EZVIZ DB1C Smart Video Best WiFi Doorbell Camera with AI

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DB1C Wi-Fi Video Doorbell reliable protection at your doorstep. Enjoy high-quality video chat with visitors and keep an eye on what's happening at your front door right through your phone. The DB1C is a powerful video doorbell with built-in artificial intelligence capability.

See every detail you need to see. The DB1C delivers 1080p video, bringing the rich precision and extraordinary images you would expect from EZVIZ.

Person-detection enabled. With its AI algorithm onboard, the DB1C intelligently detects a person's movement, ensuring that you only receive notifications when people move by. You can turn off this function if you need other motion alerts such as those triggered by animals or cars.

Covers every inch, from head to toe. Featuring a 170-degree vertical view, the DB1C reliably records everything you need to see. Even a package on the ground will be clearly captured.

Dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity. Not all video doorbells support dual-band connectivity. The DB1C does, and it gives you the flexibility to choose between 2.4 or 5 GHz connections for optimal performance on your network.

  • Alexa compatible.
  • Google assistant compatible.
  • Siri compatible.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.
  • App needed for use: EZVIZ App.
  • Operates over mobile internet.
  • Operates over wi-fi.
  • Controls audio and video devices.
  • Motion detector.
  • Suitable for outdoor.
  • Size H12.83, W4.63, D1.93cm.
  • In the box: Doorbell Mounting Plate ,2 Plate Foam Power Kit , Screwdriver, Mounting Screw 3 , quick start guide.
  • Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.
  • EAN: 5060563451423
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It is always better to be safe than sorry. More and more people are buying EZVIZ doorbell cameras for their properties to beef up security measures. Video surveillance technology is becoming more affordable and accessible in the UK encouraging the average homeowner to make a smart investment in their safety. You may be surprised to learn the truth about burglaries and theft in the residential neighbourhoods of your region. Most people associate crime with night time but Nimble Fins has reported that 38.1% of residential burglaries occur during daylight hours. This means that over one-third of domestic burglaries happening in the UK are committed in broad daylight. Installing doorbell cameras such as the EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera is a wise move when the average burglary results in a loss of £1,413 and leave 84% of the victims shaken. Nearly 34% of the victims have reported having trouble sleeping while 29% experienced anxiety or panic attacks because of the burglary. Things are worse after dark with 13.4% of the burglaries taking place in a day being limited to the 2-hours between 10pm and 12am. Interestingly, 58.7% of burglars break in through the front door while 33.1% use the back door to gain entry. Installing the EZVIZ doorbell camera at these points can provide a solid safety barrier for your home or office. Reportedly, 64.1% of burglaries in the UK occur when the residents are inside, which is a major concern when it comes to safety, especially when children are involved. If you want to install the EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera in your home or office, we provide 100% original video surveillance products and our security experts would be happy to guide you with EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera installation.

What is an EZVIZ doorbell camera?

In the old days, you would have to go up to your front door and peek through the blinds to see who was at your door. Thanks to the EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera, you can know who has come calling even when you are not home. The EZVIZ doorbell camera is connected to your smartphone through the EZVIZ mobile application allowing you 24/7 video surveillance of your doorstep. Besides getting a clear picture of those at your door, the EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera also offers two-way audio. Therefore, you can have a video chat with the person at your door and communicate to decide the next step. If you are not home, you can tell them to come later or promise to visit them at their place. The EZVIZ doorbell camera lets you take note of suspicious people and their activities with the field of view. This also serves as evidence if your mail is being stolen from your doorstep or there is some kind of crime there. The smart features of the EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera include person detection and false alert reduction. The 170 degrees field of view of the EZVIZ doorbell camera is ideal for capturing the people within the target area and the 1080p resolution provides a clear view of their appearance and anything they may be carrying. You can get unmatched security after dark with the night vision feature of the EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera that prevents break-ins at night time.

How does the EZVIZ doorbell camera work?

A straightforward yet effective mode of operation permits the EZVIZ DB1C to provide a high level of security for your home or office. Your target area will be recorded in 1080p to capture minute details that may be important as evidence later on. The auto-switching feature of the EZVIZ doorbell camera is great for recording activity on your doorstep 24/7 with the night vision providing clear video within 5m of the installation point. When someone approaches your doorstep, you receive an alert and can use the two-way call feature even if you are not home at that time. The 170-degree field of view ensures that any visitor is recorded from head to toe and you can see if they are carrying something or doing something suspicious. This also prevents anyone from stealing the mail from your doorstep because the light on the EZVIZ DB1C indicates that they are being recorded. You won’t get annoyed by false alerts about leaves floating around or stray cats playing near your door because the EZVIZ doorbell camera comes with intelligent person detection. No matter where you are, the settings of your EZVIZ DB1C may be adjusted through the mobile application on your smartphone. This means that you are always in control of your security device and remain updated about safety day and night.

Why choose the EZVIZ doorbell camera?

When you are deciding to buy a doorbell camera for extra security, invest in the feature-packed EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera that provides superior quality video surveillance and a user-friendly interface for beginners. What’s more is that EZVIZ doorbell camera installation is straightforward, eliminating the need for professionals. Powered by artificial intelligence, the EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera reduces false alerts and offers 24/7 updates through the EZVIZ application.

High resolution:

Those who are tired of low-resolution security cameras with distorted images should consider purchasing the EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera to safeguard their homes and offices. Thanks to its 1080p resolution, you can clearly see people, objects, and animals within the target area where your EZVIZ doorbell camera has been installed. This is helpful when you want to identify a person and observe their appearance or determine what objects they have on their person. You can also see the mail that has been delivered via Live View even if you are not at home at that time.

Field of view:

A doorbell camera is slightly different from other kinds of security cameras because it has a specific location for installation that defines its special purpose. Generally, you expect to greet people at your doorstep and your EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera will be capturing people. For this reason, the EZVIZ doorbell camera has a 170 degrees vertical field of view allowing you to see an entire person in the frame. You can also note their appearance and notice what they are carrying with them besides delivered packages.

Person detection:

Besides the 1080p resolution and 170 degrees field of view, the person detection feature of the EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera powered by artificial intelligence adds to the accuracy of the video surveillance you experience. The person detection feature of the EZVIZ doorbell camera detects the movements by people and eliminates those by objects or animals. You receive a notification for person detection but you may turn this feature off if you want to monitor objects instead. For instance, you may want to keep an eye on the vehicles on the road or any animals in your neighbourhood.

Dual band Wi-Fi:

Another unique feature of the EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera is that it provides the option of dual band Wi-Fi that isn’t that common among doorbell cameras. This gives the choice between a 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi connection. Having the 5GHz option helps avoid interference from household appliances and gadgets that normally operate at 2.4GHz. The less interference, the better the performance of your EZVIZ doorbell camera. You will get an uninterrupted Live View on your smartphone through the EZVIZ application no matter where you are at that time.

Two-way talk

The two-way audio feature of your EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera is ideal for doorbell cameras because you often need to carry out important conversations with whoever is at your door. Sometimes, you see a stranger through the Live View and you don’t want to give them any kind of access to your property. Verifying their identity by real-time conversation is necessary especially when you are not there to meet them in person. The same goes for loved ones or acquaintances who call on you when you are not at that location. EZVIZ DB1C’s two-way audio allows you to make plans to talk or meet later.

Night vision camera

As you are aware, most residential burglaries happen at night. Leaving your front door with a simple lock is not good enough when the risk is so high. Install the EZVIZ doorbell camera that can help protect your home or office not just during the day but also after dark. The EZVIZ DB1C is a night vision doorbell camera that provides 1080p night vision view up to 5m or 16ft. The night vision feature of your EZVIZ doorbell camera allows you to identify people and keep out suspicious people even after dark. The same goes for mail packages or food deliveries at night when you feel vulnerable.

Video compression

Since your EZVIZ doorbell camera is monitoring the target area and recording everything 24/7, it helps to have the H.265 video compression technology. When you send a couple of files via email, they take longer to upload so you compress them in a folder to speed things up. Similarly, the H.265 video compression technology adjusts the recorded videos so that they take up less space in your video surveillance storage. This means that you can add more hours of surveillance in the same amount of storage. This is useful when you have several security cameras connected to your NVR and need to conserve space.

Weatherproof body

When you have invested in a doorbell camera, you want it to be worth the money not just in performance but also in terms of its longevity during maintenance. Thanks to the smart design of your EZVIZ DB1C, you get a durable doorbell camera that is resistant to the harsh effects of the weather. Your EZVIZ doorbell camera is rated with IP65 protection so it is not damaged because of rain, sleet, or snow over time. That is why it works perfectly for years and you can install it with full confidence even if you live in a harsh climate.

Storage options

There are three basic methods to store the recordings of your video surveillance using your EZVIZ doorbell camera so you can easily choose the method that suits your preferences. Your EZVIZ DB1C is compatible with a 256 GB microSD card that can store more video footage thanks to the H.265 video compression technology. You can also go for encrypted Cloud storage for a reasonable fee if that fits your requirements. Many users opt for NVR storage because it is convenient and several video surveillance devices may be connected to a single NVR along with the EZVIZ doorbell camera.

How to install an EZVIZ doorbell camera?

Take out all the components from your package to begin your EZVIZ doorbell camera installation. There is a plastic bracket that is meant to hold your EZVIZ doorbell camera to the wall next to your door. If you are worried about someone trying to take away your EZVIZ doorbell camera from its bracket, the security screw will ensure that it stays in place. Attach the EZVIZ doorbell camera to the bracket on your wall using the security screw. Next, download the EZVIZ application on your smartphone and create an account. The instruction booklet of the EZVIZ doorbell camera has a barcode in front of it that you will be asked to scan through the EZVIZ application. This barcode will allow your smartphone to be linked with your EZVIZ doorbell permitting real-time alerts for events. The last step is to test the features of your EZVIZ doorbell camera to ensure that they are all working properly.

How to connect the EZVIZ doorbell to Wi-Fi?

Once you have checked that all the connections are in place and that the relevant devices have been powered on, make sure that your EZVIZ DB1C is in ready mode or Wi-Fi configuration mode. Open up your account on the EZVIZ mobile application and begin Wi-Fi configuration. You will select the name or serial number of your EZVIZ doorbell camera from the home page and choose Wi-Fi. Simply follow the instructions of your EZVIZ mobile application to finish the setup. If the Wi-Fi configuration fails, check whether your router is compatible with devices that work at 2.4 GHz. Your smartphone must be connected to an active Wi-Fi that has no problems. Limits such as firewalls may also cause issues with Wi-Fi configuration. Your router must be capable of distributing the IP address to your EZVIZ DB1C. Moreover, you may have to disable the static IP setting. Try resetting your camera and following the Wi-Fi configuration process on your EZVIZ mobile application again.

How to reset the EZVIZ doorbell camera?

Once you have installed your EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera and linked it to the EZVIZ application on your smartphone, there are several settings that you may adjust through your account on the EZVIZ application. However, sometimes people want to remove all previous settings and start fresh. EZVIZ security cameras have a reset button for factory reset and you will generally be prompted that your EZVIZ security camera has been reset successfully. To factory reset your EZVIZ doorbell camera, press and hold the reset button on your device for 5-10 seconds and then release it. The process of restoring factory settings on your EZVIZ DB1C may take 1-2 minutes.

Even if you don’t receive a notification about your factory reset being successful, wait for the indicator lights on your device to flash blue. This change in indicator lights will confirm that the factory rest of your EZVIZ doorbell camera has been completed successfully. The factory reset will not disconnect your EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera from your EZVIZ account but it will remove all the settings you arrange before this process. You may check this by opening up the settings of your EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera on the EZVIZ application. Now, all you have to do is keep the default settings or adjust them according to your preferences.

How to connect an EZVIZ doorbell camera to Hikvision NVR?

Your EZVIZ doorbell camera and Hikvision NVR are connected to the same network by the Wi-Fi router. The first step is to login to your Hikvision account to access your NVR. Go to “Quick Add” and scroll down to find your EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera that is identified by its serial number. Select your EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera and click “OK” to add it as an IP camera that will show “error” as the username and password. Scan the QR on your EZVIZ doorbell camera to get the verification code that is the password for your EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera. Click “Modify” and enter this password followed by clicking “OK”. Now, your EZVIZ doorbell camera will be shown as “online” on the screen. In case there is a problem with your verification code, you may use the SADP tool to reset the password of your EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera and then use that instead of the verification code. Adjust the settings of your EZVIZ doorbell camera and go to “Live View” to see the video and audio output. The recordings from your EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera may also be seen here.

What is the best smart video wifi doorbell camera in the UK?

If you don’t want to get a Cloud subscription, the EZVIZ doorbell camera allows you to store clips locally using its microSD card slot. Since you may connect your EZVIZ DB1C to your NVR, you have a lot more space for storing video clips especially because your EZVIZ doorbell camera can record all day and not just when someone approaches your doorstep. The compact white design of the EZVIZ DB1C means that it suits your décor and doesn’t interfere with the aesthetic of your architecture. It doesn’t take up much space and has a large call button that makes it user-friendly for those who visit you. Moreover, the coloured LED light clearly visible in the device indicates recording which deters criminal activity. Everything happening on your doorstep is captured in 1080p and you can always check for details in the video clips later. The two-way call feature of the EZVIZ doorbell camera allows you to talk to the person at your door whom you can see but they cannot see you. The person detection feature of the EZVIZ DB1C prevents false alarms that may be caused by irrelevant movement in the target area. Additionally, the 170-degree field of view of the EZVIZ doorbell camera captures the entire scene near your door to protect you from intruders. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and you may access features of the EZVIZ DB1C through voice commands. Owing to its operating temperature range of -30ºC 60ºC, the EZVIZ doorbell is suitable for application in most regions of the world. It is a worthwhile investment with its dustproof body that can withstand rainfall. Thanks to its security screw, the EZVIZ doorbell camera cannot be removed by intruders and you are alerted to their presence in real-time. The easy setup of the EZVIZ DB1C through the mobile application eliminates the need for professional installation. Overall, the EZVIZ doorbell camera provides good value for money because it’s reliable, sturdy, and works within a wide temperature change.

Where to buy an EZVIZ doorbell camera?

There are several online and local stores where you can buy the EZVIZ DB1C but the choice depends on you. Maybe you have had good experiences with a store and you want to select that seller. Remember to read reviews from other customers to learn about their experiences with your chosen seller of the EZVIZ doorbell camera in the UK. Look at their return and exchange policy because you may get a damaged or an incorrect product that needs to be returned. Ask them about their refund policy and compare their prices to other sellers in the UK. We sell 100% original EZVIZ doorbell cameras in the UK with the manufacturer’s warranty. You should never purchase EZVIZ DB1C or any video surveillance product without the manufacturer’s warranty. The shipping fees must be included in your budget for the EZVIZ doorbell camera as well.