scan the products with the QR code and set them according to the instruction manual. Next, use the screws that have been included in the package and mount the products at a suitable place on your wall or ceiling. Lastly, download the Ajax application on your smartphone and log in using the information provided to access your Ajax account. There is a free service for product linkage before your purchase by trained experts. Once they register your products, they will also set up your Ajax account. Whenever you encounter a technical issue, simply contact Ajax technicians for free support.

How to program the Ajax alarm system?

Use the “Connect a PRO” option in your Ajax application to allow Ajax technicians 8-hour access to configure your Ajax alarm kit. Select “Hub” from the devices, click the cogwheel and scroll to “PRO”. Then select “Connect a PRO” and send an email invitation at “info@best-alarm-system.eu”. You may configure how the Relay, WallSwitch, and Socket in your Ajax alarm kit respond to alarms, security mode changes, or scheduled activation. The security mode can be scheduled to change and the Button press in Control mode can cause the automation device to react. Scenario creation requires an Ajax hub with OS Malevich 2.8 or a newer version. Your Relay, WallSwitch, or Socket must be connected and active for this purpose. Scenario types available include scenarios by alarm, button press, schedule, and arming/disarming. The number of scenarios (5-64) you can create depends on the hardware (Hub type) of your Ajax alarm kit.

Where to buy an Ajax alarm system?

The first thing you need to know about buying the Ajax wireless alarm is that the manufacturer's warranty is provided with every purchase by reliable sellers. We are one such seller of 100% original Ajax security systems in the UK and also offer Ajax alarm installation services. Remember to check the return and exchange policy because you may get scammed with a damaged or defective product. This is why you must not be tempted by low prices and compare the prices of Ajax alarms at different sellers to know about the current market prices. Also factor in the cost of shipping if you are not buying the Ajax alarm system from a local store. This may increase the overall cost of the Ajax security system even though self-installation of the Ajax alarm kit is quick and easy for beginners. Consider your particular security needs before selecting which detectors you need to buy depending on their unique features. This will save your money on buying Ajax security systems for your home or office.